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This Weekend Open Thread Says HULK SMASH.

It’s Friday night, we’re out for the weekend, you know what to do.

Bring out your gifs, your videos, your stories and your funny bones. I’ll get us in the spirit with 5x points until Sunday, because I love you all ever so.

By [E] Selena MacIntosh*

Selena MacIntosh is the owner and editor of Persephone Magazine. She also fixes it when it breaks. She is fueled by Diet Coke, coffee with a lot of cream in it, and cat hair.

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I’m bummed I missed out on the 5x weekend. :( Though, it does mean that I basically never went online – a nice break.

However, that does not mean I stayed away from the computer completely. Managed to watch about a hundred episodes of Warehouse 13 (also known as The “Watch Your Fav SciFi Actors in Awesome Guest Roles” Show).

Overall, this weekend was exhausting, I’m tired, and sore and got myself a cold. Super. Win some, lose some.

So I am leaving NYC (for Chicago) in 5 days. I have a groupon for two movie tickets and a popcorn, but I want to go to a movie TODAY. Is it sad to just purchase two tickets and then… like… not take someone? Or is it awesome? I’m thinking its awesome, especially if it’s a french film… on a rainy, last-days-in-NYC sort of day.

One more essay and one more exam until the end of my university course! Forever! On Friday I’m whipping out whatever constitutes a broke, student-friendly beverage and have a party with myself until I forget every word of French I ever knew (and possibly the names of my close friends and family members).


Does anyone know if there is some sort of rain dance you can do to encourage customs officers to process your packages faster? I have some doll sized steampunk accessories coming in the mail, and I really want them to come in time for World Steam Expo this weekend.

Best. Description. of Loki. Ever.

Then the cube went bonkers and spat out a bad guy called Loki, who looks like a cross between Withnail and the sort of grinning pervert who’d have sex with a fistful of Mattesson’s liver pate in the window of an apartment overlooking a hospice bus stop.


Ahhhh the wedding was awesome. The bride was gorgeous, my friend/the groom alternated between nervous and ecstatic, and everybody was happy and it was beautiful and it was everything all weddings should be (in that everyone is contagiously, rabidly, infectiously happy and all and sundry, down to the little kid who can’t quite walk yet, are dancing their feet off). I even got a blessing from the bride, (it was a conservative jewish wedding) whom I’m so glad is now my friend’s wife, because she’s a wonderful lady, and I’m half in love with her myself. The most beautiful part was when the groom lowered her veil before the ceremony, as they were both crying (and so was everyone else in the room. Not a dry eye in the house, I tell you.) from happiness.

I hope I find someone who’ll I’ll love and who will love me back as much as they love each other. It’s a weird feeling, because I’m still residually excited out of my mind while being terrified I’ll never have that in my life ever again. The last time I told someone I loved them and vice versa was as a teenager. (He’s definitely off the market, since it was his wedding. Funny story!) But, my blessing addressed that, so I’m not too worried yet. Also, I need my master’s first.

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