In a matter of hours, I will have my hands on 5 little nuggets in need of good, forever homes. Check it, y’all.

five kittens, two grey and white tabby and 3 orange and white tabby, huddled together atop a cat tree

It has been a shit week around these parts. Work has been super busy and weird, life seems to be passing by much too quickly yet horribly slow at the same time (how is that possible!?!?!?), and I have been disappointed with a number of things and people that I will not bore you all with. However, shortly I will be snuggled up with these little faces as they await pick-up to their forever homes, and that has turned a crap week into one of the best weeks ever.

It doesn’t stop with me, though. QueSarahSarah posted about her new little nugget in last night’s OP, and holy moly is that little bugger adorable. Kitten season is upon us, and if I could bring home every single one that needed a place to live, unfortunately for my husband, I would. I have done my best to curtail this urge due to our current housing situation, but these 5 were going to the shelter if someone didn’t come get them, so here we are. Now you all know my kryptonite: “They are going to the shelter if…” Get’s me every single time.

This post was originally going to be about things that make me laugh or smile, since I have needed some uplifting adorableness this week. I had a number of things ready to go when the kitten situation occurred, so they, of course, got top billing. However, if you too are having a pisser of a week, come with me on a journey of funny and eye popping sweetness.

Texts From My Dog –

Screen grab of text message from Dog. Dog says "There's a cat doing a poo in our garden." Owner says "Who's cat is it?" Dog replies "Don't know." Owner replies "What does it look like?" Dog replies with a rudimentary drawing of a cat using  ^^, .. and X. Owner replies "I meant describe it". Dog replies "It's doing another poo, then draws another cat face that looks like it's pooping.

Screen grab of text message screen from "dog". Dog writes "Your the best. I love you." Owner replies "xx (it's you're, not your). Dog replies "OH I"M SORRY. DID THE TEXTING DOG MAKE A GRAMMAR MISTAKE?" Owner replies "Don't get hysterical" Dog replies "WOE IS ME. MY DANCING ELEPHANT HASN'T MASTERED THE TANGO" Owner replies "Point Taken." Dog replies "How's this" you're going to get head butted in your testicles"

If you have not read through this entire site, please go do so now. It is hilarious and ate up a good chunk of time when I found it. Seriously, all these “Texts From” tumblr pages can be pretty hit or miss, but this one makes me laugh at load on every page.

Preternaturally Cute Animals

photo of kitten in front of a window doing a head stand
Image courtesy of

Seriously? I don’t care if this is photoshopped or faked; it is hilarious and wonderful. I am going to work on getting the orange tabby kittens to replicate this photo. I will keep you all posted.

photo of adorable brown dog that looks like an ewok
That. Face.

Does anyone know what kind of dog this is? I need one immediately. Holy shit.

More Fun tumblr pages and blogs

You can find a tumblr out there for pretty much anything imaginable. This can lead you down a rabbit hole of “wasted” hours, but can it really be called wasted when you come away with things like this:

Photo of young, shirtless, and hot as hell Henry Rollins the says "Hey girl, my eyes are up here."
Image courtesy of

Some other favorites –

Stay Indiffererent: A Fashion Blog. A beautiful collection of fashion photos across cultures and sizes

STFU, Conservatives. One of my favorite places on the internet

Art&Ghosts – Gallery. I have a few of these awesome prints on my walls. They are so dreamy and spooky and I love them

Comics, Quizzes, and Stories – The Oatmeal. Some of the funniest comics around. Which leads me to…

Something That Restored My Faith in Humanity

Even if the name “The Oatmeal” means nothing to you, if you frequent the web, it is safe to say you have seen some of his work. The owner of the site has been producing hilarious comics for years and they are often passed around widely. A number of months ago, he wrote about another blog that had been using his work without permission or credit and making money off ad revenue that was generated when people clicked on his work. Recently, that website’s attorney sent The Oatmeal a hysterical letter claiming defamation and all sorts of other nonsense, and demanded he apologize and give them $20,000 for their pain and suffering and what not. Since their claims were utter nonsense, The Oatmeal writer said that instead of doing anything they requested, he was going to try to raise $20,000 in donations, take a photo of the raised money, mail them the photo of the money along with a drawing of their mom seducing a Kodiak bear, then donate half to the National Wildlife Federation and half to the American Cancer Society. The comic of the take-down was posted a few days ago. As of June 14th, he has raised $164,741 for his respective charities. For a full breakdown, please see: FunnyJunk is threatening to file a federal lawsuit against me unless I pay $20,000 in damages – The Oatmeal.

Moral of the story? Sometimes, even though people on the Internet can be some of the most obnoxious, hateful, and idiotic people on the planet, other times they can prove that their powers can be used for incredible good. In the immortal words of my dear and wonderful Giles, “I had no idea that children, en masse, could be so gracious.” Except not just children. I forget that this planet is full of people, young and old, who want to help others. I spend too much time dwelling in the pits of Republican nonsense, where everybody is telling everybody else to pull themselves up by their own damn bootstraps, and I forget how truly kind and wonderful people can be. And that makes me feel a little bit better about the world.

9 replies on “KITTENS!!!!”

I think the internet is a great way to literally See that there are both really great people out there doing good and delightful things and really hateful people doing jackshit.

Also, I can’t wait to see how this whole lawsuit threat pans out. So insane!

Hooray for kittens! I’m not allowed pets in my apartment, and I don’t think I’d be able to take care of another living creature right now, but wow, I really want a kitten …..

One thing, though – The Oatmeal? I know a lot of the stuff on that site is really funny and inspired, but there have also been some hurtful anti-fat comics as well (this one comes to mind first, but there are others: … it’s great that he’s donating money to a good cause, but he’s said some shitty things in the past.

It was not my intention to condone any fat-shaming in discussing the Oatmeal situation. I admit that I haven’t read all of the content of his page, and this is honestly the first time such criticisms have come to my attention. Not an excuse, merely an explanation, and I will be more mindful going forward. I definitely do not feel that things I enjoy are above reproach, and appreciate your making me aware of it. Hopefully it didn’t detract from the enjoyment of the KITTENS!!

And also, another pic from after the kittens came home, of my husband who claims to HATE when I bring home random stray animals

I read The Oatmeal, and have read his entire comic website and most of his offshoot sites. I follow him on Facebook, so I read new stuff when he posts. I find him to usually be ridiculous and funny (although he’s getting a little big for his britches lately, IMO), but @cherrispryte is right. He posts stuff about “fat” people and can be a little misogynistic, but you know, white male syndrome. I might be tiring of him, actually. Heh.

In response to your post, my stepdad learned to love our dearly departed family cat, and it was cute and sweet. He would pick her up and cuddle her, and would give her milk while talking to her (all the while claiming to be indifferent to cats).

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