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This OT is Expanding the Family!

No, not in the way that my father-in-law has made mention of at a family gathering in the last year. 

Last night, Mr. qSS found the tiniest kitten. As in Dr. TinyCat tiniest kitten.



He went to the vet this afternoon; he’s six to eight weeks old and weighs about a pound. We’re still playing with names, but for now, he’s Sid.

So, how is everyone’s week going? Anyone else get a surprise kitten or something equally awesome and cute?

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You guise, I woke up on the wrong bed today. HXC. And eaaaarly. I lugged myself over to the computer early to get all my Interneting out of the way early and I was just barely awake, eyes on fire, staring into the abyss. I saw the abyss, you guise, and it looks like a computer screen.

So I was like, I could 1) keep staring and pretend to do work and be mega depressed by 11 for lack of productivity or 2) go do things. Ok, obviously #2. But what things?

It’s 930 AM and I’ve: pickled cabbage, put kale chips in the dehydrator, switched the laundry, and am now making smoked okra (my bf’s favorite form of pickling).

Also, I just started picklin’ and dehydratin’ last weekend, so I’m a TOTAL noob. So all this to me is like ZOMGZ! LOOK AT ME! I’M DOING IT!

Surprise kitten!! I haz a jealous. Also, tiny foundling kittens can grow shockingly fast when they finally get access to proper nutrition.

Otherwise, I’m irritated. I’ve got a pretty major work issue to handle, and other people I’m waiting to hear back from in order to complete it are apparently slacking, while the time to get this sorted is running the fuck out, yo. It’s a funding application, and it’s not like my institution is swimming in money. I’m about to snap on someone.

Another source of anxiety is that my bank accounts have been completely empty for days, and the meagre fees for completed side job tasks that are due to arrive mid-month have yet to show up. Buying groceries on my credit card is bad for my sense of self-worth. So is contact with my mother beyond smalltalk. Urgh.


Awww! Kitten! Yay!

As for me, I’m hoping to get very good news by the end of the week that will result in a move out to the Bay area next month. We’ve only been trying for six months, so it’s not like it’s about freaking time or anything. Add to that, getting to go to England next week and see my adorable niece and lovely in-laws and I’m just in cloud ten right now. And also anxious as hell.

I got all the equipment I need to make my own tintypes in the mail yesterday. Now I just need to convert the basement bathroom into a darkroom. I’m super excited about this. Also I figured out that there is a focus ring on my medium format folding camera. For whatever reason I though it was fixed focus. And I have my dad on board with restoring my grandfather’s old 4×5 large format camera. All it really needs is a good scrub and maybe some gaffer’s tape to reinforce the bellows. Well, that and a new lens-cap and a film holder. It’s been an exciting photography week.

Tiny kitten, yay, cats are walking happiness. My week has been a weird mix of good and bad and I’m hoping to make the last few days be full of doing. Last weekend was my birthday and yesterday, I got lovely gift cards from one of my brothers that I’ll enjoy spending.

Today I found out that the job in Rhode Island was filled from my job agency. Enough time had passed that I kind of figured that had happened and I guess the reimbursement check for travel was meant to be implicit, sorry didn’t hire you. I just would have really appreciated something more direct. But there are more jobs to apply to and ones to reconnect with and I’m not going to start thinking too hard about how Michigan is clearly going, right, time to move on. I’ve been meaning to get a massage for my birthday and hadn’t, so am going to do that. Basically I’m going to keep moving forward and try not to dwell or over think too much.

This week has been a motivation vacuum for me. I’m doing work for my professor for a few weeks, and I have barely even started my project. I have this weird apathy thing where I should go to the library, and I even want to to get it off my back, but then I just… don’t.

But I made a breakthrough today, and made it to the library for a few hours, even if it was less than I planned. Tomorrow, really working!

(Also unfucking my apartment so I’m not ashamed to have my boyfriend see it, and I can get laid.)

I would love a surprise kitten! Especially if it was a dr.
My week has been… odd. I had a huge week last week. Next week I’m heading on a mini vacation with my dad to go salmon fishing. So this week has been so much calmer than last, but setting up for an even more relaxing week- and I’m definitely not connected to work this week at all. Oooh well…. just a couple more days of work and maybe I can sneak past having to get anything meaningful done.

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