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Persephone Lounge is Open for Business: OT for 6/28/12

Another week almost under our belts, kids! And what a week it’s been!

We’ve seen a lot of new faces around here, as well as the return of some who were out having lives or some such nonsense. So come on in, pull up a seat, grab a drink (it’s my usual chocolate chip milkshake tonight, with some added Frangelico), and tell us what’s been happening in your world.

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Is this the thread all the people are on today?

If so, I’m losing my mind about finding an apartment in Philly for Sep 1st. [Flutterbitch, same boat, different city.] In two weeks, preferably, if I have to look in August I’m going to hyperventilate [I’m from jersey and working full-time (finally?) right up to the end of August. I would punch myself, but that would hurt.], and like an idiot, booked myself for weekend jobs all through July. I don’t know if my budget is too low, or if I’m dumb and can’t plan (both?), but I really don’t want to stress about it any longer than I am…

Grad school: and I thought the hardest part was getting in.

So, I saw Hysteria last weekend and I highly recommend it. It was funny and to my limited knowledge, quite historically accurate. Maggie Gyllenhaal’s hit or miss for me, and I thought she did a great job. I felt a bit pandered to in regard to her character, but I’m not going to lie, I enjoyed it. Hugh Dancy was good, also.

Hi folks, I am needing to solicit some random advice. So, I am sort of desperate for a summer job, because my school funding (I’m a PhD student) doesn’t really cover summer…. I think it does in theory, but in practice, hells to the no. Anyways, all of my experience except for a brief stint at Safeway as a cashier when I was 17 has been in office admin positions. I realize that this will put me in a decent place for finding a permanent job outside of academia if I so desire and I realize I am super fortunate for having this experience. But, in terms of finding something for a month or two, there is not a ton out there (the majority of these positions are permanent- at least in my province). So, my question is, what about serving? There are a lot of those types of jobs near where I live… I have no experience in the area, do you think I would even qualify?

It depends on the area, but every time I have applied for a server job over the past decade, whether at a chain restaurant or a nice local place, they always demanded experience. I would always complain that I couldn’t get experience if no one was willing to hire me! But if there are a lot of open server jobs in your area, they may be more willing to take on someone with no experience.

Serving jobs almost always warrant expereince. Some places, depending where you are and what kind of places you apply to, will need 3-5 years experience. You would probably be able to get a hosting gig, which may lead to a serving job if you stay on, but the downside is that a lot of places pay their hosts as little as they can afford to.

Have you tried pet sitting or dog walking? That’s what I do kinda-full time and the money is definitely there if you market yourself correctly. It can also be pretty flexible in that you will have time to pursue other interests (academics, hobbies, whatever) if you wanted to.

No knowledge of serving, but depending on where you live, maybe babysit? It’s been my side job forever. It might be a bit late for summer, but you could check sittercity or [I don’t think a bgcheck is necessary, but you might want to get one unless you have references/family friends ppl can contact to make sure you’re not batshit insane. Which, of course, you are not.] for someone looking for post-camp/afternoon-after-camp help, and stress your love of [musicology, I assume?] and children…unless you hate kids, in which case, babysitting would be zero fun. [Kids can try your patience, and it’s not for everyone.]

Below, a rant in 2 parts:

1) You guise, moving sucks. Especially when you have procrastinated all week and thus have to do EVERYTHING in one day. Including trying to find homes for as much of my half-full food as I can, because it makes me really sad to throw it out. I’m not even just packing my own stuff, because I’m the last one here of the 3 roommates so I have to deal with all the stuff they left behind. Aaaagh it’s crunch time!

2) So I told my boyfriend that I loved him this morning. Contrary to gender stereotypes on the matter, I’ve never been the first one to say it in a relationship- boys always say it to me first. But HOLY CRAP, THE VULNERABILITY. I am completely confident in how I feel, but I sat there tongue tied for half an hour because it was scarier than I though to put it out there. I’m really glad I did though, and he said it right back, and I’m ecstatic that I have that moment to carry me through all the sads involved in moving away from him.



My sympathy for the move :-(   My last big move, also with 3 other roommates, I was so frustrated and we had less than two hours to get out and someone forgot to clean out the freezer. Whoops – there went so much food  into the trash. I felt terrible!

And congrats on the big moment with your boyfriend! I wish you many happy, love filled years together!

All right, all you writers up in here (bonus if you’re a scholarly writer), I need help: I am in total mental block mode. I have had all the time in the world this week to write (qualifying exam, a two proposals) and yet my actual time writing, much less anything meaningfully good, has been nearly nil. I need to break on through this! I think part of it is my tendency to think that I ALWAYS need more research before I start writing (which is just wrong, I have so many sources it’s disgusting). The other part is that since this is like serious-doctoral-have-to-pass-or-die kinds of writing, I am slightly freaking out that anything and everything I write is not going to be good enough (which is also wrong since I’ve gotten this far and am generally quite a good writer).

Basically, I’m to the point in my degree that I’m going to spend the next two years doing nothing but analyzing data and writing a ridiculous amount. I CANNOT GET SO WORD-STIPATED NOW!

Anyone else get that? How to break through that?

Keep repeating “you don’t have to get it right, you just have to get it written” to yourself. You can revise later, of course, but you can’t revise something that doesn’t exist.

And take up a time-management method like Pomodoro or PoM’s own Unfucking method.

Guys! I am leaving my job in 5 weeks time to go back to grad school. This workplace has been a hell of an experience for the last two years, including several minor sexual harassment problems and one major problem. They also have severely underpaid me, lied about it, and given other people raises. I run payroll. Did they think I wouldn’t notice?!

Well, I was just told that the retroactive pay for this year that I demanded is going to be paid out above and beyond what I asked for! I think the extra boost is an apology for my time and suffering with the harassment claim because management couldn’t resolve it properly.

AND my supervisor just told me she is throwing me a big farewell party. She almost made me cry telling me how much everyone here will miss me. This place has been beyond horrible at points, and I am glad it is coming to a close. But I am proud I always stood up for myself and have actually been appreciated. I asked for and got what I deserved and never backed down from the fight.

Urgh, I need to bring myself to do some work today, somehow, so I’ll try to stay offline. Although, the top priority is to go out, buy fabulous shoes, and then be frugal for the rest of the summer.

Your melancholy Nordic pop for the day: Jenni Vartiainen: Ihmisten edessä

A crude translation of the lyrics – the guy who wrote them says he was inspired by a moment when driving around one night, his headlights suddenly hit two women who were walking hand in hand, and they immediately let go.


The streets fill with people, they know nothing about us

You’re waiting for me at the station, perhaps the clock will forgive me

I run the rest of the way, you’re beautiful as always in your high heels

You say: tonight, we’ll walk, hand in hand, in front of people

Don’t you care about the looks from others, because we are together

They know nothing, don’t belong in this story that’s only read to a few


The streets fill with voices, someone shouts after us

You are the stronger one of us, with you I’m not afraid of the city’s darkness

In a crowd, you hold on tighter, and my fear disappears

Because tonight we’ll walk, hand in hand, in front of people

Don’t you care about the looks from others, because we are together

They know nothing, don’t belong in this story that’s only read to a few

This is only read to a few

They know nothing, don’t belong in this story that’s only read to a few


PS. Boo at the embeds only working when they bloody well please to.

I finally bought a new car!  Mine was totaled nearly a month ago and I hate making decisions so me trying to buy a car is a mess.

I’m one of those people who sucks at keep a car clean though.  Does anyone have any advice or suggestions?  I travel for work so I spend a fair amount of time in the car and it just always seems to get cluttered up.  I feel like I’m an adult and should be able to do this.  Sigh.  At least my apartment is clean….

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