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Crimson Tide Diaries: What Commenters Say About Period Products

If you write about pads or tampons or menstruation in general, this is how it goes. Want to give a guess what the first comment usually is about?

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  1. Two words… Diva Cup!
  2. After I started using the Diva Cup, Ryan Gosling said he’d be my boyfriend.
  3. I was eating dinner when I read this! Gross. I hate periods.
  4. #3, you won’t hate your period if you use the Diva Cup.
  5. Honestly, I only glossed over this article. Because I am forever in love with my Diva Cup.
  6. My uterus and I are not on speaking terms. I do not think a hippy dippy trippy menstrual cup will improve matters, at least not until it stops being a bitch with all that cramping bullshit.
  7. I stopped having cramps when I started using the Diva Cup.
  8. Oh will you all shut up already about the fucking Diva Cup? I like my tampons. I don’t have cramps. Stuff it.
  9. I don’t use a Diva Cup, but ever since changing to a kale-based diet, my periods have become nearly non-existent.
  10. Can you have sex on your period? Is that normal?
  11. The first rule of Diva Cup is ALWAYS TALK ABOUT DIVA CUP.
  12. I tried the Diva Cup and didn’t like it. The idea is great, but it didn’t fit me right and I spent the whole day at work feeling like I had a knife in my vagina.
  13. We should be the charter members of the anti-Diva Cup club. The first rule of anti-Diva cup club is talk about other things!
  14. My periods stopped when I cycled my body with the moon.
  15. I still use a Red Tent.
  16. DIVA CUP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


By [E] Sally Lawton

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12 replies on “Crimson Tide Diaries: What Commenters Say About Period Products”

The most significant Diva Cup comment of my life happened in real life, not online (I don’t really read articles on period products that much I guess?).

I was at an end-of-the-semester bar crawl for the campus environmental club, and Guy Friend and I were talking to a former member who had left to focus more exclusively on feminism. As we were chatting she mentioned “I think I’m going to write an article about menstrual cups for [campus environmental newspaper].” Guy Friend froze, and then did a comedic, exaggerated turn to the people on the other side and pointedly joined their conversation. We girls just giggled :-)

can i just say that it is incredibly fun to look at the activity feed without reading what article comments are attached to?  this was probably the greatest out of context quote ever.  possibly one of the best in context as well.  good on you.

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