Stuffed Avocados

A word of warning: I’ve come down with a wicked bad case of hyperbole. It is seriously the worst thing to happen ever in the world to anyone ever. This food post, will, most unfortunately, not be immune from that terrible, life-altering condition. However, even with that limitation, I expect this post to be one of the best ever because it focuses on the most delicious food that anyone has ever eaten: avocado.

I love avocado more than about 99% of all things. If I had to bring something to a desert island, it would be avocados so I could make guacamole and turn that place into a party hang out. It’s combination of alluring green flesh and delicious, healthy, wonderful fatty meat is just the most perfect taste and visual combination. I could spend hours staring at avocados if they weren’t so impossible to resist eating.

For some reason, maybe it is the heat or the weird winter or just my own ravenous desire for avocado, this has been a really fantastic year for that fruit. I’ve had avocado salsas, avocado smashed onto toast, avocado in salads and on burgers, and all of that has been beyond delicious. I’d spend my time writing equations of how I react to avocado, integrated from deliciousness to infinite, but why do that when I can spend my time actually eating the damn things?

Personally, as much as I adore putting avocado in more complex dishes (or, like I said, just smashing it on toast with salt and pepper),  I also love having the opportunity to put the avocado front and center. Eating delicious cold salad out of the center of an avocado is just a quintessentially summery experience. The cool salad in a creamy shell just sings summertime food and fun. I like putting in a nice biting salad – something sharp and acidic – to complement the avocado. The cheerful acidity of tomatoes is basically perfect for this, so that’s the way I go.

Here’s what you need:

1 delicious tomato, diced

1/3 red onion, diced

1 clove of garlic, smashed

1/2 cucumber, cubed

Dash of fresh chopped cilantro

Lime juice to spritz

Salt, pepper, cumin, and paprika to taste

1 avocado (if you want to make this for more than just yourself, figure out if people are total gluttons like me and want to eat the whole avocado or if half will do, and adjust accordingly)

If you’re feeling sassy, adding sweet corn works, too.

Split the avocado in half and remove the pit. Scrape out a little bit more of the flesh if need be to make room for the salad. Eat this immediately and shake your butt around the kitchen in total exuberant food-joy. Pretty good, right? Mix the chopped veggies and spritz the lime juice. Add the spices and stir it up. Take a taste or two. Add some salt or pepper if you need. If not, then spoon it into the avocado. Dig in!!

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This sounds amazing- I know what I’m eating for lunch today!

In the winter, a grilled cheese with avocado in the center and roasted red pepper and tomato soup are my favorite go-to meal. I’m terrible about eating what’s in season.

Roasted red pepper tomato soup is my absolute favorite. Unfortunately, there are no stores in my area that carry it anymore. The last time I was craving it, I pureed some roasted red peppers and tossed it into some Campbell’s tomato, and it was a decent approximation of the kind I used to buy.

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