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Takedown: Father’s Day is So Confusing

Hey there! It turns out that even if you flee the country and move to an apartment that is 10 miles from the nearest indoor toilet, crapdates keep rolling in. They never take a vacation.

It’s been a couple of weeks since Father’s Day, but keep this in mind: time zones. As far as I can tell, it’s still Father’s Day where you are. Or where I am. Or somewhere in between.

At any rate, since it’s surely Father’s Day somewhere, have a someecard:

Father's Day
Happy Father’s Day! from an asshole

Here’s the thing: this card is shit-tastic for a variety of reasons, most of which are apparent from the get-go.  It follows the Lazy Comedian’s #1 Rule: If You Can’t Think of Anything Clever, Rely on Racist/Classist/Sexist/Tired Stereotypes. Instant humor, without all the work!

Just as “Welfare Queen” has become code for a Black unemployed single mother, Ghetto is shorthand for Black, or possibly Mexican. Get it? Black kids don’t have dads! Hahahahahahahahahaha! Ha.

I should probably lighten up and learn to take a joke. It’s funny, right? Except it isn’t. When these stereotypes (Black men are irresponsible, lazy assholes) are so widely accepted as to be utilized by lazy comedians, they bleed out into other areas of life. It’s not just the card that is offensive. It’s that the employer who saw it now has this image in their mind that Black man = deadbeat, and who’s going to hire a deadbeat? Or the admissions officer – who’s going to admit a deadbeat? Or the cop – better stop this guy, he looks suspicious.

Which brings me to my real problem with this card: its application. Let’s see how it is accepted, shall we? The following comments were on a Facebook page that posted the card:

[dropcap4 bgColor=”#751313″]1[/dropcap4] Stereotypes as a whole are hilarious.

Comment 3

Comment 2

I have a better idea. Let’s not start down this road.

[dropcap4 bgColor=”#751313″]2[/dropcap4] Black people are not just deadbeats, they are criminals.Comment 4

Stereotypes aren’t just true, they are very very very very effing true, and a non-White president is, obviously, breaking the law of the land by being president.

Comment 6

Hahahahaha! Except no. This is how innocent kids get shot.

[dropcap4 bgColor=”#751313″]3[/dropcap4] I hadn’t even seen this side of it, but once I did, it’s all I could see: Women. Sluts! Especially “Ghetto” women.

Comment 5

Comment #1

Sluuuuuuuts! Men, feel free to love ’em and leave ’em, because they are nothing more than vaginas with legs. They’re just asking to be single mothers, and ridiculed, because bitches who put out deserve nothing more.

I hate these types of jokes – their humor relies entirely on specific stereotypes: Black men are irresponsible and lazy, Black women are sluts. These stereotypes play into and feed institutional racism. The “joke” perpetuates the current system, with one group of privileged people maintaining positions of power over another. It doesn’t have to be overt for it to be harmful.

Father’s Day is fraught for all sorts of people, some who live in the Ghetto, some who don’t. Remind me again why this is funny? Oh yeah. It’s not.

By Susan

I am old and wise. Perhaps more old than wise, but once you're old, you don't give a shit about details anymore.

9 replies on “Takedown: Father’s Day is So Confusing”

I really don’t like somecards starting allowing people to add themes. It just shows the drivel of the Internet again. And maybe the stupidest is the lack of courage to add BECAUSE YOU KNOW? BLACK PEOPLE ARE SHIT PARENTS. If you want to speak your foul opinion, own it for a 100%. You’re talking to owners of no more than three brain cells, so you will need to spell it out. And people who can think outside clichés and stereotypes will immediately realize and recognize what you are.

Excuse my rudeness, this is just the cherry on a weird day.

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