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Sorting the Stars: Barry Bostwick and Bruce Davison

Welcome to another week of sorting two actors I don’t have straight in my head. Today I’m focusing on Barry Bostwick and Bruce Davison. Better known as Brad Majors from Rocky Horror Picture Show and George Henderson from the TV series Harry and the Hendersons

Barry Bostwick, photo from IMDB

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Barry Bostwick was born in 1945. If you are a Rocky Horror Picture Show fan, you’ll know him as Brad Majors. In mainstream media, he’s probably best known as Mayor Winston in Spin City. You’ve heard his voice in Phineas and Ferb, he’s appeared in Cougar Town, and relived his Rocky Horror days in an episode of Glee.

Bruce Davison, photo from IMDB

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Bruce Davison was born in 1946 and if you were a fan of early 90s television, you may remember him from the television series Harry and the Hendersons. He’s also had reoccurring roles on The Practice, Close to Home, and the Ghost Whisperer. He also played Senator Kelly in both X-Men movies.

So, how do you tell these two tall Baby-Boomer actors apart? I’m not sure. I think Bostwick has more comedic roles. Maybe. It’s hard to say. What do you think?

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