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LadyGhosts of TV Past: Battlestar Galactica, Episode 3.12, “Taking a Break From All Your Worries”

Some episode titles make sense, you know? The “Eye of Jupiter,” two weeks ago, was all about finding something called the Eye of Jupiter. The “Exodus” episodes were about leaving a place. This episode? I really don’t have a damn clue what the title is referencing. And interestingly, Edward James Olmos (that’s Bill Adama to you!) directed this episode, so to him I say – what the hell, man!? 

Previously, on BSG: Kara won’t divorce, Lee won’t cheat; oh! Baltar is being forced to sign a death list, which wouldn’t be a problem if he were a Cylon, D’Anna and Baltar go into the Temple, D’Anna sees the final five, and then dies, and Baltar is captured by Tyrol.

We open with a lullaby! Oh, it’s Baltar. I was hoping for Helo, Athena, and Hera, to be honest. Head Six and Baltar are working on crafting a noose, and while Baltar pleads for a moment of consideration, Head Six says its too late – it’s time for Baltar to find out if he’s a Cylon or not – and she pushes the bed away, leaving Baltar to hang. (How is this actually possible? How can figments of the imagination, or similar, move furniture? Oh well.) Gaeta comes down, and wants to talk to Baltar.

Three Sixes surround Baltar in a Cylon resurrection tank. Baltar looks joyful.
I suppose I should have realized that this is a dream ...

Whoa, Baltar resurrects! He’s in a Cylon resurrection tank, surrounded by Sixes. He yells in happiness, relieved that he in fact didn’t betray all of humanity. Things quickly take a turn for the worst, the Sixes cut him and drown him. Back in reality, it seems, they’ve saved Baltar just in time; he’s still alive. Gaeta runs to get Cottle.

To be honest, I had completely forgotten this sequence. What do we think it means? Just a dream?

A homemade bar on Galactica - there's a fighter plane hanging, everything looks  like it was made from leftover or stolen bits of machinery - mechanical and homemade, it's full of people.
Joe's Bar! Because that's what the plot needed.

Joe’s! Joe’s is a bar that someone somehow constructed in a corner of Galactica. It looks like the flight deck, but Tyrol didn’t know about it? Anyway, Lee walks him in, and Tyrol, by virtue of being a friend of Lee’s, is allowed access to the good booze. Tyrol and Callie apparently had a fight, and it seems that Lee’s only too familiar with the concept.

Cottle tells Tigh, Adama, and Roslin that Baltar’s suicide attempt is a result of sleep deprivation and a self-imposed hunger strike. Roslin essentially orders Cottle to force feed Baltar. Roslin asks Gaeta why he was going to see Baltar, he says he thought Baltar would be willing to talk to him.

Lee comes back to his quarters drunk, Dee’s still up working. They don’t seem to be getting along too well – Lee passes out while Dee’s still talking to him.

Roslin hands Baltar his glasses back.
A measure of humanity!

Roslin goes to see Baltar down in the brig. She gives him back his glasses and lights a cigarette for him – mirroring what he did for her when she was in lockup on New Caprica. Baltar’s just been forcefed, which Roslin points out is nothing in comparison to what people went through in the jails on New Caprica. Roslin wants to know about the Cylon plans and whereabouts. Baltar says he knows nothing, essentially. Roslin then goes back further – Roslin saw Baltar with Six before the attacks, remember? Did he let her into the defense mainframe? (We already know he did, albeit unknowing that she was a Cylon.) Baltar denies all of it. Roslin then goes off on him, demanding whether he recognizes people killed by the Cylons when he was president. She calls Tigh in, demanding that Baltar be thrown out an airlock, and Marines carry him out, as he screams for a fair trial. Roslin takes him to the memorial wall, telling him it’s fitting that the last thing he sees are photos of people killed by his actions. Baltar points out that he recognizes someone – a lab assistant of his, a very good friend of his. Baltar yells he’s innocent, Roslin yells for him to be taken away – she’s furious. Blackout.

Tigh, looking contemplative.
We can drug the bastard, you say? Tell me more!

Roslin, Tigh, and Adama meet – apparently the whole “we’re gonna kill you” thing was a fake-out, they were never going to airlock him. They debate next steps, and Adama brings up some sort of truth-drug – it induces a powerful state of fear that makes the subject compliant to the questioner. It’s apparently very dangerous. Roslin asks if this drug is available. Oh dear.

Starbuck and Sam: Starbuck says that Sam’s being very accommodating. She’s treating him like a bootycall, not a husband. Sam talks about what Leoben said – that Kara’s got a destiny. Sam thinks that the two of them have been through too much – and then he asks if Kara loves Lee. She’s silent, then says maybe. Sam says that if she does, she has to go to him, which, yay for Sam for not being too attached to monogamy.

a closeup on Dee, who is looking at Lee, hurt and resolute.
Oh, Dee. You deserve better.

Over at the Adama Jr residence, they’re talking about the same thing. Lee thinks Dee’s asking about Starbuck is just Dee’s insecurities, Dee says no – she loves Lee, and thought she would be lucky to have him for as long as he or Kara would let him have her. (That’s pretty much a verbatim quote, because damn. How do you summarize that?) Dee says this isn’t a marriage, it’s a lie. She’s not going to stand in the way of his being with Kara, that it’s over, and then she walks out.

Back in Starbuck’s bunk, Sam kisses her goodbye, and leaves. Starbuck stares at her wedding ring.

Baltar’s in sick bay, getting an injection. Cottle, Adama, Roslin, and Head Six are there. Baltar gets strapped down. When he comes to, we get a trippy floating in water in the dark scene, a la Lee floating in space.

Starbuck goes to Lee, and asks if she leaves Sam, will Lee leave Dee? Lee asks if Starbuck’s not going to pull a 180 again?

Baltar's face, his head restrained with leather straps. He's screaming.
Baltar seems to not be enjoying his trip.

Baltar’s still in the water, arms akimbo, looking even more like wet White Jesus than usual. Adama’s voice comes in harshly, asking where he is. Baltar says that Caprica Six saved his life, shielded him from the explosion. Roslin asks if Baltar conspired to weaken Colonial defenses, Baltar replies that conspiracy requires intent (a line I may or may not have used in my own life, ahem), and that while he suspected, he didn’t know. He says it wasn’t his fault, he’s not responsible, and then starts talking about Caprica Six, and goes on – what is she, really? WE WOULD ALL LIKE TO KNOW THIS. Adama demands details, and says if Baltar doesn’t provide them, they’ll let him drown alone in the dark. Baltar yells.

Back to the bar! Lee and Tyrol sit and kvetch. (P.S. when did Lee and Tyrol become besties?) Lee asks if Tyrol ever thinks about Sharon. Tyrol says no, repeatedly, and walks away. Lee is left alone, contemplating his wedding band.

Baltar in the Cylon resurrection tub, surrounded by blood-covered children.

Baltar’s yelling again. He never meant for things to happen, he was trying to find his place in God’s plan, etc. Adama comes around to the Eye of Jupiter, Baltar starts talking about the final five Cylons – and, oh, instead of being in his empty water in the darkness, he’s suddenly in a Cylon resurrection pool, surrounded by bloodied people, all of whom are petting him. TOO WEIRD. Baltar tells Roslin that he wanted to find out if he was a Cylon, but he isn’t. When he says he isn’t, in the hallucination, the people – okay, they’re mostly children – pull away from him. I’m assuming they’re supposed to represent the people he’s killed? Adama again pushes Baltar: what did he tell the Cylons? In the hallucination, Baltar is drowned by one of the bloodied people.

Oh, Lee. He’s staggering down the hallway, drunk, and drops his wedding ring. And then he throws some things around. Everyone’s staring at him.

Cottle says enough, and puts an end to the drug-assisted interrogation.

Roslin’s interested in the “final five” that Baltar mentioned, but quickly moves on to trying to get more information out of Baltar. Roslin thinks that if Baltar’s worst fear – that they’ll kill him – can be allayed, he might talk. But who will Baltar trust?

Meanwhile, Lee and Dee go to dinner. They’re both tearing up a bit. Lee says that he loves Dee – and, ugh, we’re doing that back-and-forth thing between Lee and Dee and Baltar and Gaeta. Lee’s begging for another chance, and Gaeta is, what? trying to get Baltar to help him? Baltar complies, giving him information as to the proper course to Earth. Gaeta offers Baltar a promise that he won’t be killed, and possibly even living quarters. Dee’s crying. Baltar wants to know where the camera is. Starbuck and Sam show up at the bar, Starbuck takes a long look at Lee and Dee – and honestly, at this point, I don’t know if Dee’s going to take Lee back or not, but I guess Starbuck can’t see that from there – and Sam says to Starbuck that they can go somewhere else. Starbuck says no.

Lee and Dee sit opposite each other at a table at the bar. Lee is leaning forward, pleading.
Lee pleads for his marriage back. In this bar, which appeared out of nowhere, and is suddenly a main set.
Sam and Starbuck take a shot of whisky.
MY EMOTIONS. Also, I love Starbuck's hair when it's this short. What? It's been a downer of an episode!








Gaeta and Baltar sit calmly at a table.
Besties! Or not.

Apparently Baltar sees Gaeta’s meeting with him as a betrayal, because there are cameras. Baltar claims that he allowed Gaeta to feed information to the resistance, that Baltar had a gun to his head (sometimes literally) but that Gaeta stayed of his own free will. Back at the bar, Starbuck and Sam start doing shots, Starbuck and Lee make eye contact for a moment, then both look away and UGH THE PAIN. IT IS OVERWHELMING. Baltar’s now calling Gaeta a traitor, and threatening to tell everyone something about Gaeta. Baltar gets in Gaeta’s face, Gaeta stabs Baltar with a pen, and everyone rushes in. Roslin says that Gaeta didn’t come down to talk to Baltar several nights ago, he came down to kill him. Which, if she knew that, why let him be alone in a room with him? Apparently Gaeta missed the artery, so Baltar will not die of a pen to the neck. Head Six appears, and tells Baltar that this all could have been worse. And also that he’s not one of the final five.

Roslin and Adama talk in his quarters about Baltar – you’ll never get an admission of guilt from him. It’s also not too late for Baltar to just disappear. Roslin says they can’t do that. Adama asks what happens next, and Roslin replies that they’ll give him his trial. WHICH IS SOMETHING WORTH LOOKING FORWARD TO.

Thanks to monchichi for the screencaps!

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I suspect the title is a reference to the theme song from Cheers, “…taking a break from all your worries sure would help a lot.”

I love when shows do bar scenes. It seems to be the traditional way to get a lot of people to further personal plot lines all at the same time.

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