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Lunchtime Poll: Makeovers

You may have noticed that our beloved P-Mag got a bit of a makeover along with a shiny new server over the last few days. Makeovers are awesome, right?

[dropcap4 bgColor=”#7EB936″ textColor=”#ffffff”]I[/dropcap4]’ve been thinking about makeovers lately, in more than the usual “girl takes off her glasses, shakes out her hair from its bun, and everyone realizes she’s a stone cold fox” kind of way. Mainly because that’s pretty superficial and annoying, and frankly, lots of us need our glasses to see. But I’ve been thinking about life makeovers: deciding to completely change one aspect of your life and then doing it. Right now, I’m embarking on a quest to make over my social life. I want to have guests over. I want to accept invitations to do things I’m not comfortable doing. I want to get out, have fun, be the one who throws the good dinner parties. I’m just starting out, so I haven’t made much progress, but the intention is there.

What part of your life would you like to see made over? Job? Wardrobe? Habits? Tell us in the comments.

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I would loooooove a budget to re-do my wardrobe. I’d keep a lot of things I currently have, since I’ve been slowly chipping away into the style that I want, but if I could replace about 75% of it in one fell swoop? I would be the happiest panda.

Also, in regards to makeovers… since the makeover, Perseophone won’t load on my phone! And that is sad.

I had a bit of and Everything Makeover back in 2009/2010 (such a big endeavor requires two years). I can tell you that two things stayed the same. My car and my turtle, Sidney. My friends, my relationship, my home, my clothes, my eating habits, my down-time, my work, my education, my hair, my habits, the books I read, the music I listen to, the makeup I wear. Good god. Basically the person I was back in 2008 would drop her jaw at the person I am now. It’s exhausting and a lot of it was not my choice. But still, 2008 Me figured out how to take a punch and stand back up.

But actually I am making another change that would shock 2008 Me. I’m cutting basically 95% of the meat and dairy I eat out of my diet. I would also like to get myself to become an Active Runner – I did it when I was training for a 15k but now that it’s over, I’ve lost the drive. I need it back. So yeah, Summer 2012 Makeover: Less Meat, More Sweat. If I just remember what all I survived in 2009, I’m sure I can find the motivation to make this makeover work.

Small steps, sure footing.

Habits makeover, definitely. Biggest thing needing revamping: my terrible habit of putting things off. I’ve been trying to work on this, but I keep backsliding badly. There’s a pernicious little voice in my head that is scarily good at justifying “nah, just do it later.” But I will keep trying to ignore it!


On a happier note, I actually get to give myself a clothes makeover in a few weeks! I’ll be starting my real job, and I get to go out and buy myself lots of professional grown-up clothes :-)

I like the idea of a social makeover.  However, having just moved back to my tiny hometown, that’s nigh unto impossible.  So, maybe a wardrobe makeover?  I would like the courage to dress a little sexier and less college tomboy.  (I live in jeans and v-neck Ts.  I could wear just that for a week and a half straight, and never wear dirty clothes.)  I mean, I’ve finally found a haircut that actually works, now if I could just DRESS myself, we’ll be on a roll!

I really love the idea of a social makeover! I could really use one of those myself, but a living situation makeover needs done first. This city I’m living in SUCKS, because if you can’t drive/don’t have a car, it’s like you can’t do anything. And since we’re far out in suburbia in this house, not only can I not expect people to come pick me up so we can hang out, I can’t really go do anything without needing someone to drive me. Sigh.

Hm. It would be nice if I could turn myself into someone with more focus and drive and faith in my own abilities, mostly where my career is concerned. Other areas of life would of course benefit from this as well.

I’ve been wondering about hair too. Whenever I see women in their 30s or 40s, who have obviously stuck with the same hairstyle ever after highschool, they look depressingly dated no matter how good a shape they’re in otherwise. And I worry I might be falling into the same trap, but there really  isn’t much that works for me besides keeping it long, no bangs, and usually pulled back in some way. Taking care to avoid styles I already did in college though. And I do update my hair accessories.


Well, I seem to constantly be re-inventing parts of me, but I am at a bit of a crossroads now and am trying to plan for a big shift soon. Essentially, I am working a freelance gig and have another part-time job (which used to be full-time), so I am home a lot now and work stuff is all ‘do anywhere’ but I’m stuck in a rental house for at least another few months, if not longer. I’m waiting on some money to buy another house, and want to do a bunch of travel and house-y stuff, but it’s taking forever for the funds to come through. I hate waiting! I want to move & have a yard to play in/with and grow things and do crafty things and bring stuff home from travels!! And our lease is up at the end of July, so I doubt the money will come through in time, so we might have to renew the lease (it’s near a university so the landlord won’t go for a non-summer-ending option). It’s certainly not the worst situation to be in, but the money thing has been dragging on for years and has been very stressful. Hopefully the lawyer will call any minute now so I have a better idea of what’s going on…

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