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Lunchtime Poll Truth or Dare: Lord of the Rings

It’s that time again. Time to challenge yourself with a little truth or a little dare.

Truth: What’s your favorite comfort movie? You know, the one you watch when the day has been le suck and you can’t handle anything too trying. I love a good Lord of the Rings marathon after a rough week.

Dare: See if you can get everyone at work to take a longer-than-usual lunch. Bonus points if you can get your boss to pay for it.


By [E] Sally Lawton

My food groups are cheese, bacon, and hot tea. I like studying cities and playing with my cat, Buffy.

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Seems I’m doing the dare without even trying — the supercomputer I use is being supersketchy and not running my jobs, so long lunch for this lady while I cross my fingers for it to work!  And I’m the only one in my research group who’s not on holidays this week, so mission accomplished.  (Though I really wish it’d get sorted out — it’s been going on all week and I have work to do :( )

Truth: Hitchhiker’s Guide.  The purist in me has Feelings about it, but sometimes it’s nice to see Martin Freeman be Martin Freeman for two hours.

I go for Buffy marathons or anything on Hulu that I can half-watch, like SVU or terrible horror movies (I check those on imdb first; if they’re in the 4-6-star range, they’re usually hilarious. It’s the 1-3-stars you have to watch out for, because they’re usually just bad). When I have cable I’ll put on HGTV, unless it’s Candice (she’s a bit too cutesy and obviously “creative” for my taste) and I can’t deal with most of the real-estate shows (House Hunters is a trip, Property Virgins can be cute, but no to the shows that are focused on the real estate part).

If I could find it online, I’d watch the hell out of The Golden Girls.

Truth: Tangled. Mulan. Up. Princess and the Frog. I like animated kid’s movies, ok? :P Happy endings make me feel better.

Dare: I don’t think we have a usual time limit for lunch. Especially since it’s summer, and all of us are either writing or analyzing data. Our adviser doesn’t buy food unless it’s a special occasion…or we all have to be in at 6:30 am and he brings donuts and bagels in.

My comfort movie is Legend. Vapidly gorgeous, young Tom Cruise; Tim Curry gnawing up every bit of scenery he can reach; unicorns with horns that bobble as they run; and glitter poured liberally over every available surface. Suddenly, everything’s all better.

I’m working from home today, so my only “co-worker” is my cat. (This is neither as awesome nor as pathetic as it might sound.) Since Isis’ job is to sit on my lap and put her paw out to hit random keys, my only hope of convincing her to take an extra-long lunch break is to step away from the computer. Perhaps we’ll go into the kitchen and play with her catnip shark!

Nausicaa is actually one of the few Miyazaki films I haven’t seen! I imagine it being similar to Princess Mononoke or Castle in the Sky. I wish I could pick an absolute favorite movie out of his oeuvre, but I just can’t, they all have their own special qualities :)


My absolute hands-down favorite movie for a bad mood is Help! Never mind that I can recite all the dialogue word for word, and have been able to since age 6. It is THE BEST.

ed: ARGH I can’t get the video to embed, but it’s the scene with George’s grass carpet and John’s sunken bed. I wanted that bed SO MUCH as a child. My father would not let me rip up the floor of my bedroom. I was upset.

Also, the sky here is amazing and also possibly lethal. Seriously, it looks almost like nighttime. Thunder is ON THE MENU. 


Truth: Drop Dead Gorgeous. Allison Janney is a motherf*cking  treasure. “How bout I shove a nice cool mint up your ASSSS?!” Also, in no particular order, Buffy (the show), Arrested Development, Empire Records and The Dark Crystal.

Dare: Boss ain’t gonna pay for lunch, but since she took up yoga, she has been rewarding us by being gone for at least an hour and 15 min almost every day. Time for non-work reading and eating my leftovers!

Truth: The Sandlot. That movie can brighten my mood whenever, wherever. I watched it so much I wore out the VHS and my mom had to buy another.

Dare: My bosses are already having a lunch meeting so I was planning on taking a slightly longer than average lunch. No way to get bosses to pay though :-/

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