News Appetizers: Shooting in Alabama, Bomb in Nigeria, Megachurch pastor arrested

Monday, Monday, Monday! Let’s see what’s going on in the news, shall we?

Jeeeeeeeeebus. Shooting on the Auburn campus in Alabama, leaving three dead and three wounded. It was at a party, apparently, and as I write this, they still haven’t gotten the suspect. (CNN)

Colorado fires
Smoke from the Colorado fires. Image via CNN.


Abdul Baset Sieda has been named as the head of (part of) the opposition bloc in Syria, where there continue to be massacres and “unrest.” (CNN)

Oh hey! Mexican drug cartels are moving into small town America! (CNN)

Colorado fires have grown to 8,000 acres. (CNN)

Water pump
It's a phone, it's a water pump, it's superman! Image via BBC.

Creflo Dollar, a megachurch pastor in Atlanta, was arrested for domestic violence. His daughter wanted to go to a party, and things got physical. It sounds like they got pretty bad, with him allegedly trying to choke her. Ugh. Come on, Christians. Be more Christian. (CNN)

Oh. This article says that the megachurch preaches that God rewards faithful people with tons of money, which makes me think that it’s not a very good representation of Christianity. Do you think his last name is really Dollar? (CNN)

Spain is getting $125 billion in loans to help it from falling apart. I’m worried about Europe. (BBC)

Technology is making cleaner water possible in Africa, which is super cool. (BBC)

Niagara Falls
Practicing the tightrope. Image via NPR.

At least five people were killed in a church blast in Nigeria, and there appear to be many other casualties. Ugh. (CNN)

I’m going to come out and say it: I think tightrope walking over Niagara Falls is a stupid thing to do. (NPR)

That’s it for now, chickadees. Be a force for good in the world.

By Susan

I am old and wise. Perhaps more old than wise, but once you're old, you don't give a shit about details anymore.

7 replies on “News Appetizers: Shooting in Alabama, Bomb in Nigeria, Megachurch pastor arrested”

Agreed on tightrope walking being a rather stupid idea. I don’t buy into encouraging and rewarding such stunts for pushing the boundaries of human achievement at all. There’s harrowing footage, from maybe the 70s, of one of the greats of this field – by then a middle-aged man whose name I don’t recall – faltering, then desperately trying to hang on to the rope, and then falling to his death over some gorge. I guess acting out on a death wish is anyone’s own business, but I refuse to reward them with attention for it.

I’m worried about Europe too. Once my tiny country has to start coughing up our share of those bailout billions, I might well lose my job! It does make me bitter when people in Greece, in trouble largely because of wide-spread, casual tax evasion and abuse of state benefits, complain over austerity measures. Even after all the cuts, they get paid more than people in many poorer EU member states (as in, teachers in Greece earn 4-5 times more than teachers in the Baltic states do). And we’re still supposed to help bail that lot out?

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