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Lunchtime Poll: Print Media

Happy Friday, everyone! Today’s question is inspired by the fact that the spouse and I are moving next weekend, and as part of the preparation we’ve been going through our stacks of read (and unread) magazines and figuring out which ones we still want to subscribe to.

I have a few shameful/guilty pleasure magazines, a few newsy ones, and some that I’m pretty sure I got for free at some point and never got rid of (Wine Spectator, for example). Anyway it just made me curious what’s on everyone else’s subscription magazine list.

So: Do you subscribe to any magazines? If so, which ones? And do you ever end up reading them, or just chuck them right into recycling?

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I love reading Women’s Health, The Economist, Vogue, and Real Simple however we are not currently subscribing to either, though Real Simple isn’t available in Australia and the Australian Vogue magazine is sadly not as good as the American one. Btw, Australian subscriptions are double the price of America and your typical magazine costs $8 per copy! I only buy them on special occasions these days. And I must confess, I do like celebrity gossip magazines but I only read them at the nail salon. I could never bring myself to pay for them.

I subscribe to The New Republic.  I love having a magazine to grab when I head out to dinner or a bar by myself, which happens at least once a week.   I appreciate that you can fold back the cover and people are less likely to comment on your reading a magazine than a book.

Nope, never have. Sometimes I buy Wired or New Scientist if I’m flying somewhere. I do enjoy National Geographic when I’m at my parents’ but wouldn’t buy it myself. “Women’s magazines” are mostly ads, anyway.

I had a subscription to The New Yorker at one point, which I loved, but I began to feel guilty about the pile-up of magazines when I got too busy to read them. I always like to have a subscription to something girly, which I rotate. I like W for the fashion and I’ll sit in the tub and read it when it comes.

I did, I’ll admit, get Mr. Juniper a subscription to FHM for his birthday last year and we both read it. For the articles. For a time we had Photography Monthly, too, which was a Hogswatch present for Mr. Juniper from my parents. Again, read by both of us – and kept, too – they’re an awesome resource. I keep wanting to get a subscription to Glamour magazine, but I quite enjoy the surprise of Mr. Juniper picking up a copy for me, if I haven’t already.

I used to subscribe to Smithsonian and National Geographic, but I let my subscriptions slide and I haven’t renewed them yet. And I did read both, as well as keep clippings from the bits I found most interesting (which saves me from having hoards of magazines that I wanted only one article of).

I’ve had a few subscriptions, but often I just buy random issues. I am currently subscribed to Food & Wine, and I used to have subscriptions to Saveur and Whole Living (previously Organic Living I think) but I’ve let those lapse and I just pick up intermittent issues. I occasionally pick up BUST, depending on whether the content looks interesting to me. I’m probably going to subscribe to Imbibe, because I am in a cocktail mixing club and I like mixing drinks at home. I love reading Monocle and Mental Floss and Utne, but again, those are just whenever the features look interesting.

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