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Lunchtime Poll: Fun With Numbers

Happy Friday, everyone! Who is ready for the weekend? I just moved 2 weeks ago so I’m very ready to have some downtime in which  to finish all my organizing and unpacking.

Anyway, reflecting on the misery involved with a major move inspired me to count the number of times I’ve moved in my life. If I count college as 4 moves (one for each school year), I’ve moved 11 times, counting this most recent one. Five of those moves have been between states. Wow.

How about everyone else? How many times have you moved? Any good moving stories?

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I’ve only moved about twice in my life — once to another city when I was five, and to another house in that same city when I was about eleven. Of course, the first move was a bigger deal, since it was halfway across the state, and (especially at that age) living in another city was like living in another world. However, my parents did bounce me from school to school a lot — particularly in the first few years after my first big move. i know they were trying to find the right school for me, but it kinda affected my ability to socialize. Making new friends every year — only to lose them the year after that — was really tough.

I feel like I haven’t moved that much, but in reality I guess I have. I moved with my mother to her new husband’s house, then back to our old house after the divorce, then to another new husband’s house, then back again to the old house. Yeah, she wasn’t too great with that whole relationship thing. Each time we were only there for a few months.

Then I moved to another city for college, which involved my aunt CRUNCHING THE FRONT OF MY CAR with a twenty-something foot U-haul truck. That was the last time I got family to help me move! I moved twice more after moving to a new city, once to a townhouse and then to the single-family home I’m in now. I really don’t want to move again for another couple of years, but on the bright side I’m a lightening-fast unpacker!

I’ve moved 8 times in my life, all  of which have happened in the last few years. I’m not counting the occasional move in to my parents house while I wait to move into the next apartment (i.e. between college apartments and before medical school which would make it 14 moves). But I’m very excited for my next move in 11 months. :D I have no idea where I’ll be yet, but I can’t wait to get out of this town and start rotations!

Seems I’m in the extreme minority here since I’ve only moved twice in my life. Once into my childhood home at 6 months old, and once into university residence for first year. Before and after that, I’ve lived at home for the duration of my 23-year life. Now I’m about to move this far and I continue to be somewhat scared shitless. Lots of PMaggers have given me great moving advice so far, it’s all highly appreciated.

I’ve only moved once in my life and I can see my old house from my front porch (Although it burned down partway a couple years back and has since been rebuilt). So there is that. I lived at home during college to save money, and I still haven’t quite squirreled enough away to move out yet.

I’m getting ready to move myself, back to my parents’ place as I continue the job search. I’ve done a lot of moves.

One move as little girl to the house we lived in most of my life, moved to New Zealand and within there, one move in Dunedin and two moves in Wellington, then came back to the smaller house my parents had moved to. My last year in Wellington, I only had one move as two weeks before I left my apartment building had a fire so interim place then back to the US to move to where my parents had retired to, then to Michigan and now back to Delaware. I’ve also done college moving and lived abroad one semester in college but those were smaller scale.

When we first moved from the house I was born in to the house I grew up in, there’s the great family story about how Charlie, our old tiger kitty ended up going to Princeton. Somehow he got in the moving van and went with it and they found him in New Jersey, he was fine but it was a family joke growing up. I was only about three at the time.

1. Freshman year move

2. Took a semester off, moved in with best friend and got a job.

3. Best friend developed substance abuse problem she didn’t want to work on, moved in with other best friend and her boyfriend

4. Best friend’s relationship with her boyfriend was getting rockier by the day, I thought it best to move out, moved back in with dad and brother. Commuted over an hour to work.

5. Met a cool couple at coffee shop (we shared a mutual friend) who needed a roommate, we hung out a couple of times and decided this could work out awesomely and it did for a wonderful year.

6. Fell in love with Mr. Rose, and we moved in together . We’ve been in the same apartment for almost 4 years now.

Um…six times as a child (Mom was military for two, a new city, different apartment in that city, then two new cities). Four for the military (including all of the training bases), two after that (tried living with sister and a friend of my mom’s, neither worked out). Nine times in college (including summers). Three times since graduating, and one more end of July (all in my brand-new home city; first place was terrible, second was a temporary “borrow a friend’s guest room” deal, and I took over a lease for where I am now). So I’ve moved a total of twenty times in my life.

I could do with only moving once or twice more forever :p

Not counting when I was 3 years old, 12 times:

  1. Into freshman year apartment in college
  2. Into sophomore/junior apt
  3. into senior apt
  4. Back to parents’ house for a month
  5. *To NYC, hostel #1
  6. *Hostel #2
  7. Shared NYC apartment #1
  8. Shared NYC apartment #2
  9. Moved in with SO
  10. Moved with SO to Queens
  11. Bought different apartment in Queens
  12. Sold it, moved in with mother-in-law upstate (sobs)
  13. God I hope this comes soon!

The moves to/between hostels were interesting because I really only had one suitcase worth of stuff (that didn’t even make the damn connection on the flight up from Texas so I had no clothes or anything for the first few days). There were also a couple semi-moves of getting all of our stuff out of MiL’s garage and into a storage unit after it all got flooded in the aftermath of Hurricane Lee.

I’ve moved over 40 times, probably closer to 50… at least 21 times since I was 18 (in 5 states). I’m 41 now. And yet despite all of that moving, I have NEVER once packed and moved anything the way they do on TV or according to moving companies. I typically move out of a combo of my own cars and rented U-hauls, and have only ever hired people once (which was only to load the truck from pre-packed stuff). I don’t use many boxes (sometimes use bins or instead), and when I do I generally wrap fragile stuff in clothes and towels and so on. I’ve rarely had anything break (and nothing has broken from the way it was ‘packed,’ always from someone putting it someplace then knocking it over). Moving always stresses me out, and I’ve got at least one more move coming up soon. I want to hire people this next time!

Ten moves.*

1. We moved our family home across town when I was 13. (5 years)

2. Moved to the dorms for college (2 years)

3. Moved to 1st college apartment (1 year)

4. Moved to 2nd college apartment (1 year)

5. Moved to Minnesota for under-grad internship (4 months)*

6. Moved to Colorado for grad school (3 years)

7. Moved to Alaska for graduate internship (3 months)*

8. Moved to 1st Chicago apartment  for a boy (2 years)

9. Moved to 2nd Chicago apartment after boy (2 years)

10. Bought my 1st (and as of yet, only) Condo in Chicago. (current)

*Technically 8 & 2-half moves – I didn’t move EVERYTHING to Minnesota or Alaska.

I will be moving in 2 weeks to a new state to start graduate school. I’m also a nomad and counting all the times I moved for school plus a summer of study abroad, I have moved 20 times (I’m 27 now) so this will be my 21st move. But I am a pack rat and have been in my current location for the longest – 2 blissful years – so I have a lot of junk to take care of.

Oh, and the CLOTHES. I’m not a fashionista by any means but hot damn do I have a lot of clothes. Most of it I haven’t even worn in 2+ years but I can’t help but think “Ohhh I might…..” I have formal party dresses from senior year of college FIVE years ago and still am thinking about packing them, even though I haven’t worn them in that time. Gah. I have a hard time letting go. But I also have limited car space SO yeah. Bah.

I hate moving…but I do love the part of moving where BAM you’re in a new place and that rush of adventurous spirit fills you. I’m nervous about the move and hope grad school + my assistantship + family responsibilities doesn’t kill me, but I am still excited to start a new chapter of my life.

I am currently in residence #16. Five of those were in the last 3 years. I once told my parents in middle school that I wanted to be nomadic, but it’s kind of come true. I gotta say: it’s really not all my 12yr old imagination thought it would be. I’d really love some actual roots somewhere, but nothing has stuck yet… On the plus side: I am awesome at packing, I regularly pare down the belongings I don’t need/care for anymore, and until this most recent move I could fit everything I owned into the back of my car.

I’m 28 and I’m just slightly better than a car-hobo.

I’ve moved houses as an adult 10 times. Twice across borders and twice across state lines.  Number of different roommates is 20, I think. I once lived in a studio apartment with two other girls- but by God, we were on the island and not in a borough.

Just thinking about moving stories exhausts me.

I’m moving next weekend, and that will be move #9. I’ve had a couple out of state moves, but they went surprisingly smooth, and made for some great road trip stories for me and my sister. This upcoming move is a short distance, and I have not to started packing yet. On the upside, I’ve been living at my mom’s house so 75% of my stuff is already packed (and has been sitting in the garage for 3-years). The downside to being an easy move is that I’m procrastinating like there’s a thousand tomorrows. So this weekend is it – crank up the stereo and pack! (Anyone have a magic packing genie who will come do it for me?)

Not counting moves when I was a kid, I’ve moved eight times as an adult. I went to a college in my hometown and commuted to campus from my parents’ house rather than living in the dorms, so these were all after college (2003 and beyond). I would be happy to never move again, but I applied for a fellowship for the fall that while I desperately want it would require us to move across the state so I feel like it wouldn’t be the end of the world if I didn’t get it. MOVING IS THE WORST.

The worst of the worst, though, was when I moved back home temporarily after grad school. (The Mister and I were getting a place together, but my lease was up two months before his.) Not only was I moving back home, I also had just had open heart surgery a few weeks prior so I wasn’t allowed to lift anything heavier than ten pounds, and I tired very easily. You’d THINK the easiest move would be the one where you didn’t have to do any hard labor. You would be wrong. Do you know how hard it is to watch your friends and family box up and move and clean your stuff and not help them? Do you know how exhausting it is being asked questions about where stuff goes every few minutes because you can’t just do it yourself? Thankfully, on the other end we just loaded all of my boxes except for clothes into my aunt’s garage for storage until I found an apartment in town because I don’t think I could have handled an unloading that was anything like the loading. I was so grateful for their help, but it was an incredibly frustrating experience.

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