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Lunchtime Poll: How Was Your Weekend?

I almost wrote a short story about malicious, mind-controlling eyeglasses this weekend.

Then I decided to play video games, instead. That was my weekend; what was yours?


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By Michelle Miller

Michelle Miller is a twenty-something blogger, cook, freelance writer and editor living in Seattle, Washington. She’s a feminist trying ever-so-hard to embrace her spaces, conventional or not. She looks forward to numerous bad hair days, burnt cremes, a soapbox or two, and maybe (just maybe) a yellow polka-dot bikini in the years ahead.

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We spent Saturday on the Hudson River in Newburgh; touring models of the Nina and Pinta, throwing bread to the ducks, and eating some fantastic gelato (toasted almond, yum). Then on Sunday we went to one of those little carnivals that pop up in parking lots all summer long. Lexie went on this one obstacle course/slide thing a couple dozen times along with the merry-go-round and a couple other rides, and I went on the Zero Gravity. A little scary, but fun! This isn’t me, but it’s the same ride. Also, funnel cake!!

That is my FAVORITE ride at the fair. MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE. Nevermind the fact that I get so sick I can’t move for about three hours afterward, because it is worth it.

I envy you the gelato. We cannot find good gelato in Washington State and it makes my heart sad.

I spent most of the weekend in NOLA with Mr. Nonsense’s family.  My FFIL managed to be decently behaved, Mr. N and I knocked out several episodes of Psych, and I ate the best roast beef po-boy I have ever eaten…so overall, I’d say the weekend was a success. :)


I’m really enjoying Psych. Mr. Nonsense has been wanting to watch it from the start for a couple of years now and we finally got around to it. Sooooo so so funny.

As for po-boys…they are a variant of sub sandwiches served in Louisiana (though I’m sure they exist elsewhere).  The meat is usually either fried seafood (which I never get) or amazing awesome fall off the bone roast beef with debris sauce/gravy (which I always get) and is served on a loaf of french bread.

RBPBs might be the messiest thing I’ve ever eaten, but they are delicious.

I got the Brownie Camera I posted about in the OT. It needed some cleaning, but I scrubbed it up and shot a roll of film with it.

I also took my father out to see MIB III, and got taken by the boyfriend to see Snow White and the Huntsman. I enjoyed both, but film school kid in me has some things to say about story and pacing problems. Some days I wish I could shut film school kid up and just enjoy things like I used to.

ETA: A crappy cell phone shot I posted to tumblr as more of a documenting a thing I am doing photo got reblogged by a very popular blog and subsequently got a shit ton of likes (well a lot more than anything I do normally does). I have no idea if I should be proud of that or not.

Okay, so, I’m so glad you posted. I have been debating seeing both of these movies, but I really cannot justify the expense if they suck.

Would you say their worth shelling out the bucks to see in a theater, or are they better reserved for a boring Friday night at home with a bowl of popcorn?

Snow White and the Huntsman is worth the theater ticket price as the visuals are stunning and are worth seeing on the big screen. The problems I had were with the story, mainly that it introduces a lot of ideas and then doesn’t use them. MIB III is worth catching at theaters if you can get a gang of other people to go with you. It’s a sort of party movie. Maybe if there is a second run theater near you, wait for that. Otherwise I don’t think it will lose too much by being watched at home.


People of Persephone, I need advice. Buying a car vs. leasing a car: Go.

Personally, I want to buy a car and carefully maintain it to get maximum life and years out of it. I’m comfy making car payments. The BF’s family leases Lexuses (Lexii?) and wants us to lease something, which nobody I know has ever done. However, given that we only are SURE of employment for the next calendar year, this might not be the worst idea ever.

This is just the latest chapter in the ongoing saga of ‘marthamydear moves across the entire country’.

I opted to buy because I know that I can take care of a car and make it last and I have to drive a lot for work and didn’t want to have worry about the miles. Leasing might be a good move though if you are unsure of being able to pay off a car loan. Still my brain always leans to buy.

Oh god. BUY, do not lease. Just own the thing outright. The only people who win and come out on top financially with leases is everyone but the person leasing.


I cannot emphasize this enough!

(…personal experience speaking…)

Also, how was your weekend? :)

BF and I bought wallpaper like proper adults!!! In the middle of a storm, no less!

The “like” before “proper adults” is important, since I had to pay with it with my credit card, and he is currently too broke to pay me back for half. My adult self is a constant embarrassment to all my youthful aspirations.

“My adult self is a constant embarrassment to all my youthful aspirations.”

Ha! Most of us are right there with you, Ren, if it’s any consolation.

Wallpaper, though! Where ya puttin’ it? I was thinking about putting some in my guest bathroom, but I’m a little intimidated. Keep us apprised of how the wallpapering turns out!

just got back from being out of town for the weekend and leave again in two days to be gone for five.  blech.  i hate being away from home – how the hell does the house get messier the more you are away from it?

oh, and the AC in our car that is cheap to drive just blew up.  So now the decision is: $500 to fix it before we leave, $200 to take the other car on our trip, or $150 to take the cheap car + really cranky mom and kid with no AC on a five hour drive.  did i mention, blech?

I’m with you – i just called Mr Bells and were gonna move some funds around to get it fixed before we leave.  it’ll mean being a little short on vacation money, but we’re technically going over for a funeral, so how much money were we really going to spend?  I just hate writing checks for that kind of money!

I spent much of my weekend trying really hard not to give into panic about finding a job before my lease and current job end. Though I had a really fun time buying goodies with a birthday gift card that I’m now enjoying and trying to get motivated to go grocery shopping. Its grey and thundering outside so I just want to stay in.

Thank you, there was sun later and I got some useful groceries. Yes, I have options and support that will be there when I need it. I just really hope that I can move forward into something new instead of feeling like I’m going back to being in limbo.

It’s been hard. This is the third death in the family in eight months, and since I live across the Atlantic from the rest of my family I haven’t been able to attend any of the funerals or get any closure.

This is my uncle. He passed away on Sunday night in his sleep. He wasn’t even 70 yet. He was my favorite.

Well, I went to the birthday party I sought advice over, and met a ton of wonderful people, and introduced my lovely bf to the two that I knew. I thought it went wonderfully and it was so nice to have a day in the park near the lake/beach.

Now, of course, I’m replaying everything in my head and freaking out over why I would ever mention or talk about any of these things that I did. I’m so awkward, but I’m even more anxious.

Sunday Park and Birthday day was overall a swell recovery from Saturday the Day From Hell day, which I also ranted and whined about.

Basically, everyone’s pretty up to date. =)


Which video games?! I’ve had a hankerin’…..

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