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Lunchtime Poll: Summer Movies 2012

Well, hello all, and happyFriday! I hope everyone has something fun planned for the weekend.

Summer blockbuster season is upon us, and if you’re anything like me you’re trying to be judicious about what movies you see in the theater. I love movies, but I don’t love going to the movies, or paying a king’s ransom to do so. Still, some movies beg to be seen on the big screen.

So today’s question is: what movie are you most excited about for this summer? (It can still count if it’s already been released!)


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Let IMDB help me to know what’s coming up ..I’m torn over The Dark Knight Rises. I love the photography and atmosphere, but not the characters nor the story?
The Bourne Legacy, basically because I’m very curious about Renner.
And uh ..nothing else? The Shadow Dancer airs in September so not exactly a summer film ..I’m so confused right now.

I tend to not go to movies a lot. The trailer for “Red Lights” looks pretty great though. And “Moonrise Kingdom”.

I wonder if that Danish film, “The Hunt”, that got Mads Mikkelsen an award in Cannes, will get screened here… It might be too much of a feel-bad film for me to actually watch.

I’ll go the obvious route and say Brave. A female main character in an animated film who is actually the main character?!? Not just a prop for the leading man? (I’m looking at you Tangled) And from Pixar, who, while making really good movies, hasn’t exactly done well in the female representation department. this oughta be good.

Brave! I love Pixar. Plus with teen boys I’m sure we’ll see the Lincoln Vampire one, and the Dark Knight one. I’m also hoping the remakes of Total Recall and Judge Dredd are decent. I saw a preview for Wreck-It Ralph last night, but I think that’s later in the year -?- and of course rounding the year off with the Hobbit. Now I just have to hope that my 250K bonus email worked!

I loved The Avengers and have seen it twice so far. I’m considering seeing The Hunger Games as I’ve heard amazing things about it though I wasn’t a huge fan of the book and its still playing where I am. Otherwise I can’t think of any that are coming out until The Hobbit that have me really excited.

Happy Friday! My boyfriend is hosting a bachelor party in our house all weekend, so I’ll be staying with the bride-to-be. I’m really looking forward to a whole weekend of girl time.

This is probably ridiculous, in light of all the sure-to-be great movies coming out this summer. But I’m really excited for Magic Mike at the moment.

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