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What I Watched Last Night: HBO’s “Girls”

Where do I start talking about Sunday’s episode of Girls? Shoshanna and her Crack Spirit Guide? Marnie Meets Karma? Jessa’s Creepy Dad boss shows his Creepy Dad side? Or Adam yells at me (I know he was talking to me!) about the perils of judging someone without really knowing him? Oh, what the hell. Let’s talk about them all!

Jessa and Shoshanna
"Don't tell mom!"

The setup for the evening was the “best party ever” being held in a warehouse in Bushwick. When Jessa, Hannah and Marnie arrive they find Sho holding up a wall. She’s been there for two hours and hasn’t talked to anyone, but she does take a hit off of what turns out to be a crack pipe when she goes to the bathroom. I confess – I laughed until I thought I’d piss myself over Shoshanna’s antics that evening. From her horror when Jessa tells her what she really smoked (“Don’t tell my mom!”) to Jessa swearing to be her Crack Spirit Guide one minute and then abandoning her to Ray the next I was literally LOLing. Her way of speaking is like nails on a chalkboard to me, but there’s an innocence about her (more than just her much maligned virginity) that stands out in their quartet. When she offers to massage Ray in a non-sexual way, it was sort of sweet. Watching Ray watch her had me wondering if that spark I thought I saw was going to be allowed to develop. Now there’s a pairing for you – Ray and Sho. Shipper alert!

Who’s not shipping anything is Jessa and Creepy Dad. I’m sure he has a name, but I’m not interested in looking it up – he’s Creepy Dad. With his wife and daughters away, he goes right to the “what are you doing?” text and ends up with an invitation to the warehouse party, courtesy of Jessa not knowing who the text was from. He’s the reason Ray ends up chasing Shoshanna all night – when she sees him coming in, bottle of wine in hand, she runs off to help him make a fool of himself. Of course he’s “that guy” who brings wine to Bushwick. Of course he’s “that guy” who is tiptoeing into coming on to her until he ends up in the ER and aggressively makes a pass at Jessa. And of course he’s “that guy” who then calls her a tease when she rejects him and, for good measure, walks off after putting Jessa firmly into her “you’re just the nanny” place. No one watching could have been surprised at any of that and, frankly, I don’t think Jessa was, either.

Jessa with Creepy Dad
Creepy Dad looks like Creepy Dad.

None of our Girls seem to be enjoying the “best party ever,” but Marnie is having a particularly bad night. Charlie is playing there with his band and she approaches him, prepared to endure his “I still love you” post-breakup ennui. Charlie got a different script, though, and while Marnie is bestowing her best pitying expression on him, he’s jumped by his new girlfriend, Audrey, who doesn’t have a clue who Marnie is! Marnie just can’t handle this – it’s only been two weeks, why isn’t he wallowing in sadness over their breakup! She’s even more insulted because he moved on before she did. I have to admit, I took a bit of vindictive pleasure in her reaction, especially when she dragged Elijah away from a dance-floor snuggle to listen to her tale of woe. When he finally went off on her selfish attitude, I may have cheered. I know it wasn’t nice of me so let’s just keep that between us, okay?

But since I mentioned selfish, we can move along to Hannah! Her contribution to the cluster-fuck that is the Bushwick party is seeing Adam – outside his house, wearing a shirt and having a great time with a bunch of other girls. She won’t talk to him but she will scoot closer to spy on him, and then runs away when he notices her. Hiding out at the bar later, she runs into one of those other girls (Tako with a K, please) who casually lets slip that Adam is a recovering alcoholic. Oh, and not only that, but Adam “loves books.” Cue the squeal of brakes coming to a screeching halt. Whaaaa? We know what Hannah knows about Adam (and apparently all she knows about him is that he has big ears). Excuse me, there’s more to Adam? More to Adam? Well yes, and as he yells at her later, if she’d ever bothered to ask him about himself, he would have told her. But Hannah is all about Hannah and she only shows up to fuck and talk about what’s going wrong in her life. She hasn’t asked Adam about Adam because those questions never occurred to her and yet, for some reason, Adam does actually seem to like her. If we’re judging by the smile on her face when she, Adam and Marnie are squeezed into the back of a taxi on the way home, Hannah just got what she wanted, too – Adam is her boyfriend.

The taxi ride at the end of the night
At least one of them had a good party.


Did you watch Sunday’s episode? What did you think about Adam’s revelations? About Hannah’s smile in the cab? Are you shipping Ray and Shoshanna?



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5 replies on “What I Watched Last Night: HBO’s “Girls””

Marnie was an annoying and self-centered this episode in a very Carrie Bradshaw way. I think Hannah is also very self-centered but she’s interesting about it. Shoshana’s story line  was my favorite and maybe she can help Ray be less cynical. I don’t know what will happen with Adam but I will guess Hannah’s smile is temporary. I don’t really care for Jessa or her arrogance.

The only way I’m buying the Adam/Hannah thing is if there’s something really surprising in Adam’s life that makes it more logical for him to start acting like he likes Hannah, or if he doesn’t change and the whole thing ends really quickly.  After all, it’s not like their overall dynamic is going to change.  Lena has room here to comment on winning a “prize” that isn’t actually a prize and I hope she knows that.

Shoshanna is becoming a more appealing type-A character than Marnie.  From a writing perspective, I really like Shosh.  I like it when goofy characters do ridiculous things.

Ok, I will say, I can’t believe I watch this show… like at all. My style seems to be episodic, slightly comical crime dramas ala NCIS and Bones. BUT, although the girls are all sort  ridiculously privilege-mc-privileged and the show’s really white, I see a lot of myself at age 22-23 in the choices the gals make around relationships. Particularly, last week when Hannah phoned Adam from home and he was like “yeah I was wondering where the f*** is that girl?!” I definitely had a boyfriend when I was 22 who used that phrase.(He was also, incidentally, sort of an asshole).  I just feel like Girls does the whole part about relationships and being dumb when you’re young in a much raw-er and more real way  than anything I’ve seen before. But, I dunno… is this new revelation about Hannah and Adam (as well as Shosh and Ray) going to move the show towards neatly coupled, tidy, happy relationships? I hope not- because I don’t feel like that’s an accurate picture for most people at that age.

There was a clip from the previews when the show started that I’d swear presented Sho in a wedding dress, talking about Marnie having everything she owned in her (Sho’s) kitchen. We haven’t seen anything like that yet but that sweet little moment with Ray immediately sent me there. But Season 1 gets a wedding? Uh….whaaaa?

And sticking with my Marnie-hate, I can’t wait to find out how she reacts if Hannah and Adam are all lovey now while she’s bathing in bitterness over Charlie. Is that wrong?  :-D



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