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Monday Night Flashback OT: Camping Out

Happy Monday! I hope that the month of June has gotten off to a fantastic start, and that you are enjoying some summer weather, if that’s your thing. 

This past weekend Mr. Sally J took our kids camping over night for the very first time. He was part of a local Relay for Life, which is typically a 24 hour event. I had plans Saturday night, so in awesome dad fashion, he just packed up the kids and our tent and took them out to the event site, solo.

Apparently, it went very well. Our daughter stayed up until midnight for a swing-dancing class, and both kids slept in on Sunday morning. They came home happy and eager to tell me all about it. Which got me to thinking about my first camping experiences, which were, I believe, all with Girl Scouts.

Are you a camper? Did you like camp outs as a kid or did you discover them as an adult? Can you still comfortably sleep on the ground? Let me know your early tent experiences and how your week has started in the comments!

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I love camping. Was stuck for a month with family troubles last summer and then moved into a big awesome new place so didn’t get out almost at all (only twice for the whole season). Therefore this is the SUMMER OF CAMPING! We’re heading to the Great Sand Dunes this weekend for a weekend of revelry, can’t wait because…giant sand dunes, it’s a adult-pretending-to-be-a-child’s dream!

The only camping out I’m doing right now is with a shit ton of boxes… slowly unpacking… with no internet or cellular service (this. must. stop).

Can I be completely honest with you guys? Everytime I stub my toe I get a little closer to killing someone.

Unpacking is hard.


ETA: This is how it connects to camping. Witness, a convo with my bff:

me:  omg. i dont have internet OR CELL PHONE SERVICE in my new apt. WHAT CRUEL AND CREATIVE HELL IS THIS?
my bff:  oh no! you’re basically camping.

I love camping! We did the backyard camping thing when we were little, and our first overnight camping was when I was 10 or so. That particular trip didn’t end up so well- there was a terrible storm and a tornado a mile away, but nobody could hear the park rangers telling us to evacuate over the noise of the storm. My little sister was terribly freaked out, and we spent the rest of the weekend in a Best Western. I went camping twice last year, both 1-nighters at Turkey Run in Indiana.

Much as I love dump camping (dump everything out of your car and camp), my real loves are long wilderness trips. I’ve been on a weeklong backpacking trip, and then the best camping of my life was a week canoeing and camping in the Boundary Waters. It was 4 years ago this July that I did that, and I’m going back as soon as I can!

I did the camping thing when my kids were small.  It was a great family vacation, my then-husband and the kids had a great time and I enjoyed the memories we made.

Never again.

My kids are grown, they can do their own camping with their own kids now. I’ll be at the Mariott.

With room service.


I am not a camper. Not even a little. I have all the skills. I was a girl scout. But I would rather spend a week in a city I have never been to than the middle of nowhere. Hiking and other short wilderness jaunts are fine, but I’m not good for an extended stay.

I’m not much of a camper. I camped a few times in my parent’s garden when I was <10 and we camped for a few years in Italy but come on have to leave the space you’re in to go outside to go to the toilet! And you have to watch out for being noisy!
I won’t even start on the weather.

I love camping!  I haven’t been for awhile, but I did it a fair bit growing up.

The last time was a few years ago with Mr. Nonsense. He was up visiting me, I hadn’t seen him in 6 months, and my parents wouldn’t let us sleep in the same bed but we could go camping together…so yeah. I booked a secluded site on top of a bluff that overlooked a lake, not figuring in the closest parking spot was almost a half a mile away.  It was over 100 degrees the two days we were there and lugging our stuff to the campsite in that heat was pretty miserable…

But damn, the view was great.

I grew up on 80+ acres of forested land so I pretty much spent a lot of my childhood camping in the “back yard”.  One of my first memories of camping was from when I was about 5.  I remember this particular time because I woke up in the middle of the night to a deer (buck) right outside our tent that was stomping on the ground with his head lowered and snorting which I’m pretty sure is some sort of territorial gesture.  Anyways I woke up my dad cuz I was freaked out, and I think he got a little scared too, but didn’t want to show me that he was.  I remember that it it was so bright out it must have been close to a full moon that night.  I still think about the buck from time to time when I’m daydreaming.  I remember the buck’s shadow up against my tent and being able to see him breathing heavily through his nostrils :)  I still love camping, but I haven’t had much opportunity in the past few years… :(  I love going to sleep and waking up with the sun, and I think that everything cooked over the camp fire is way better than any other cooking method.

Not a camper here. Mr Cesy is a camper and worked in a camping store (before it literally fell down around his ears and I swear I am using literally correctly here) so he wants too, but thankfully our summer weekends are always busy with his pipe band, so we haven’t done it yet. I’m too allergic to sandflies to want to go camping in a New Zealand summer.  NZ is a nation of campers though, so we got thrown in the bush every year for school from age 10-14. It was always fun, but not being at school is also fun.

So I moved into this place that I found on craigslist. Two of the three tenants were moving out early so currently, there’s one girl that’s been living here since January and another one that moved in at the same time I did (May 1st). So far, we’ve had some drama over the Century Link internet/directv contract that the idiots that moved out signed. They signed a 2 year contract knowing that they were leaving at the end of the year. That’s $135/month. I want to cancel that shit now and do comcast for comparable service but at $75/month. However, there’s a $250 cancellation fee that they don’t want to pay. I don’t think it makes much sense to wait until the existing roommate moves out at the end of July to pay the cancellation fee. She’s going to end up spending an extra $40 over the next two months PLUS her portion of the cancellation fee when she moves out.

The other bit of drama is that I was told by the morons that moved out that my portion of rent would be $405 which I was fine with but then when the landlord emailed me the contract, it says I pay $400 and the other two tenants pay a combined total of $775. Apparently the other new tenant was told she’d be paying $465 but the landlord put $470 on her lease. (I have the master bedroom and get garage space so I pay more.) Since I wasn’t sure what the existing roommate was paying I didn’t really think too hard about that part. Now the landlord apparently has a problem with the fact that I paid $400 but didn’t tell me that, he called the other new girl to ask her about when she was going to give him the security deposit and happened to mention that I only paid $400.

I am not sure how to deal with all this drama. The Century Link thing I’m just going to grit my teeth and pay the extra $20/month until the existing roommate moves out at the end of July. The rent thing though…I’m not exactly sure how to politely tell her she’s an idiot and it’s not my fault she signed a lease saying $370 and that’s just what she’s going to have to pay.

I didn’t camp much as a kid, but as an adult, I f’ing LOVE to camp. I always sleep better in the outdoors and I love being outside. I actually just took my mom on her first backpacking trip ever this past weekend, and she was so proud of herself for hiking as far as she did with a pack on!

As a kid, we camped every summer at Lake George in upstate NY. Soo so so beautiful! Recently I got to dip my toes in that lake with my brother after we celebrated his daughter’s graduation from one of those picture postcard colleges in Vermont. Wow!

I am an excellent camper; I think the early experience made me resourceful and unafraid to piss standing up, so I unequivocally recommend camping for everyone, someplace cool and sweet-smelling, STAT.

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