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Lunchtime Poll: Vacation, All I Ever Wanted

It was a productive place around the Miller house this weekend. I made my body orange with Tan Towels, for one thing.

For another, I made a dozen or so freezer meals, cut up GOBS of fruit, and oh yeah, attended a wedding at which there was much booze.

I know you’ve all been jonesing for content since the editors (well, most of us – some of us had weddings to attend) went flying off to party in Atlanta. Truth is, from what I hear, the editors were jonesing for you, too, dear readers.

What did you do this weekend (and without us)?

By Michelle Miller

Michelle Miller is a twenty-something blogger, cook, freelance writer and editor living in Seattle, Washington. She’s a feminist trying ever-so-hard to embrace her spaces, conventional or not. She looks forward to numerous bad hair days, burnt cremes, a soapbox or two, and maybe (just maybe) a yellow polka-dot bikini in the years ahead.

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I am so jelly that you had all that fun without me! I swanned in spirit with you, please rest assured.

No wine in Pennsylvania Targets, eh? Er, or no swimsuits? I’m going to assume wine.

We just got hard liquor in grocery stores and whatnot here in Washington State. We’re all boozing it the hell up!

One of these days, I want to lock Mr. Miller in the car with me and go on a big long road trip through the midwest and South to see such sights. I have been to the East and along the West Coast, but I really feel like everything in between and below is sort of a mystery to me.

“Hey, Kells?  This thing that we committed to as a unit that we’re supposed to do tomorrow that you’re facilitating?  That one that you’ve been planning and prepping for that is a directive handed down from upper University Administration?  Yeah, that one.  Can we just move that back a couple weeks?  Something will invariably come up that will make us want to move it back again and then again some more until it’s forgotten and then we’ll harp at you for not getting it done, but it’s a pretty inconvenient time for us right now to do anything that might make things better in the long run.  We’re too busy following wasteful processes to figure out how to streamline them and make our jobs easier.  Kthanks.”

In my weekend I felt like I hit the emotional rockbottom of being in this house. Being here has sapped my energy, more and more as time has gone by. And ever since the BIL was such an ass to me (still no apology, BTW…as expected), I’ve been depression-spiraling.

Yesterday I had what felt like the first moment of clarity I’ve had while here. Not only that, but the first glimmers of hope at being able to escape the situation.

The BF has, in fact, gotten a job as a substitute teacher. One of our friends, who used to be the substitute coordinator for the district he’ll be working in, promises that it’ll be basically a full-time job. And every full day he works, he’ll be getting $90 USD a day.

I know that if he worked that five days a week, if you looked at it as a yearly salary, it would still be pretty low. But ever since I cut ties with my parents two years ago, I’ve felt like we’ve been scraping on nothing. And for context, when I was working a full-time job for part-time compensation, I usually made only half that amount per day. Sure, we’re living in a place with a higher cost of living now, but if it really is as good as it sounds, between the substituting and my graduate stipend, for once in our lives together, I’ll feel like we can actually pay the bills and live comfortably. I know it won’t be much, but we don’t need much, and we’ve been living on far far less.

We’ve started looking for apartments again. We’re probably going to end up moving on the opposite side of the city. While it won’t be closer to my university, it’ll be closer to friends, and it is closer to things that we can actually do, because in this gods-forsaken ass-end of the city you have to drive at least 30 minutes to go anywhere. I’ll still have to be driven to and from, but I think if it means being out of this Place…it’ll be okay.

I’m still cautious about getting my hopes up. Part of it is because the school year starts in mid-August, so it’ll be a couple months before the BF gets to work. But most of it is, it sounds way too good to be true. In reality, it probably sounds too good to be true because we’ve been living at rock-bottom for too long. Yet even though I know that, I’m terrified that this glimmer of hope is going to be snatched away.

I guess I’m looking for permission to feel good about this, for reassurance that it will really be okay, that we’ll be able to get out of here and we’ll be able to actually live our lives. I don’t know if it’s something someone else can give, or if I just need to give it to myself.

AAAAHHHH!!!! Congratulations!

I am so so so happy for you two!  Oh how awesome will your life be when you’re out of that house?!?!

I totally know the feeling of not wanting to get your hopes up.  I do wish I could assure you that this will be the ticket to you guys getting out of there. What I can assure you is that I’m hopeful and happy for you.  Celebrate with your sweetheart!  This is a great day!

Tan towels!  I have been curious to try some.  My coworkers swear by them, but knowing my luck,  I would mess my skin all up.

Let’s see this weekend…I worked, worked again, woke up in the middle of the day on Sunday, saw Moonrise Kingdom, and ate some greek food and frozen yogurt with the hunny…hmmm, that about sums it up. :-)

Well. I’m white as a ghost with dry, sensitive skin. Generally these work really well for my skin, BUT this tan towel was rather old and I think that’s what made it funky. D:

This Moonrise Kingdom sounds interesting and I have no clue what it is, so maybe I’ll go looking for this weekend!

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