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What I Watched Last Weekend: Prom Edition

Prom Season. The Family Slay didn’t expect to have to deal with this reality for several more years, until Youngest Family Slay Member reached the appropriate age. What they had forgotten about – Slay Belle’s youngest sister, the high school senior.

Back when dinosaurs roamed the earth, Slay Belle (SB1) attended the prom with her high school boyfriend and in a dress her mother made. In the intervening centuries, prom seems to have become a more elaborate affair. SB1 was “requested” to help chaperone the prom after party, do elaborate make up on a variety of teenaged girls, and an up-do on 30 minutes notice. Slay Beau (SB2) and Youngest Family Slay Member (YFSM) seemed to suddenly become very busy when these requests were being asked, though SB1 has it on good authority that their more important engagement was the Cubs game on TV.

SB1 endured the prom experience alone.


The Parental Crush
The Beautiful Dresses -- helpfully arranged in Roy. G. Biv order.
The Younger Sister.

The Prom:

SB1 was not invited to the actual Prom, for reasons that are entirely logical. But she has seen a lot of movies. She has it on good authority that the prom went like this:

Or like this. Whatevs. Same difference.

The Post-Prom:

Entirely accurate depiction of the future under crushing student loan debts.

SB1 found herself hailed and praised for her last minute (totally not coerced) “volunteering.” She was the youngest adult there, a situation that will likely not occur often in her future. As such, SB1 was given the positions that required her to run her “young” legs up and down the three stories of the post prom. She did get a chance to try out the mechanical bull:

And she got to yell at the kids who were playing “dodge ball” too aggressively:

After that, the kids totally pegged all their balls at the window SB1 was hiding behind.

SB1 discovered, for some horrible, horrible reason, that there were no caffeinated beverages provided, even for the adults, even the young ones, who stayed up to 6 a.m. But there were piles and piles of tomato pie.

And then it was over:

(Emotionally symbolic photograph of discarded prom flowers.)

By [E] Slay Belle

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