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Etsy Betsy: Edible Treats Edition

It’s summer and I’m ready to eat all the foods. Something about this season and its outrageous offering of fruit gives me a serious case of sweet tooth. And to be sure, Etsy is there for us, friends, offering us all sorts of delectable treats -– some healthy, but most of them not.

Gluten- and Dairy-Free Lemon Drop Cookies ““ $18

These gluten-free, dairy-free cookies would be perfect for a picnic. Or for stuffing your face on a rainy summer day while you search great deals on trips to Florida or Southern California.

chrisgalli’s Shop

pic of lemon drop cookies on white and yellow cloth
Seller: chrisgalli


Raspberry Colada Caramels ““ $27.95

Let me count the ways I love thee: (1) it’s red, (2) it’s caramel, (3) two pounds of it (!!!), and (4) it has a raspberry flavoring, are you kidding me? Why aren’t these in my belly already?

Jameson Monroe’s Shop

close-up pic of several raspberry colada caramels in a pile
Seller: Jameson Monroe


Chocolate Amaretto Fudge ““ $16

I like to think I’m a reasonable person, but if this fudge gets anywhere near me, I know that I would eat all 1.5 pounds of it with abandon. It’s not just pretty; amaretto is one of those flavors that makes a sacred and startling companion to chocolate. They belong together, like Chandler and Monica, Aladdin and Jasmine, Willow and Tara (kinda steeped in Buffy right now…)!

NW Fudge and Confections’s Shop

close-up pic of chocolate amaretto fudge on a white paper doile
Seller: NW Fudge and Confections


Orange Strawberry Hibiscus Marshmallow ““ $9

First of all, anything that is both pink and literally made with flowers is a little too much girl power for me. However, these marshmallows are precious, with the rustic sort of homemade qualities that always send me hungrily to bake sales. I love a good homemade treat, and marshmallows are no exception. But they are also one thing I’ll pay someone else to make because, well, let’s just say my last attempt at homemade marshmallows did not end well.

catskillcandyco’s Shop

close-up picture of several pink homemade marshmallows on a wooden cutting board
Seller: catskillcandyco


Extra Large Twisted Lollipops ““ $8

So maybe this isn’t something you eat when other people are around. Maybe this is something you do alone, where no can catch you with pink and purple candy spit all over your mouth, nostrils, and chin. I, for one, would not hesitate to procure a few of these at Christmas time for my chiblings (reserving one for myself, of course). I also would not hesitate to get one of these and flagrantly consume it on my porch in full sight of the world.

AmysSweetDeam’s Shop

close-up pic of two large, twisted lollipops with white sticks
Seller: AmysSweetDream


Make any Etsy finds of your own this week? What’s the one edible you’d like to see on Etsy but can’t quite find? Tell us about it in the comments!

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OMG. These look DELISH.

Also, Mama’s Cake Balls. I found them based on some Groupon deal and omfg were they delish. Not vegan though, which I really would have doubly loved (it means it can only be a rare treat). I think it’s how I’ll start doing birthdays with me and my bf.

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