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Lunchtime Poll: Time Travel II

By a fluke of nature and temporary hiatus from the laws of physics, space and time, you’ve been granted the power to teleport to June 6 in either 2002 or 1992. You have 15 seconds to say something to your younger self before you boomerang back to the present. 

What do you say?  Would it change the present you leap back to?

By [E] Selena MacIntosh*

Selena MacIntosh is the owner and editor of Persephone Magazine. She also fixes it when it breaks. She is fueled by Diet Coke, coffee with a lot of cream in it, and cat hair.

24 replies on “Lunchtime Poll: Time Travel II”

I’d tell 12 year old me (2002) to stop trying to grow up so fast. I was so determined to be an adult that I feel like an old lady at 22. Actually, I kind of like that. I think it’s stopped me from making some very bad decisions that many of my peers are still making. The whole Let’s Be a Grownup! thing stressed me out though, and it wasn’t necessary at that age for me to worry about dressing like a Neiman Marcus catalog and watching the grown-up shows on tv.

June 1992 – I’d tell my 14 year old self: the guy you’re about to meet, who is really hot and becomes your life-long best friend, is gay. Don’t spend the next 5 years pining for him when you could be going on actual dates. And don’t listen to mom about sex – nothing good comes from it. Go out and have some fun, and try not to be so angry all the time.

Hmm…the summer before freshman year of hs (2002), I would’ve told myself not to tell all my friends all my secrets, especially since they would tell everyone else. Someone who goes after the guy you profess your undying love for is not a good friend. Stand up for yourself, make people take you seriously. And your first (actual) love will be wonderful, but his breaking up with you doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you. And leave your friends out of said breakup, or they will think you batshit nuts and dumb for years to come.

And, get your permit ASAP and actually drive. Also, major in Art History too, don’t bother with pre-med and don’t piss away your freshman year of college.

June 2002 would have been just before I entered highschool.

“Stay far, far away from her. She’ll only break your heart.

Also, your soon-to-be boyfriend is gay.”


I don’t how much things would have changed. Perhaps I wouldn’t have moved across the country in an attempt to forget her. Perhaps I wouldn’t have settled into this damned depression. I just know that I would have preferred stopping our friendship on my terms, instead of sobbing outside of her house when she turned on me.

Apropos of nothing, June 6, 2002 was the day of my husband’s PhD defense.  Yay!

I’d go back then to tell myself, “The crap in the next 10 years is totally worth it!  And have confidence in my instincts about my jobs – I was totally right.”

hmmmm, not 1992 because I was a happy child so no need to rock the boat there.  In 2002 I was 16 and I’d probably tell my younger self, “Stop hanging out with M, she’s an awful friend and it only gets worse.”

There are other things I would prefer to say, but I think that’s the only advice my 16 yr old self would actually take to heart. I was stubborn but I doubted that friendship years before it ended.

June 2002. I would go back and tell my younger self that it will, in fact, get better.  You won’t always be “the weirdo” because you’re smart. You will, in fact, escape your parents house, and the less energy you waste on them, the better. And GET THAT GODDAMN COUNSELING!

I’d go to 1992 and tell 14 year old me not to be terrified of sex and to have some damn fun.

Also, majoring in Spanish will be fucking useless so just have it as a minor or pick something more practical to study along with theater (would NOT give that up). And don’t take 8:00am badminton because the teacher takes it WAY too seriously and it’ll bork my gpa. (Still. Bitter.)

Idk if it would have made any difference at either date to have a 35-year old version of myself emerge from thin air, screaming things like “Be more frugal! Procrastinate less! Always wear sunscreen! “, and then vanish again, except for scaring the everloving shit out of me.

I guess I haven’t had a major fuckup that could be corrected this way.

Might be useful to go with lottery numbers though, with added “Invest in real estate!”


It’d probably take me 16 seconds to figure out how to open the door, thus avoiding any horrible time-altering effects. But if I did swing it I’d say ‘buy more Apple stock, you chicken! Buy tons! And don’t sell til it’s past 2012!’

A quick vent here, too: I went to my son’s high school graduation this week. I’ll slightly hide some of the details to protect the guilty, but on a scale from 0 to batpoop:

How crazy is it to show up at your grandson’s high school graduation with signs that have pictures of him as a baby on them? Multiple signs. Some that have, say, his mother’s (ahem) dead grandmother and dead mother on them too, holding him as a baby. What do you think?

He’s autistic so luckily stuff like that rolls off of him easily. His brother, however, is graduating next year and saw that this was his future. I think for me the scariest part was suddenly having pictures of my dead relatives being thrust in my face, who really were people he’d have barely any (if any at all) recollection of. I guess in all of the inappropriateness of it all, how anyone else would feel about it was the last of the concerns though…

Signs were not a done thing at my high school graduation. One of the perks of going to a religious school is that graduation was a mass, so it was all pretty solemn. Still I would think that a graduation party would be the better time to break out all the old photo stuff than the ceremony itself.

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