News Appetizers: Blame It On The Cray

Lord.Have.And.Mercy, is it already that time again?

Of course it is, you kittens of wonder and amazement, you delightful beings of wonder, and you gooey, gooey, drops of political and social sunshine. Each week we convene back at this lovely little corner of the Internet and discuss the current, the long time coming, and the way too long to be doing, each with the flair and sass that is so desperately needed when going over the world’s shenanigans. So pop your favroite uppers, and swish back your favorite downers, and let’s hop into the very state of things, shall we?

Mom, the news makes me feel funny. Image courtesy of Eye on Springfield tumblr.

The European debt crisis. With America’s own financial fuckery in 2008, I, like most Americans, had a vague idea of what was happening and ran with it. Turns out, it was a touch more complicated. Thank goodness for history repeating itself, because now there is a new financial crisis in Europe and someone is happy to explain everything about it. (NPR)

President Goodluck Jonathan (Nigeria) has declared three days of national mourning after a plane crashed into a Lagos suburb on Sunday and killed all 153 people on board. “After viewing the site of the crash, the country’s worst in almost two decades, Jonathan described the incident as a ‘setback’ for the country’s aviation industry.” (Al Jazeera)

29-year-old Canadian porn actor Luka Rocco Magnotta has been arrested in Germany. Magnotta is accused of killing Jun Lin, a 33-year-old university student, performing sexual acts with Liin’s body parts while posting footage of his crimes online, and then mailing the victim’s body parts to Canadian political parties. I think “whoa” just best describes this. (Al Jazeera)

Florida federal judge Robert Hinkle, overturned the state’s draconian 48-hour deadline voter registration applications act. From Colorlines: “HB 1355 law was passed last year, completed registration applications could be turned in within 10 days, allowing for those staging voter registration drives to do quality control checks to make sure forms were filled out accurately”¦ a  person wishing to register voters has to first register with the state to obtain an identification number – a provision left untouched by the judge’s ruling – and then had to turn voter registration forms in literally 48 hours after the minute it was signed. That last part is no joke – each voter registration form has to have the third-party registration organization’s state-issued ID number, date, hour and minute of form completion on it. If the form is handed in after the 48-hour window, the registrar could face penalties, in some cases up to $1000, even if the forms came late due to a natural disaster, car accident or got lost in the mail.” (Colorlines)

Labor laws: How we doin’, America? (Answer: Uh, not so good). (In These Times)

Everyone’s favorite creep and unofficially not apologetic football coach is about to start his trial. Jerry Sandusky, the former coach for Penn State University, is facing “52 counts of alleged abuse of over the course of 15 years, including periods when he served as assistant coach at Penn State.” Sandusky has stated that all he did was “shower with the young boys”, but that was it. Yeah. (BBC)

Have your drinks become half empty? Perhaps half full? We feel you, as we are there too, though, we can’t say with certainty it’s all the same. Either way, the world keeps spinning and those glasses keep coming, so remember kids, when things look rough (as they always do with the news), hug your teddy bear tight, and stock up on the good stuff, because it’s going to be a long journey. We just can’t wait to see you again.

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