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Fun Time Open Thread: All About Us

We have decided that if we ever get P-Mag bumper stickers, they will say, “I know things; I read Persephone Magazine.” We cover a surprisingly diverse array of topics and I, for one, know that I am smarter than I was before becoming involved with these clever and bookish women. 

So, let’s find out how much you have learned from our beloved blog:
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  1. Who is the lovely lady in the Starbucks logo? (hint)
  2. What are some of the very best songs that start with “C”? (hint)
  3. What is our favorite green cleaning agent? (hint)
  4. Who can teach you how to knit like a boss? (hint)
  5. Name one of the shows we have Retro-Recapped.
  6. What is our favorite thing to talk about? (hint)
  7. Who won the first Middlemarch Madness? (hint)
  8. What is Coco Papy’s burlesque stage name? (hint)
  9. Who is our fabulous Editor-in-Chief?
  10. What happens When Roombas Attack? (hint)
  11. Who is our favorite Badass Lady of Television (despite how the voting may have turned out)? (hint)
  12. Name one mind-blowing science fact you can whip out at cocktail parties. (hint)


As a sort-of bonus question, and because I’m curious, what has been your favorite Lunch Time Poll?

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120 replies on “Fun Time Open Thread: All About Us”

Hello, everyone!

After a few years of Jezeditors foot-in-mouth syndromes (specially regarding unexamined race/class privilege), mass exodus from commenters I really appreciated (some that are here, others in places like The Pursuit of Harpyness, etc.) I wouldn’t have guessed that the deterioration in comment moderation in the new system would be what finally made me put the site on probation/suspension. I will miss some of the commenters, but it’s telling that that, rather than not reading the blog posts themselves, is what saddens me.

So about me… I’m a Puertorrican feminist, humanist, science nerd interested in almost every field of knowledge. Specially if it involves human cognition and behavior or the social sciences (even though that has jack to do with what  I research). I’m also a science fiction geek that loves trashy books (there, I admitted it).

Hello, and welcome! Most people here, including myself, seem to be some degree Jezfugee. I hope their final epic cockup and the resulting mass exodus will give a boost other, better places such as this. And I hadn’t actually heard of Harpyness, I’ll check it out!

Thanks! I realized I was going there more for talking with some nice, intelligent people than reading the posts – not to mention that the majority of the science posts made me want to headdesk and just post a link to other blogs where they actually know what’s going on in that area of research. I’ve been outside the webs lately (I’m mid dissertation writing) but I started going to Harpyness years ago because it had Becky Sharper, PhDork, SarahMC, and sarah.of.a.lesser.god – who rarely go to Jez anymore.


Nah, those things I wrote were the things I like besides my field – neuropharmacology and biophysics. What I do for a living is basically try to understand how this protein (that’s part of the machinery that sends electrical impulses from one neuron to the others, and is involved in stuff like memory formation) looks like and behaves. Dysfunction of this protein is related to a bunch of neurological problems and disorders (epilepsy, ALS, etc.) so finding ways to modulate how it works (without having similar, related proteins be affected) is clinically important.

I like the other fields because my expertise lies in the “zoomed in” molecular side of things and because I’ve always been incredibly interested in how the brain works, how our thinking selves work, and how that relates to how and who we are.

Ahh gotcha! That still sounds fucking awesome, and that’s also awesome that you’re exploring those other fields; being able to do interdisciplinary work is not only completely bamf, but I also see it as entirely necessary for the scientific/academic world.

I think my liberal arts education is showing…

Oh, man. I was so confused when it first started to play because I know the Swedish version of this song. I started to sing along, and I was like… “Wait. These are not the right words.” And then I realized that it was an English translation. It took me a minute, though.

I really like Nej. (Translation here)

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