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5 History Blogs Worth Reading

Let’s face it: we all love our down time and just want to sit and veg some days, but we also feel that pressure to make good use of the little time to ourselves we have. Fear not, Persephoneers, here is an answer to this problem: history blogs! And while we’re all guilty of falling down the Wikipedia hole, these five might actually be a little more fun:

How do you think Willow passes her time in between slayages?

1. Scandalous Women

Scandalous Women regales us with the stories of the women who made their mark on history. Elizabeth Kerri Mahok, author of the book Scandalous Women, runs the blog, and she has covered the lives of many different female historical figures. Also included are book and movie reviews that are pertinent to the subject; so while you’re learning something, you’ll be able to add something else to your reading list or Netflix queue.

2. Murder by Gaslight

Interested in true crime? Interested in American true crime? Look no further than this blog! Here we learn about notorious crimes of history and whether or not they were solved or unsolved, whether or not the culprit was ever convicted, and what happened after conviction. The cool thing about this blog, run by Robert Wilhelm, is that it relates the actual events concerning the crimes and debunks any myths about then that have been passed down through the years.

3. Victorian Gothic

Explore the darker side of the Victorian era on this blog. There are many different posters who share their extensive knowledge of the period, including things about people, practices, and events of the time period. If you’re curious about a certain topic, or looking to research what you might consider to be an odd Victorian practice, this is one of the best places to start.

4. Downton Abbey Cooks

Here is a special something since we all love Downton Abbey. Pamela, the blog admin, is a historian, chef, and foodie with a love for all things Downton Abbey. Here, we not only get tidbits about the show, but also on the history of the years in which it takes place. And there’s a lot of culinary history! There are even recipes that Mrs. Patmore herself might use, posted from contemporaneous cookbooks and menus (like the one used on the Titanic!).

5. Enchanted by Josephine

This blog is all about–you guessed it–Empress Josephine of France, the first wife of Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte. Here we get not only posts about the life of Josephine and the times in which we lived, but we also get book reviews, book giveaways, and other notes on French history. Very much worth taking a look at!

I found many of these while researching for some of the novels I am trying to write, and I just thought I would share them. With not a lot on television during the summer, it may just help to pass the time!

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