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Fun Time Open Thread: All About Us

We have decided that if we ever get P-Mag bumper stickers, they will say, “I know things; I read Persephone Magazine.” We cover a surprisingly diverse array of topics and I, for one, know that I am smarter than I was before becoming involved with these clever and bookish women. 

So, let’s find out how much you have learned from our beloved blog:
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  1. Who is the lovely lady in the Starbucks logo? (hint)
  2. What are some of the very best songs that start with “C”? (hint)
  3. What is our favorite green cleaning agent? (hint)
  4. Who can teach you how to knit like a boss? (hint)
  5. Name one of the shows we have Retro-Recapped.
  6. What is our favorite thing to talk about? (hint)
  7. Who won the first Middlemarch Madness? (hint)
  8. What is Coco Papy’s burlesque stage name? (hint)
  9. Who is our fabulous Editor-in-Chief?
  10. What happens When Roombas Attack? (hint)
  11. Who is our favorite Badass Lady of Television (despite how the voting may have turned out)? (hint)
  12. Name one mind-blowing science fact you can whip out at cocktail parties. (hint)


As a sort-of bonus question, and because I’m curious, what has been your favorite Lunch Time Poll?

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Oh, gracious. P-mag, Persephoneers, David Tennant gifs – I’ve been missing you. Things were mildly, eh, hectic around here in the Juniper household, and became even more so in the past few days. However, I’m having a Harry Potter moment [insert-obligatory-Harry-Potter-Generation-FTW-sentiment-here]. Y’know, the one where, at the end of Deathly Hallows (but pre-epilogue), he wonders if there’s a bed nearby. Such a lot has been going on, and I’m utterly exhausted. I’ve been surviving on quick readings of P-mag and evenings with Juniper Puss and Terry Pratchett. Off to bake a cake this afternoon (and, fuck yes, it’s a belated sex cake, too). Whilst in my pyjamas. And-and-and, it’s the last day of term, and Grandma Juniper and I had the utterly delight of watching Juniper Junior “graduate” from nursery. Scotland is also doing it’s best at trying to rustle up a summer: it’s 11 degrees Celsius, pouring rain, and foggy.


“I know things; I read Persephone Magazine.”

Weird. I mean, yes, but, um, this basically came up yesterday while I was in the car with my lovely mother who had come to the rescue. In a nutshell: YES! Not only do I know more because of P-mag, I live differently because of P-mag.

Y’know what I love about P-Mag? All the gifs. So much gifness it leaves me happy inside. I am now the proud keeper of far too many of them. Spontaneous gif parties in the threads make me happy. Especially when they involve David Tennant. Or cats. Triple bonus if someone posts the gif of DT with kittens. So. Good. I don’t post often but when I do… it’s usually a gif.

Sad-sack rant coming up.


Being constantly surrounded by couples makes me feel sad that I’m alone. I know “there’s someone out there for everyone”, blah blah, but I JUST WANT A BOYFRIEND. I feel bad because I’m single and then I feel guilty for feeling crappy over being single and now I’m in this dumb self-loathing cycle. Time to bake more chocolate cupcakes!

Hi there, I’m another baby bird leaving the Jezebel nest. Just thought I would say hello in what I hope is the correct place. I’ve only read a few articles, but I’m pretty sure I love you guys already.

About me: Southern feminist lesbian. There’s obviously more, but those three pretty much give me enough to talk about. Hope everyone is having a lovely evening, I know I certainly am now that I’m here :)

Here’s a top-secret secret from the editors: we love our commenters. We prefer talking out any issues rather than thinly-veiled posts full of resentment. Occasionally after a Jez influx, we have a couple of instances where a new commenter might be a little pre-emptively defensive or combative because that’s what they’re used to having to do, but we’re really pretty laid back, so it’s totally not necessary.

Anyone with an [E] in front of their name is an editor, and anyone with a [M] is a mod. There are generally at least a few of us around at any given time, so if you need anything, just send up a flare or a unicorn Batsignal or a PM.

So, have any P-mag gals had to come up with money on short notice? My last temp job ended a few weeks ago, and the next one starts Monday…and I haven’t been able to find any kind of temporary or freelance work to fill in that gap. And this girl’s gonna have to pay rent before payday. I’m fighting to stay out of panic mode.

(I’ve already sold anything of value that isn’t my laptop or kindle, and don’t have a car for things like baby-sitting. I’ll do just about anything that’s legal, though I’m not really into setting up my webcam for “entertainment”.)

I don’t know what you’re rental situation is, did you rent through a management company or directly from the land owner? I’ve found that landlords will work with their tenants if there is communication. Are you able to pay a portion now and the balance later? They are human after all and may be receptive to your situation. There have been a few times Mr. Bacon and I had to split up rent payments where we are now because of weird pay day schedules and our landlady has always worked with us. I’ve heard management companies are a bit more difficult to negotiate with.

Wait, I think I posted in the wrong place? Sorry, I’m new here! This is what I accidentally posted in yesterday’s open thread (I think. I’m a little confused):

Another (former) Jezzie here! I wasn’t as pissed off by the commenting change as I was by the articles today. Jeez, we get it, you don’t like us, we’re leaving, calm your tits.

Anyways, I can’t stop listening to this song:

It’s so pretty, but also kind of depressing and I should probably stop listening because I’m already a little too depressed…

David Tennant obsession?

I don’t know what you’re talking about.

On a different note, no worries about posting in the older thread! It takes time learning the quirks of any new website. :) The fact that there is an open thread every night is definitely one of the things that makes P-Mag awesome.

Also, that song sounds awesome, but I advocate not listening to it if it isn’t helping the depression. I don’t know if goofy songs are your style, but I hope this cheers you up:

[Content note: mention of shock images and their grossness]

People who deliberately Photoshop shock images should go to the hell I don’t believe in. I saw one yesterday I previously had seen disproven on Snopes, but since this time I saw in a random Google Image search when I wasn’t expecting it…it was a lot harder to deal with mentally. I’ve felt on and off sick to the stomach most of the day because of it.

Sometimes it really blows to be a gore-sensitive person with an overactive imagination.

Guyssssss I have a plan. So I didn’t get either of the jobs that I applied to, and I have been thinking about going back to school for something-medical, but I really can’t for a while since debt is a thing that I have (credit card, not student loans, ugh, being unemployed and sick sucks. Not unemployed now, but I was for a while, and am still paying for it.)

So… I think I’m going to get an MCAT study book, study on my own, and take the MCATs. I am smart enough, I enjoy medicine, and I think I would be good at and really enjoy being a doctor. When I was younger, I really loved biology, but wasn’t great at it in school. That wasn’t because I didn’t get the material, but because science education in high schools is very hit-or-miss. My degree is in English, but I’m learning more and more that it’s not a barrier to getting into medical school.

It means I’d be in school until I’m 35, and graduate with some fresh student loan debt, but I’m pretty sure that would be okay (and also one of my top choice schools is in my parent’s hometown… I decided that I’m not telling them this plan because my mom gets really concerned when I make outlandish plans in case they don’t work out. I will not be crushed if I end up not doing well on the MCATs and not making it into medical school.)

This might be a Prednisone-induced hypomania talking, but… I have been thinking about it for about a year, and the not-getting-the-other-jobs is more of an impetus, I think.

In the meantime, I am also applying for hospital administration jobs because I really like that side of things as well, and I could see myself succeeding there (probably going back to school for a Master’s at some point along the way).

… advice? Kicks-in-the-pants? warnings? Are-you-crazies?

My vote is go for that test. Go for that test and school it like the mofo you are. If in the off-chance you don’t do well enough on it, you’re not really out much. But if you DO do well enough on it, it could open some really cool doors.

If you’ve been thinking about it for this long and it still seems like a good idea to you…DO IT.

No harm at all to do the test – go for it!

I will say though, having watched friends + family go through medicine over here (Ireland, where most people do medicine as undergrad), it can be very tough, and long, and you are constantly training and at the mercy of your training schedule and location even after you graduate. It may not be the same in the US.

If you’d like to get into the medical field but aren’t totally set on being a doctor, it might be worth looking at paramedical stuff or nursing etc. as well.

I have not ruled out nursing (or, as I mentioned, hospital administration), but I fully accept that medical school would be several-years-of-ridiculousness. I’m pretty sure I can deal now, though (just-graduated-from-college me? Would not have been able to deal.) Over here, once you are done with your residency, there is a significant amount of freedom in where you can go. The fields I’m drawn to most right now are oncology, neurology, and endocrinology, which are pretty open in terms of finding jerbs, as they’re necessary pretty much everywhere.

I just read her commencement speech at Wellesley in 1996: fantastic

“Whatever you choose, however many roads you travel, I hope that you choose not to be a lady. I hope you will find some way to break the rules and make a little trouble out there. And I also hope that you will choose to make some of that trouble on behalf of women. Thank you. Good luck. The first act of your life is over. Welcome to the best years of your lives.”

I mean, I get that many internet commenters can be out of control jerks, but their previous system, as cliquey and hierarchical as it can be, did spawn some productive conversations and obviously showed a dedicated, productive core of people. WHY HATE ON US?

I guess they figured that all of the cesspools on the intertubes makes money and that is all that matters to them. Ultimately, though, they’re forgetting about brand loyalty, and they don’t have any content unique enough to sustain losing their loyal customers. About the only thing I’ll need to find a replacement for it will be on beauty recommendations, because I always liked the comments there on that stuff when I was bored.

But really, vinegar works great for hair, skin, and nails too, so I’ll be okay :)

I think it’s official. We are in the Idiocracy. I just read this description for a TV show on tonight: “Love in the Wild: The couples must barter coconuts in order to advance through a jungle challenge.” Next thing you know, Monsanto will co-brand with Pepsico and convince everyone to irrigate with Mountain Dew.

There are just not enough faces to palm.

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