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This OT is as Refreshing as Cold Lemonade

It’s finally Friday night, my dear Persephoneers. We’ve survived a server move and site overhaul and we’re ready to kick our feet up and chat with you all in this OT.

How did everyone’s week go? Tell us all about your adventures in the comments. Here’s a video from the Wayback Machine to get you in a chatty mood.

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There’s an article on The Guardian that I thought Persephoneers may enjoy too. Awesome info and awesome accompanying picture: The wonder of breasts:

(Hmn, my shortcut buttons have disappeared.)

So, something is finally fucking going our way! Mr. Silverwane finally heard back from somewhere he applied to, and it was one of the school districts he was trying to get a subbing position for! He gets to go to an orientation in two weeks. Subbing means money, money means getting out of this fucking place, and it also means he’ll get all the closer to his teaching certification. So fuuuuck yeah!

Also, anyone else who happened to see the finale of Girls… what the everlasting freaking fuck from fucksville why did I put myself through watching that episode?

Any tips for going through the homebuying process? I was pre-approved (or pre-qualified? I’m unclear about the difference) for about $40,000 more than I want to spend.  I’m supposed to meet with a realtor tomorrow.  I’ve been looking at houses online, and there are a few I really want to see.  I’m excited and nervous about this whole thing.

Househunting (and buying) is definitely a crazy experience. I could probably write a novel on all of the things to do and look out for, but the most important thing to remember is that it has to be a ‘mind and heart’ decision. Don’t get anything purely out of emotion, and don’t settle for something without reconciling how to make it work so that you’re happy with it. Make sure you know what expenses a place has (HOA dues, taxes, etc.) and what services those cover. Get the dates of the latest upgrades to big expenses like the HVAC unit, windows, roofing, etc. Look for quality materials like copper pipes. Don’t worry about things like bad paint or brass fixtures that are cheap/easy updates, but keep in mind if a place is really outdated, that might indicate that the owners took shortcuts on other repairs/items too because they didn’t spend the money on maintaining the home. I think that no house is ever ‘perfect,’ but that’s because you have to make it a home yourself!

This Saturday the boyfriend and I went on an awesome adventure going tubing down a nearby river. We got to the park, and I was feeling all sexy walking around and conducting business in my bikini. Then, as we’re waiting for the next shuttle upriver, who shows up but 20 members of our university’s cheerleading team. I’m pretty confident in my body, but holy crap nothing creates instant body image issues like being swarmed by cheerleaders in bikinis!

But the tube trip itself was amazing, and so was the rest of the weekend :-)

Buying a car is one of the most frustrating processes.  I hate it.  I find the whole think completely overwhelming, half the salespeople treat me like crap so that’s a waste of time, the various trim levels make my head spin, and I feel like it’s impossible to compare because you don’t really know what you will pay until you decide to buy.  Fucking. Hate. It.

This is so true- car buying is awful. I went through helping my mom decide in January and bought my own car in April. I got pretty lucky with my own experience because I bought the first car I test drove (wheee emotional buying), so I didn’t have to deal with the salespeople in person. But just emailing dealerships asking for info and quotes drove me up the wall.

Even when you’re at your wit’s end, CHALLENGE EVERYTHING cost wise. I was lucky enough to have my mom by my side when I bought my car, and she held firm when I just wanted to give in and get it over with. They tried to sell me some $1200 paint protection thingy, claiming it was already on the car, and my mom called bullshit and they immediately removed it from the price. And then I was ready to accept the $600 tax, title, and license charge when my mom asked for a breakdown as to what exactly was in that. Turns out $200 of it was some dumbass license-plate engraving “security” feature, which we got taken off.

I hope it gets easier and that you find a great car! What models are you looking at?

I’m seriously more confused every time I drive a car.  I like the Ford Focus, and the Hyundai Accent hatchback the best, I think.  I’ve test drive an Accord, Civic, Fit, Mazda3, Mazda2, Fiesta, Elantra, Corolla, and Jetta.  I’m done test driving, now I just have to pick and buy.  I might go try to negotiate deals on both and see what the difference is.  I like the Focus a little better, but I’m not sure I like it however many thousands of dollars better.

As a side note, I think all of my family members giving me advice is making the process significantly more stressful.

Thanks!  That is good advice.  Advice from my family is exhausting; normal rational advice is fine.  Advice from my family ranges from “don’t spend more than $8,000 for a car”, “buy a $30k car” “If you don’t buy a honda you’ll regret it”, “you should have your dad (who refuses to speak to me for going on 8 years now) take you car shopping” and “you should get a silver hatchback with a TV for the backseat”  That last one if from my 5 year old nephew.  My nephew is surprisingly helpful at least compared to the adults in my family.

This has been an up-down week for me?  Anybody else feel that way?  On the minus side, bar exam is gross and my TMJ is making my face swell up.  While I was studying on her porch swing, my boyfriend’s mom asked, “How much are you studying every day?  Don’t you feel like you’re on information overload?”  Yes.  That is precisely how I feel.  On the plus side, I’ve decided to answer all practice questions like I’m on a game show for my own entertainment,  I watched the first New Who episode with River Song in it and it made me cry in the happy way, and I think I’m going to tackle a new writing project for my own sanity.  (And for the first time, when I described what I wanted to write to my mother, she didn’t look at me like, “Where DID you come from??”  Instead, she asked if she could help.  Warm fuzzies.)  Best of luck to everyone else in the coming week!  And may your fathers not accidentally criticize your life in a self-esteem-lowering way, on this American Father’s Day!

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