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What Movies Are Must Watch, No Matter What?

The other day over lunch, my friend and I somehow ended up discussing movies that you absolutely must stop and watch when you find them on television, regardless of whether they just started or were almost over.  

I am absolutely more of a TV person than a movie person, but of course there are a few I will drop everything to watch. Clueless is probably tops, with The Sandlot coming in second, and Home Alone in third. I haven’t stumbled upon The Sandlot recently (they used to show it on ABC Family), but Home Alone is always on during the holidays, and Comedy Central has been showing Clueless a lot on the weekends. There is no better way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon than looking at a young Paul Rudd and saying along with Alicia Silverstone, “That was way harsh, Tai.” It doesn’t matter that I own all three of these films on DVD; if any of them are on TV, I tune in.

One funny thing I realized during this discussion is that there are some movies that I have seen about 50 times – just not all the way through. The Breakfast Club (always on TBS) is one. I have seen the last 15 minutes or so dozens of times, but I have never seen the beginning. At this point, I don’t care if I ever see the beginning – what’s the point if I know how it ends? I know that I would be singing a different tune if it was the other way around, because even if it’s a terrible movie, I usually want to at least find out how it ends (and then complain about wasting so much of my life on the crapfest).

Another movie I’ve never seen all the way through? The Wizard of Oz. I have fallen asleep every single time I’ve seen this classic. I’m not talking about getting through most of it, either; I think I’ve only made it to when Dorothy winds up in Oz. I haven’t even bothered trying to watch this movie in about 16 years, although I suppose I could try it some time when I am tired and can’t fall asleep. If my track record is any indication, I’ll fall asleep right away.

What movies do you have to stop to watch? Which movies have you never seen all the way through, and do you really care if you ever do?

By Catherine

Catherine is a Southern California based freelance writer, whose work has appeared in everything from the New York Times to Entertainment Weekly. The highlight of her life (so far) was being featured on MSNBC for a story she wrote on Hello Kitty wines...she knew one day her love of all things HK would come in handy.

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I’m staggered that I recognise so many of these films, I’m known for my cinematic ignorance. It’s been mentioned already, but yes, The Devil Wears Prada is one I stop for, as well as Clueless. Kick Ass, I have to admit is one I have quite a bit of affection for, as well as Stardust and Gladiator.

Oh, man… so many already mentioned: The Sandlot, Princess Bride, Zoolander, Anchorman, Mean Girls, Ferris Bueller, Fried Green Tomatoes, The American President, Mamma Mia, A League of Their Own (even if it’s just the credits, I love that song). Also, What a Girl Wants with Amanda Bynes and Colin Firth… I love that movie.

And oddly, so many of these I have on DVD, so I could watch them any time I want. But finding them on TV is just so much more fun!
ETA: Hocus Pocus! How could I forget that! Amuck, amuck, amuck!

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