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So, after 4 episodes of this season’s anime, I think I’m quite liking what I picked so far, although Fate/Zero was a bit boring this week because it was focusing on characters I don’t care about. The rest was awesome enough to compensate. But, it’s quite possible one of the shows will start to turn into decrepitude before they end. I’ve seen that often enough.

Jormungand ep 4

Oh Opera, not something you see often in an anime. Of course, this being a violent show, it had to turn into something totally brutal. The Orchestra guy is bunker. Also, we now know why his partner is crazy: post-traumatic damage and bad parental figure.

Mexican standoff
Believe it or not, the cars were moving as fast as Koko and Jonah...

The first half of this episode was mostly about bullets flying. Basically Orchestra is trying to kill Koko without much imagination beside bigger bullets. The second half had some sort of “plot,” I guess. After the assassins for hire, Koko gets a CIA agent on her trail and the guy is a total idiot. Koko calls him a beanpole in the translation (I had to search that one up); I guess it fit. Also, Koko seems to have it easy with the cops in that town – quite useful for getting out of trouble. Finally, we get another “this world is full of crap” speech from Koko to Jonah. I wonder if the stats she quotes are accurate, though. 60% of all the world’s weapons are in the hands of normal civilians!

Koko! Why do you want to know why she’s not wearing underwear. Although the answer is worth it. Too bad we can’t hear Koko’s answer to why she’s selling weapons, though. The show keeps getting more violent and I’m not sure if there is any real plot beside the “weekly” crazy gunners going after Koko and her group.

Fate/Zero ep 17

Kirei find his dead dad (killed by Archibald last episode) and gets picked on by Gilgamesh because he didn’t do the killing. Somehow I couldn’t care less. I want more Velvet and Rider, please.

Rin-chan! Looks like Tokiomi went to say a last goodbye to his family. He’s also planning on making an alliance with Iri and Saber “clan” to defeat the other master, but he only gets a cease fire. Unfortunately for him, he didn’t pick his allies very well.

Poor Iri, she’s going to “birth” the Grail soon. If we can say that. She’s just a container for it and her shell is now collapsing. Only Avalon is keeping her whole. The explanation made to Maya was quite nice and sad. Also, Saber got a motorcycle. She claims it feels more like an horse than a car. Oh Saber.

In the end, this episode had too much Kirei and his backstabbing. I just want him to die, along with Gilgamesh. I suspect next episode will have everybody move on Velvet. Hopefully, he outsmarts all of them. Go Velvet!

Eureka Seven AO ep 4

So Ao is totally clueless about driving the Nirvash or fighting tactics. I guess episode two was beginner’s luck. This is a nice change of pace from normal mecha show where the main character is a genius after finding his mecha. This episode shows us a bit more about the Generation Blue pilots. Elena keeps quoting Anime; she’s an otaku! She also has a playful personality and might be a bit crazy. Fleur is the “leader” of the group. You know, the respectable, mature, big-sister type.

Beside the G-Monster being dealt with, we also have Naru coughing and being generally weak again. I wonder how exactly she’s affected by the Scub Corals. Seems like this started 10 years ago. We also learn that Eureka used the Nirvash against that Scub Coral (10 years ago) and never came back. Now the question is how did the US Army get their hands on it and why did they rename it Mark I. And why does it have a gray paint job???

Ao finally joins up with Generation Blue, leaving Naru behind…but he kept Noah the Slot. The Triton, Generation Blue’s personal “spaceship,” also has three more stowaways. Not sure what they are going to do there, but they seems to be following the “plot,” as in, following that little trinket that they had in episode one and that caused all the trouble.

Accel World ep 5

Haru vs Taku!

Taku is such an dick and an idiot (thanks for telling us, Haru), but his avatar has nice weapons. Probably to match his ego. He’s also level four, so he has a few “specials” hidden here and there. I wouldn’t call this a good fight, though; most of it was Taku talking over his ass about this and that. In the end, this was Haru’s got “gamer’s talent” and “you don’t understand Chiyu” vs  Taku’s “I’m the jealous boyfriend” and “I’m better than you in real life,” although I doubt you will be able to guess who won. We actually never saw any “winners” nameplate.

Speaking of gaming, hopefully Haru takes an armor upgrade once he reaches level two. Silver Crow really needs it. It’s like he was made of glass and not chrome. He also got an “upgrade” this episode, despite not gaining a level. I guess he forgot to read his avatar manual. Nobody reads gaming manual anymore, yet they are full of information.

Also, Snow Black wakes up and shows up for the first time and the last two years in the Accel World. Black Lotus looks really nice despite what Snow Black thinks. Well, it might have one too many blades, but besides that, it fits nicely with Silver Crow.

Not lovers
Despite the image, Haru still haven't accepted her feeling

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