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This week, I decided to drop Tsuritama. I had too many shows with crazy people, it was the less interesting after two episodes, and I still have a busy schedule. Accel World is so far the best show this season. Snow Black is an awesome character. Eureka Seven AO is standard mecha anime, this means cliché but competent. Fate/Zero is fate/zero and Jormungand is just full of crazies, and super violent, but somehow interesting.

Jormungand, ep 3

I’m really starting to think this show is about showing crazier people each week. Like this guy who replaced his human teeth for something that looks like shark teeth and his “teenage” assistant who doesn’t wear underwear and loves to torture people.

Any idea what kind of toothbrushe he use?
Any idea what kind of toothbrush he use?

I didn’t expect Koko “sending” Jonah to school to level up his humanity. School being her and the members of her team, of course. Although, the kid really needs it. We also learn that Koko has assassins looking for her. Not really surprising considering her decisions last episode. She probably angered half of her customers.

Speaking of customers, crazy teeth guy and no-underwear girl are a group called Orchestra. Well, it used to be a group of 8, but 7 members died. The girl is a new member. They also seem to have fun speaking Italian and killing random people. Their next target is Koko and, well, I don’t think they are very competent. They do succeed in hurting Valmet.

Fate/Zero, ep 16

I didn’t expect this to happen so soon. Master and servant seem to be dying each episode now. Although Kirei saved Matou and he now understands emotions. What a weird guy.

So Archibald tries a plot to gain more power and get other masters in trouble, but he get double-played by Saber’s master. And when this happens, Saber and Lancer get their knightly rematch that doesn’t end in a knightly ending to the frustration of both Lancer and Saber. Let’s say that Saber doesn’t like her master one bit after this one. Not much happened besides this.

Eureka Seven AO, ep 3

Noah is awesome… despite being a bit clingy.

The best escape plan always come from slot
The best escape plan always come from a sloth

So this episode is all about why people on Okinawa hate Ao, and the answer is they needed somebody to blame for all their problems and their failure to have “independence.” What a bunch of jackasses – the guy was three years old when their “problems” started. There is also a hint of where Naru’s powers are coming from; she’s the only survivor of a Coral burst a few years ago.

We also learn that Ao’s mother fell from the sky, I guess nobody on the island knew what an airplane was until a few years ago. The Generation Blue boss seems to have known her, too. Anyhow, Ao isn’t going to stoop down to the level of crappiness of the older inhabitants of the island and he’s actually going to defend it against, you guessed it, more G-monsters. I suspect he will get to meet Generation Blue soon, too, making some more friends.

Accel World, ep 4

Poor Haru, he’s having perverted dreams now and he thinks they are nightmares. Also, Snow Black is acting all jealous that Haru cabled with Chiyu and was quite funny. She can walk so fast when she’s angry. Snow Black is the best character in this show.

Poor Haru #2. The school gossip team corners him to ask him lots of questions, like, “Is it true you are dating Snow Black?” Also, they are the first people to tell him that she probably really likes him. He kind of has a break down out of that revelation. He really has low self-worth, so low that he wants to be used and disposed off. OK, I didn’t expect her to confess this only four episodes in. It was a sweet confession, too. But kissing a pig? Snow Black, let me guess, Haru isn’t the only one with issues.

Poor Haru #3 & #4. So Cyan Pile is Chiyu’s boyfriend and Haru’s childhood friend: Taku. It took Snow Black getting run over by a car to find that out, and Haru decides to stay at the hospital all night long to make sure she is safe. Well, she just saved his life after all. We can all guess what will happen next week…

WcDonald, we make toilets
WcDonald, we make toilets.

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Aah, Jormungand. I tried reading the manga, as the artwork seemed decent, and heaven knows I’ve suffered through thousands of pages of utter bullshit just because I liked the way it was drawn, but I still quit this nonsense after 2 or 3 chapters. Was it too soon? Will it eventually have a point?

Thanks for the effort, as always.

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