What I Watched Last Weekend: “The Tempest”

I received a most wondrous gift last weekend. I got to see Georgia Shakespeare’s production of The Tempest, outdoors in Piedmont Park, on a night when the weather decided to take part in the show.

Prospera and caliban from the tempest
Neal A. Ghant as Caliban and Carolyn Cook as Prospera, in GA Shakespeare's The Tempest. Photo by Bill DeLoach

The sky was full of clouds and the promise of rain for the first half of the show and, after intermission, the rain came, but stayed light enough that no one had to leave.

It reminded me of how absolutely amazing live theater can be. Like I said, I felt like I had received a gift. Only those of us who were there got to watch the clouds thicken as Prospera spoke of the tempest yet to come. Who else can say they got to see Caliban, welcomed back into the fold, stand tall and walk off stage in the gentle cleansing rain?

Theater is so much more than the sum of its parts. It is magic. The memories you are left with are precious things, made more so by the knowledge that you will never see that exact moment ever again.

This is all my way of saying “Go to the theater.” If the tickets are expensive, find out if you can volunteer as an usher, or if they have Groupon deals or something. The things you see can be more precious than gold.

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