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Every country to host the Olympics has to put their flavor, their lasting touch, on the games and traditions. With the costumes, flowers, and ceremonies – and with China’s amazing ceremonies setting the bar so unobtainable high – England gave up and has invited Paul McCartney to perform in the opening ceremonies. He might actually be okay; McCartney was a member of the Beatles, after all. My favorite part is the torch lighting. Certain ones linger in your memory, like the archer shooting the arrow through the air, Muhammad Ali being the final runner, Wayne Gretzky in Vancouver.

So much goes into the Olympics.

Let the 2012 Summer Games Begin

The final touches reside in the venues.  London put together some beautiful edifices for the world’s athletes to compete. With 10,000 athletes from around the world descending on London next month and thousands of spectators arriving soon, I would not want to drive during this time. The United States will send almost 600 athletes, Great Britain has 190 officially selected. Hopefully, they don’t run out of beer like Vancouver did.

The London Olympics will set a precedent with the move to male flower and medal bearers. I like the move toward the royal color of purple for all the presenters. The outfits have a futuristic flare to them, kind of cute but kookie.  I loved the image that the bearers all in white during the winter Olympics in Vancouver created

Flower and Medal Bearer outfits

The Olympics begin July 27. Anticipation is palpable, at least for those hoping for a chance at a medal. This month will be intense for hopeful athletes. Even as I write, athletes are trying for a slot on teams. They are all competing in the hopes to obtain their lifelong dream of Olympic gold.

Already we know the fate of one past favorite: Shawn Johnson has retired. Others are still trying to seal their fate as Olympic athletes for 2012. Bolt,Tyson Gay, Phelps have all yet to finish trials. Many young athletes, whose names we do not know yet, will be competing on this world’s stage. Some may become Olympic legends like Mary Lou, Larysa Latynina, Carl Lewis, Nadia Comaneci, Felix Savon, and Mark Spitz. Others will realize their dreams and go on to live normal lives like the rest of us without a Wheaties box.

Beckham hopes to be among the Olympians. This will be the first time in 52 years Great Britain will have a soccer/football team in the Olympics. It will also be the country’s first time ever having a woman’s football team on the pitch! Go Ladies! I will be rooting for you, only if you aren’t facing the US.

Judge him on his playing, not on his name

Dara Torres keeps blasting our mental image of competitors and age. She continues to move toward London at the great age of 45. To me, she is amazing! And in the back of my mind I think, I could do that! Probably not.

Amazing for being 45

Serbia Mens Volleyball has secured a spot, much to the detriment of Iran’s men’s team. The US men’s volleyball team has also secured their spot.

Once the games are in full swing, I would strongly suggest watching the BBC or BBC America if you can (if you are in North America). I stopped watching NBC when they were delaying the broadcast. I couldn’t watch events when they were happening, even though they were only five hours north of here. Idiots. So I watch the better broadcasting of Canada with fewer talking interruptions and greater live shots. Those guys and gals know how to be quiet.


If you live elsewhere, how is media coverage for you? I am always curious about how other countries do media coverage for the Olympics.

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I’m looking forward to the opening ceremony, to see what Danny Boyle has come up with. I have a feeling there may be morris dancers, or at least Highland dancers, him being Scottish.

Dara Torres! :D I love the Olympics so very much…it’s one of the few sporting events that I do my best to watch as much of as possible. (The other one is the World Cup for football.) I love watching people come together and challenge themselves. It’s wonderful. :)

Oh hooray! The Olympics! I have fond memories of watching the 1984 LA Olympics (Go Mary Lou!).

I hope my kids will enjoy these games- we watched a lot of swimming last time around. My daughter was nearly three and was SO EXCITED about all of it, even if she didn’t really get it. My son was only a month old- I remember watching a lot with a babe in arms and my daughter dancing around. It was a good way to pass a hot summer’s night.

Since we don’t have cable, I think we’ll have to get a new antenna before the games. We’ll be stuck with NBC coverage, I think.

Love it. I love how typically there’s a couple of sports/events/athletes that take center stage for a few weeks and EVERYONE rallies behind them.

In the 2008, as we’d watch the high diving and what not, we’d ask our then three-year old “Can you do that?” and the answer was always a resounding YES!!!

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