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It’s The First Open Thread of June!

Happy Friday, Persephoneers! I hope everyone had a great week! 

Pull up your situpons and tell Auntie Selena all about it. I’ll be here all weekend doing some spring cleaning on the servers while we prepare to move to a new server next weekend.

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Morning overshare time! Just because I’m relieved that the dreaded gyno appointment went fine. The process itself was uncomfortable as ever, but I didn’t come away feeling violated, at least. The doc was nonpatronizing and nice and informative, the question of whether or not I’m looking to get pregnant did come up, but not in a “your eggs are rotting away!” tone at all, and I’m so relieved to not get judged for saying “I’m not sure”. Apparently, however, a myoma has taken up residency in my otherwise unoccupied uterus, and it could sabotage potential pregnancies. I need to go back to check that again in a few months.

Downsides: Mystery pain in lower abdomen (that’s now passed) is still a mystery. And discussing any of this with Mom means another guilt trip over not giving her grandkids. OTL

That’s barely an overshare (maybe I’m just getting too used to things)! But yay for an okay experience, but you have to give the myoma an eviction notice, only you should be able to decide what takes residence in your uterus.

(oh no, hear me spouting this You Have A Choice nonsense).

I’m the same way, after years of reading Jez comments and interacting with my wide-open-minded bff, hardly anything, as long as it’s presented without pictures or real names, qualifies as an overshare to me. It’s just that I occasionally still remember other people might have higher standards.

As for said myoma, it remains to be seen whether it’s okay to let it hang out down there for the time being, or if it needs to come out at some point, and in such a case, how much of the uterus would go with it… I also got told it might become a problem during a hypothetic pregnancy because it’s nowhere near as stretchy as surrounding tissue. Boo. (As I’ve said before, I’m not sure about wanting kids in the first place and would be okay with adopting, but still can’t help feeling a bit bummed about a potential problem turning up.)

As far as I’ve read, most fibroids are ok without treatment and they usually grow during pregnancy anyway due to the oestrogen: it only might be a problem for pregnancy if it’s particularly big and inside the uterus rather than in the uterine muscle or outside it entirely. Sounds like checking it again in a while is a good plan, either way, and glad your appointment went fine otherwise.

Apparently I want a change in my life, since today I have unrelatedly devoted some serious thought and bits of research to 1) Looking for jobs (I’m unemployed) 2) Going back to grad school and 3) Online dating. All right, brain, I can take a damn hint.

It’s not all bad, because I need to look for jobs to find things to apply for. Grad school is my back up back up plan. And I don’t need to worry about the dating thing until I work more on my social anxiety. I guess with my extended unemployment and general circumstances, I feel adrift and like I have no idea what direction I’m going in. Ugh. I’m really ready to not be unemployed, yet terrified of the whole job process.

I feel so much better.  Yesterday was almost a terrible day, but then it was AWESOME.  Bf and I went out for fancy dinner, and just when it looked like I couldn’t have anything on the menu, the waiter told me that I COULD have the pad thai noodles because they could be made gluten free.  And then he asked, “Is this an actual allergy or just a preference?”  I thought it was going to be an eye rolling thing, but when I told him  I would break out a little, but I wouldn’t end up in the hospital, he just went “Okay, it’s an allergy, I’m going to make sure chef knows to be careful.”  So my food didn’t make me sick!  And THEN, later during sexy times, the bf just looked at me and said “You are so fucking beautiful.”  And nobody had EVER said it like that before.  And then I felt pretty.  And then I burst into tears.  And then I slept for 12 hours.  And now the emotions are under control.

I’m gonna put this in spoiler for folks who haven’t watched the episode, but it is directly related to how I responded to it:

[spoiler]Arya’s scene had me going “YEAAAAH!” and fistpumping the air when Jaqen transformed. Oh my fuck that is my favorite scene from that book. I’m getting excited all over again just thinking about it![/spoiler]

I do have life things I want to talk about, but in the meantime – the little (4.5-year-old) boy I babysat tonight, announced to me that his penis [was] magic. I died.

According to his mother, he also tried to feed it [food] recently.

I planted a peony today. I’ve wanted to do this for years, really, but peony plants are expensive-ish and I’m always broke-ish, and it’s so hard to pick the prettiest kind, and the right place in the garden… Earlier this spring however, I did a stranger a favour of sorts, and received a flower pot for my trouble. The mystery plant in it soon grew shoots, then leaves, and as they got bigger and bigger, I finally realized it’s a peony! Score!

So today, I dug a big hole in the spot where there was some space between the huge, old peonies planted by my grandma, got good soil and some fertilizer, and planted it. No idea what colour or kind the flowers will be, but it doesn’t matter much, as I’ve yet to see a peony I dislike.

I hope it likes the spot I picked, grows into a huge, happy old plant and outlives me by many decades.

Peonies are among the most awesome of flowers. My mom has one that is over 70  years old and has been transplanted several times from my grandparents’ place. It’s still blooming and totally pretty. Probably my inheritance, if I ever manage to stay in one place long enough.

Peonies are my absolute favorite flower!  Its one of the things I hate about apartment living ,not having peonies around like my parents house did. I tried to grow one on my balcony but failed spectacularly. I envy you and you peonies whatever color they decide to be.

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