News Appetizers in Haiku Aren’t Fake

Lots of bad news, but
The worst is that House Hunters
is not even real.

Vagina Vagina Vagina Vagina

Lawmaker barred for
Saying vagina. Can she
Say penis? Maybe.
(Political Wire)

Egypt Is Still Simmering

Court invalidates
Islamist-led Parliament
People are angry

We’ve Been Making Art Since We Slept with Neanderthals

Stone Age art older
Than previously thought may
Be Neanderthals.

You Get a Spy Plane, and You Get a Spy Plane!

US expanding
Spy network in Africa
Done with unmarked planes
Al Jazeera

Can We All Just Say It’s Cool to Not Believe?

Indonesian jailed
For posting atheist views
On his Facebook page
Al Jazeera>

This Is, Well, Sad

China photo of
Forced abortion sparks outrage
One-child policy

I Just Liked Using the Phrase Texas Tycoon

Texas tycoon gets
Over a century for
Running Ponzi scheme

No Witty Title for This Awfulness

Tickle monster love
Disturbing description of
Jerry Sandusky

I Knew No One Gives a Shit About Granite Counter Tops

House Hunters is fake
I knew people shouldn’t care
About stainless steel

By [E] Sally Lawton

My food groups are cheese, bacon, and hot tea. I like studying cities and playing with my cat, Buffy.

7 replies on “News Appetizers in Haiku Aren’t Fake”

That Michigan thing, I just… argh! One (male) lawmaker who censured her said that he’d never consider saying such a thing “in mixed company”. And these are the people who are legislating how sex ed goes? No wonder there are so many pregnant teens in the US.

I love that the retaliation has been to send tweets, emails, etc. with as many instances of the word vagina as possible.

Also I suspect that vagina itself was not the culprit but the fact that she said “my vagina.” Cause vaginas are  fine as a amorphous concept, but when someone admits to having one, whelp that’s just rude.

Ha… Yea. I loved the bit where Mike Callton said it was something he wouldn’t want to say “in front of women.” Fer serious? Us poor delicate womens can’t handle hearing about what the doctors call the weird stuff between our legs? I just… Really? AAAAAAHHHH!

It’s just jaw-dropping. Undemocratic or not, I don’t think it’s too much to ask that we automatically decree people who aren’t mature enough to be comfortable with discussing human genitalia in proper medical terms, unfit for public office.

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