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Getting Caught Red-Handed (Isn’t Necessarily a Bad Thing)

Q: I masturbate a lot, and today I masturbated on my period. Is that normal?

A: The short answer is yes, totally! But let’s talk a bit more.

[dropcap3 variation=”red”]M[/dropcap3]asturbation is extremely common. Not everybody does it (and that’s okay!), but there is absolutely positively nothing wrong with getting down with yourself, and we’d even argue there are lots of pros to doing so. It can improve your sex life with current and/or future partner(s), it can alleviate stress, it can strengthen muscles, it can help you explore fantasies, it helps with menstrual cramps for some people (ah ha!), and most simply, it just feels awesome for a lot of people. Hell, there’s even a National Masturbation Month!

So whether you masturbate a little or a lot (or not at all), we would call that normal. (Although we’d also urge you to try not to worry about whether or not you’re normal, sex-wise – one of the great things about sexuality is all the variety and individuality it can encompass, so what it comes down to for us is if you’re happy and you’re not hurting anybody [not without a safeword at least.])

Being horny and masturbating during your period is also pretty common. This is where some of that interesting variety comes in – some people feel at their horniest during their periods, while others feel the furthest thing from horny. One theory is that it’s more common to feel horny about halfway through your cycle, during ovulation, thanks to changes in estrogen and testosterone levels. But plenty of people report feeling their sexiest during their periods. Go Ask Alice has a few ideas about why that may be, like increased lubrication and blood flow to the pelvic area.

Over the years, I’ve talked to many of my friends about sex and about their periods (those of whom who menstruate, at least), and the variety just fascinates me. I have a few friends who not only feel the most horny but also the most creative and centered when they have their periods; one woman in particular said that the only time she has multiple orgasms is during her period. Lots of others have noted feeling super-horny about halfway through their cycles and less interested in sex during their periods, be it because of cramps, penetration being uncomfortable, or just not feeling into it.

Ultimately, keep doing what you’re doing! Masturbation during your period is perfectly fine. Like you would any other time of the month, make sure your hands and any toys you may use are nice and clean, and just have some tissues or a towel nearby if you need to do any cleanup. Have fun!


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Another benefit I get to masturbating during my period is a lighter (sometimes non-existent) flow the next day. So if I know I have a presentation, or are going to the gym, I’ll take care of business the night before so I don’t have to stress about it the next day. It’s almost like having a pause button.

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