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Lunchtime Poll Truth or Dare: Books

It’s Thursday and time for truth or dare!

Truth: What is a book you have never read but that you know you really ought to have read? Mine is The Great Gatsby.

Dare: Wear something funky, You know, that outfit that you put together a while ago and that you love but aren’t quite confident enough to wear? Wear it!

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By [E] Sally Lawton

My food groups are cheese, bacon, and hot tea. I like studying cities and playing with my cat, Buffy.

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I don’t really feel like I ought to read anything, to be honest. Letter rebel for life! But let me think .. hmm .. no, nothing pops up. Although I might not be that big of a rebel because I pick a Classic from time to time to read and discover what the fuss is about.

There are so many of the “classics” that I never read, but enough cartoons and TV shows reference them enough that I *feel* like I know them enough that I think I’d be bored if I actually read them. i.e. Great Gatsby, Wuthering Heights, anything by any of the Brontes, most of Austen, most of Dickens, Little Women, either Lewis Carroll, The Prince, anything by Hemingway…. the list is nearly endless. But part of me assumes that those books will always be around and copies will always be accessible at libraries and such. And someday I’ll actually have the time to actually go through them… some day.

As for wearing something funky, that is kind of a challenge. There are very few things in my wardrobe/floordrobe that don’t fall under the category of “earthtone”. There is a head scarf I have that is bright green that I love, but never wear. I’m sure I could pull something funky together. Oh! Especially since I’m going to see the circus this weekend! You can wear anything at a circus…

Fifty Shades of Gr... oh, I can’t even type it all out without laughing.

I really haven’t been much of a book person for the past… twenty years or so, after being one of those kids who sat in her room and read day in/day out for the entirety of her youth. So, I’m sure there’s a lot I’ve missed, but I’m also sure that I read so much as a kid I don’t feel that I’ve missed anything.

I wear funky stuff all the time! But some of my cool stuff is a little small these days, so I am hoping to fit into some of the cooler pieces again soon. I have an outfit of ties that’s fun (a tie vest/shirt with a tie kilt-like skirt), and so on. Maybe later I’ll put on my long orange-and-cream flouncy skull skirt with the studded ivory-and-black skull shirt I got recently. It’ll be a theme!

I have never read Persuasion even though everyone who has claims it to be Austin’s master work, and I love Austin.

And I have a pair of bright purple skinny jeans that I haven’t worn in a while because I worry that I might be a little old for vibrantly colored pants. I think I’ll break them out this weekend.

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