Etsy Betsy: Bath and Beauty Edition

Between you and me, my favorite beauty product is Vaseline. What can’t Vaseline do? Well, it turns out, a few things. And for those things, we can turn to Etsy for handmade assistance. So sit back, hide your wallets, and peruse these bath and beauty picks!

Green Thumb Hand Repair (Travel Size) – $5

Yours truly is working out of an office these days, and I have an observation: you can’t go slop Vaseline all over your hands whenever they’re dry and the idea strikes you. No, there are rules of decency to observe, like wearing pants and brushing hair. Enter this nifty travel-size hand repair salve. The seller notes that it contains, among many other delightful ingredients, shea, hemp, and cocoa butters. Folks, those are butters that belong on hands.

DressGreen’s Shop

pic of a small tin of natural hand salve
Seller: DressGreen


Vanilla Amber Perfume Oil ““ $9

Me? I gave up on traditional perfumes a long time ago. Yes, I love Bath and Body Works and the Body Shop just as much as everyone else, but I find that my skin does not approve of their formulations, especially their perfumes. I am genuinely tickled by roll-on perfume oils like these, however, because they have oil bases (usually coconut oil, which is profoundly awesome for skin), stick around longer, and tend to scent more evenly. In other words, you’ll get a nice, even scent throughout the day and all day.

FirebirdBathBody’s Shop

several vials of roll-on perfume oil
Seller: FirebirdBathBody


Jasmine Handmade Soap with Shea Butter ““ $4.50

Part of me loves this handmade soap just for the color, but the other part appreciates its generous size and ingredients. Oils, oils, oils! My skin loves them.

lathertech’s Shop

close-up pic of green handmade soap
Seller: lathertech


Y.A.M. Nectar Intense Hydration Nourisher ““ $20

For my natural shampoos and conditioners, I like to go to Chagrin Valley (whose sulfate-free soaps I wrote about at length here). However, for special treatments, I’m inclined to go to Etsy, and I’m eager to get my hands on this Y.A.M. nourisher. First of all, honey on hair is always brilliant. But for another thing, I’m fond of Yucca Root and Avocado Oil, too, and these are not always easy to find in a hair masque. I think I know where my Etsy budget will be going this month!

BaskBeauty’s Shop

close-up of honey-based hair masque with honeycomb
Seller: BaskBeauty


Cherry Almond Bath Salt Mix ““ $9

Oh my stars, I was all ready to buy the Y.A.M. product until the words “Cherry Almond” caught my eye. A little research later, and I’m pretty sure I’ll go with this purchase, instead. We’re talking Dead Sea salts, Almond Oil, and Vitamin E, all wrapped up in the scent of cherry and almonds, people. I may not have a very impressive bathtub, but I’d bathe in a bucket just to get some of this stuff on my skin. HO-YEAH.

SweetlyReal’s Shop

close-up of flowers and cherry almond bath salts in a mason jar
Seller: SweetlyReal


Lemon Sugar Cookie Body Cream ““ $8.95

I may not care for goat cheese of any sort (sacrilege among the Persephone cheese-lovers, I know), but I’ll be damned if goat’s milk doesn’t just do wonderful things to my skin. Throw in some vitamins, lemony-honey sweetness, and shea butter and, well, I’m sold. Hm. The monthly Etsy budget may need expanding. Just for, you know, this month.

SakuraBathAndBody’s Shop

close-up of lemons and yellow shea butter cream
Seller: SakuraBathAndBody


Have you made any great Etsy finds lately? Do these finds tempt you? Tell us about it in the comments!

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By Michelle Miller

Michelle Miller is a twenty-something blogger, cook, freelance writer and editor living in Seattle, Washington. She’s a feminist trying ever-so-hard to embrace her spaces, conventional or not. She looks forward to numerous bad hair days, burnt cremes, a soapbox or two, and maybe (just maybe) a yellow polka-dot bikini in the years ahead.

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Yes, I am a sucker for stuff like this. Not only are they pretty, but they smell nice! They feel nice! Everything about them is nice!

Oh lord. If I had a vendor who showed up with stuff like this as my farmer’s market, it would all be over for me, oh heavens.


I have a second cousin out there who makes her own goat-milk soap and it is increeeeeeedible. Unfortunately, she lives at the tippity-top of my state and I do not, so getting my hands on some isn’t always easy.

Soap making is kind of mysterious and scary to me, though. Lye just seems like a really bad idea, even when what it produces is usually kinda awesome.

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