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What I Watched Last Night: HBO’s “Girls”

Did you miss me last week? (Say yes, it will make the backache I still having after moving to a new apartment feel a little bit better. )

Hannah listening to Marnie and Charlie argue over her journal
"If you had read the essay and it wasn't about you, do you think would've liked it?"

I have reached a happy place in my attitude toward both the show itself and that I can’t stop watching it. First, I finally accept that the show is supposed to be funny. It’s not a biopic or a documentary on today’s 20-somethings – it’s a sitcom, and since it’s on HBO, it’s a sitcom with boobs and penis pics and sex. What’s not to love, right?

Second, since I’m old enough to be these girls’ mother older sister – okay, FINE, my kids are 23 and 25, so I could be Hannah’s mom – the point is, given my age, I can’t watch this show without wanting to point out the mistakes I see these young women making and I’m not going to feel bad about it anymore. Kudos to you, Lena Dunham, for creating characters with whom I want to engage, even if that sometimes means I just want to slap some sense into them.

Raise your hand if you knew – KNEW! – that Marnie would manage to guilt Charlie into taking her back only so she could then break up with him. The conversation about their breakup was the first truly adult one (“adult” as in grown up, not pornographic) I’ve heard so far, but her begging centered around “take me back/don’t break up with me” and not “I suddenly know how much I really love you.” Charlie, bless his heart, is a mushy ball of clinging, smothering need and I could almost see the light bulb go off over her head when she realized during their sexual encounter that no, she really did not want to be in a relationship with him. I felt bad for him; he’d done the right thing, the hard thing, only to get sucked back into her web so that she could be the one to deliver the killing blow. (I’d also like him to build me a set of those descending shelves, but that’s beside the point.)

Jessa getting ready for a date at her employer's house
Is this where the party is?

Speaking of sticky webs – I’ve been arguing that Jessa is way too smart to end up screwing Creepy Dad, but then she goes and has sex with Creepy Hipster Dude, so my argument is shot. At least Shoshanna’s bed finally saw some action, even if Sho had to watch said action from the closet. (Someone smarter than I am can speak to the imagery of virginal Shoshanna watching uninhibited Jessa having sex in her bed, and on the window sill, while she huddles behind the safety of drawn curtains.)

As for Hannah, I, well, I don’t know what I think. Calling her boss out on his sexual harassment by coming on to him was hysterical, although I’m still not sure if she meant to actually have sex with him or just shame him into changing his behavior. But the thing with Adam – what am I supposed to take away from that scene? Was that really Hannah feeling a little powerful for a change? Juxtaposed against that pitiful image from the first time we saw them in bed together, she certainly seemed more sincere letting her disdain spew than she did tentatively parroting his pathetic pedophilia fantasies. Did we just witness her discovery of a sexual identity she didn’t know she had? Or was she, again, playing a role solely for Adam’s benefit? I don’t know, and I can’t decide how I feel about that scene until I have the answer to that question.

Hannah confronting her boss
" is okay to act on this fantasy because I am gross and so are you."

So, my pretties, what do think? Will Hannah be investing in leather and whips? Were you surprised at the Marnie/Charlie twist? Where can I get that lipstick Jessa was wearing? Inquiring minds want to know.


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Re: the masturbation scene- My husband came home as I was watching that scene, and he said something along the lines of “that’s ridiculous, I thought this show was supposed to represent the ‘average young woman’s’ experience. Who does that?” And then I had to break it to him that, as a woman who boned a substantial amount of men throughout my 20’s, that scene wasn’t even remotely shocking, as far as that dude’s behavior. I had guys do way weirder stuff than that. And then he was appalled. And then I was again delighted that I partnered up with an awesome dude.

Jessa is totally going to sleep with BeardDad. Or she’s going to have a threesome with both parents.

I laughed so hard at the masturbation scene, and I think Hannah was really enjoying herself. She’s nothing if not an opportunist. I almost started to feel slightly less repulsed by Adam in that scene, too.

I felt different about my empathy for Hannah when we learned the journal was less a diary and more a rough draft of her book.  It seems like it’s less of a violation, but I may be overthinking.

I feel like the costumers are trying to tell us something. I am not sure what this something is.


Sometimes I thin the actresses are all wearing their own clothes.  Their day-to-day outfits all look like the stuff I’d throw together for a night out at a hipster bar.  But maybe I just think they’re styling themselves because Marnie doesn’t know how to part her hair.

Even as someone in their 30’s the mistakes are obvious and cringeworthy but I like that it’s being portrayed on screen. I think it’s a perspective we don’t see enough of. I sigh and remember some very similar behavior….Hand is raised on the Marlie prediction. I think it’s in Marnie’s personality to want to control situations and the breakup  needed to be done by her. So, for the mom’s out there who have hired a nanny, would you fire Jessa after the bathroom scene? She can’t be smoted after all… In the scene with Hannah’s boss, I figured that if he would have agreed she would have run out freaked out. It was so awkward to watch her come onto him and I really am not sure what she was trying to accomplish…I would like to know when we are going to revisit how Hannah is going to pay her bills. I remember SATC being critiqued for Carrie’s lifestyle in relation to her job and I’d like to know if Hannah’s parents were bluffing. Now onto the Adam masturbation scene,I think there were elements of both of them being in control. For example, Adam telling her to keep her dress down and of course her screaming ‘are you fucking kidding me!” . I was happy she did that. Finally, she had it with him and took a hundo! I hope they are finished but  I have feeling we will see more of him.

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