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Lunchtime Poll: Moar Snacks

It’s snack time! 

What’s your go-to snack? Lately for me, it’s been mini cucumbers dipped in Trader Joe’s kalamata olive hummus if I’m feeling healthy, or half a bag of original Doritos if I’m not.

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The day started with me maiming a sweet little frog that had become lodged in my front door (see last night’s OT) and now it’s lunchtime and I just got an email from a company I am DESPERATE to work for letting me know about a position that’s opening up that they want me to consider!!!!  The position would be so so so so cool and the company is so unbelievably cool!  I am so excited!!!!

oh and sunbutter on crackers – super-expensive but so so delicious!


I think I’m going to make myself really unhealthy if I continue with my current habits.

I really like Danish-style cookies right now, celery with peanut butter, plain cucumber slices or tortilla chips with salsa.  I probably should just stick to the two choices in the middle of my list.

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