Apps That Don’t Suck: Zombie Smash HD

I actually do play more than just zombie games, which we’ll get into in later columns, but this particular zombie game is as much fun as the last one I reviewed for P-Mag, Rebuild. I had to bump it to the top of the review list. 

The goals in Zombie Smash HD are simple. Eliminate the zombie hordes before they break into the player’s cabin and kill everyone. As the levels progress, the more difficult it becomes to keep the cabin safe, but the player is also given a series of ridiculously fun unlockable tools to help stop the swarms before it’s too late. The player is also introduced to a variety of undead enemies, including giants, zombies with bombs (bombies?) and very fast ladyzombies.

Screenshot of mobile game, Zombie Smash HD, with text reading "Zombie fireworks" overlaying a shot of zombies being launched into the air strapped to fireworks.
Boom. (Screenshot from official App store page.)

The player can kill the incoming armies by tapping on the bonus weapons when available, or by using multiple finger gestures. This is the one part of the game that didn’t completely delight me, when I was frantically trying to keep Zed away, I kept accidentally exiting the game and returning to the home screen on the iPad.

The game is very well balanced. The early levels are easy enough to build confidence and get the player hooked, but the difficulty amps up quickly on each of the later levels. The artwork is delightful, and adds to the overall clever vibe of the game. Zombie Smash has a decent amount of cartoon violence, but I think most players will laugh along with rather than be offended by it.

Screenshot of mobile game, Zombie Smash HD with text that reads "Extra chunky dead" over a scene of zombie carnage.
Wrecking ball v. zombie = no contest. (screenshot from official app store page.)

I’ve played for a couple of hours total so far and have only played a small fraction of the many levels available. Zombie Smash is a little more expensive than many of the apps I buy, but it comes with a lot of game for the buck. I don’t regret buying it.

Rating: 4¾ fluffernutter sandwiches out of five. If the the sweeping gestures didn’t exit the game so easily, I’d have given it five.

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By [E] Selena MacIntosh*

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