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This Weekend Open Thread is a Heat Wave

It’s going to be 96° and the Big Race is in town this weekend, I’m spending it indoors. I’m prepared, the grocery shopping and all the errands are done, and I have a Spring cleaning chore list as long as my arm. I’m ready to hunker down and get shit done. 

What do your weekends look like, Persephoneers, and what’s on your mind?

Special notice: We’re taking Monday off, so we’ll be back with regular posts on Tuesday.

By [E] Selena MacIntosh*

Selena MacIntosh is the owner and editor of Persephone Magazine. She also fixes it when it breaks. She is fueled by Diet Coke, coffee with a lot of cream in it, and cat hair.

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Oh man. Here we go.

I have done NOTHING for my move. BF gets in town at 9 pm tonight and tomorrow we’re having commitment/next step in our life together that’s getting to come about 7 years earlier than in our wildest dreams/engagement ceremonies tomorrow. Naturally, I’ve packed two boxes. I only have about 200 more books AND EVERYTHING else to pack.

Taking up Unfuck Your Habitat’s 20/10 + Whitney Houston Pandora to tackle this move marathon style.

20 minutes of packing/cleaning from the party last night, 10 minutes of Persephone Magazine. Always spontaneous dancing.


So, who is in Chicago? Once I get back on my feet, I’d love to organize a meet-up!

I’m about to start my period, and this phenomenon pretty much renders my anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medication useless. I am an (extra-) raging, crying, fearful, impatient, hungry, miserable, hopeless sack of cells.

We’re all over making sure men have bigger penises and plenty of testosterone, while women have to feel like baked-over dog turds for at least a week of every month. I hate everything.

I’m sort of the reverse right now (as in, I hope the par-teeeeeeey mood is about to hit).

I’m packing and moving from NYC-> Chicago. Chicago holds my partner and the wonderful life we’ve been waiting for, but it feels SO FAR away despite being LITERALLY 2 days from now. I suppose it’s because I feel steeped in the “leaving” and “goodbyes” part.

Also, have you heard of this tumblr: They formulate things as you did in this comment. Also, whoever does this is TOTALLY hilarious. One of my fave tumblrs.

Ugh, races. I’m like 5 miles or so from a nascar track, and the first of two races is in two weeks. Oh goody. I hope I remember to go grocery shopping on Thursday before the influx begins. I like my area of the world better before Memorial Day, like early May. It’s nice enough to do things outside, but you don’t have to deal with the traffic and congestion and all the other nonsense that comes with weekenders in a resort area. I’m such a cranky old lady.

Today is laundry-knitting-being lazy day. Maybe I’ll watch a movie or lots of Buffy later. Who knows. I do need/want to look up the trail map for the park Fella and I will explore tomorrow, so I can have an opinion about the trail I wanna play on.

I want the yarn I ordered to get here NOW, even though its anticipated arrival date is Wednesday. Which will still give me time to use the yarn in that package that I ordered JUST so I can make my Fella a stuffed Gir for his birthday, but I don’t wanna be patient.

Also, I want the weirdass dream from this morning OUT OF MY HEAD. Apparently my brain decided to include dreams of the ~*~dreamy guy~*~ I was all about for about ten years (I first laid eyes on him at 15 and gave up at 25). But that guy is associated with a church that I am not anymore, and is way too buddy-buddy with the super exciting cult I grew up in (yeah, for real), and the dream was basically him trying to win me over and away from Fella and when I was almost convinced, starting in on how it would be SO GREAT that I was back in the cult and that since I was a teenager when my family left (even though I was the second, after my sister with the “spirit of rebellion and Jezebel”, to vocalize wanting to leave) I wouldn’t have to do TOO much to prove myself, and we could TOTALLY get married right away so I could “make up for my foolish years” and start having all the babies ASAP. Fortunately Dream-Me realized this was some bullshit and Dream-Fella had been trying to get me out of that shit anyway, so the dream ended like that wedding scene in “Robin Hood: Men in Tights”. But, yeah, it was trippy as shit and I want BETTER THOUGHTS.

Fella and I had were having our weekly “let’s be dorks and then have food” last night, and part of the conversation dealt with how I was very glad that I wasn’t associated with that bullshit anymore (and how he is, too, because otherwise we wouldn’t have met). I know that’s what got the idea into my sleeping brain. I STILL DON’T LIKE IT. (And that was inspired by my mention that the last time I’d been to the place we got milkshakes I’d laughed on the inside about douchebro college boys whining that the only “hot girls” that were in town for the summer were “stuck up”, meaning they could smell douchebro, and they couldn’t wait until August when all of the pretty, naive freshman girls who reveled in an older guy’s attention arrived; I commented that it took me a while to develop my douche-behavior-detection skills, and that most of that came from growing up in a cult, leaving a cult, spending time in the military, and discovering the awesomeness of feminism.)

Also, ~*~dreamy guy~*~ may be buddy-buddy with the cult assholes, but he thinks too much for them (and I think he’s been “over” me about as long as I was into him, with the exception of a few months between my high school grad and military enlistment). He wouldn’t really try to “win me back” and trick me into being part of the cult again AND make me have all teh babbys. I’m pretty sure that revealing my liberal Episcopalian feminist self would inspire any romantic feelings to disappear immediately, but he’d still respect me (he’s one of the less douchey conservative guys I know and wouldn’t lecture me about how that combination makes me a whore. Which is why I would actually have a conversation with him these days, if we were in the same place.

Lol. Sometimes I catch Mr. Nonsense watching Dance Moms. Each time I do, he looks at me guiltily and says, “I just don’t get it. Why do they put up with her?”

As for me, I watched Wall-E tonight for the first time since I saw it back when it came out. So many tears – how does robot romance make me cry?

Dance Moms is my guilty pleasure show, no lie. Abby Lee is cray, other lady with her cutesy dance studio is cray, the moms are ALL delusional and cray (even you, Holly with the PhD who SHOULD be able to stand up to Abby Lee Miller without shouting). The kids are cute and I tend to want to run to Pittsburgh and kidnap all of them for a dance party, P-mag style (after getting signed permission slips from their sane parents to avoid things like being arrested).

And your reaction to Wall-E is totally how I feel about Monsters, Inc. It gives me feelings.

My job that starts in July has 6 months of training, and then in December they can move me ANYWHERE in the US that they want (the only guarantee is that I can’t stay in my home state). I’ve known all along that you can list a few states that you’d prefer to go, and I figured they’d ask for this list sometime next fall.

I was wrong. They asked for it this week. I’ve been thinking casually about it, assuming I had months to decide, then all of a sudden I’m down to days to determine where I’ll be living for at least a few years. Aaaaaagh cue lots of stress as I try to determine my future. Do I want to stay close to Illinois by my family? Do I want warm or cold weather? How picky should I be about the state’s politics?

But I have finished the list, after much stress: Georgia, Virginia, Minnesota, Oregon, Michigan.

I’m not even gonna go into all the different iterations and frantic texting of people and googling cost of living, but here’s what I like about all of my picks:

Georgia- Atlanta is awesome, weather is nice & warm, peaches are delicious (also is the nearest awesome city to where the boyfriend will be for military training for 3 years, but this is a highly theoretical consideration. Still 5 hours away but you couldn’t pay me to live in Florida).

Virginia- Weather is nice, have several friends in the DC area, I would likely be posted in Richmond so the cost of living wouldn’t be terrible but I’m be close-ish to DC

Minnesota- I am madly in love with the north woods, but it’s 3rd on the list because of the winters. Also have family outside the twin cities.

Oregon- Portland is the city of my dreams, but it’s far as hell from home and also rains a lot, so it’s down here at #4.

Michigan- It’s pretty, it’s the closest of my choices to Chicago, but also kind of boring so it’s in last.

The runner up was going to be Colorado on account of cool people and delicious beer, then I remembered I’m terrified of driving in mountains.

My mom was really hoping I’d try and stay close to home, but I’ve lived in Illinois my whole life and I want to experience something different. I’m looking forward to the big move, I just wish it wasn’t gonna be in the middle of winter!

Atlanta is what I’m hoping for, and I don’t think I’d be working in the actual city that much- my job involves selling things to factories, so I’ll be ranging around a lot.

I just got back from a week of field work (read: walking through streams in coastal Maine, netting and tagging fish). Now, I absolutely love field work- but know what five days of 12hr days of really physically hard work does? It totally wipes me out for the weekend. Maybe I’ll be able to actually do something productive by Monday (woo long weekend!), but for now there is a hammock and a cool breeze calling my name.

Considering that I have finals coming up, two essays due on Wednesday, an instrument to practice and got elected to represent my class for the final debate, my weekend isn’t looking particularly liesurely, but I always have time to waste on Tumblr and while on Tumblr I found this:

It’s supposed to demonstrate how bad online translators actually are. You feed it a phrase and specify a number and then it will use an online translator to translate it between English and other languages randomly as many times as you told it to. Then it tells you the final result.

I gave it “Like an army of Fuck Yeah, Jessica Fletchers,” and got back “Black or Afro-American Geisha Crystal design Jiexik.”


FYI: I am totally that neighbor who will report you to the landlords for having a grill going on your balcony.

Especially if your balcony is attached to my building, the flames are about 6″ off the top of the grill, and you’re not even out there.

Weeeell, I am a lazy vegetarian and don’t eat enough vegetables. :( Also, there’s only me and two cats in my household and I hate cooking. I’m getting better about eating more fruits and nuts. On the very rare occasion that I go out to eat (like when visiting my folks), I’ll get a veggie sandwich piled high w/grilled veggies, yum!

Right? Like… don’t get me wrong, I LOVE grilled food. I don’t have a grill because I know I wouldn’t want to lug it outside to be able to use it (and I know I’d forget things, and then have to leave it unattended, and then not be able to eat the food because OCD yay), but… our balconies? They’re about 3′ wide. That’s NOT far enough away from the building.

I’ve lived in my current condo complex (I own my condo, much to my chagrin now) for 11.5 years–I don’t think grilling is allowed here at all. Throughout the six or seven years of previous apartment-dwelling, rare was the complex that allowed grilling on the premises, because people set fire to things. Many parks have grilling facilities, so have a nice picnic at the park!

(My sister in OCD, I wouldn’t be able to do that though, b/c oh, god, the years of caked-on grill grossness…)

Hey!! Haven’t been around in quite some time.

My weekend looks pretty boring — nothing special. Hope y’all have a great one!

**talk about exercise/weight below**

I started exercising on Monday and so far, have noticed a marked improvement on my mood. This always happens — I exercise, feel good about myself, freak out about losing weight and becoming more “visible,” then stop. Well, not gonna happen this time. Emotionally, I feel so good that it’s not worth it to stop in order to “hide.” Anyone notice this about herself?

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