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This OT is on Vacation!

Good evening, Persephoneers! I am writing this post from the beauty-full Jersey Shore! This is not the vacation that is referenced in the title, though. Actually quite the opposite. This is a working trip, and boy, are we working.

However, the other editors and I are taking a much-needed break for an extended weekend. There are rumors of bouncy castles and margarita machines. I’m fairly certain it’ll be epic. We’ll be back next week with an awesome line-up!

In the meantime, sit back, relax, hang out here and play in the open thread. We’ll be out looking for unicorns.

Here’s a tune to put you in the mood:


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Possible new favorite quote ever “Flying is like sex, I’ve never had all I wanted but I’ve occasionally had all I could stand.” -Stephen Coontz. I like the second part on it’s own, because it’s so true about any good thing! The quote was brought up by my boyfriend while eating chocolate-dipped cheesecake that was too sweet to finish.

I got a summer job I interviewed for a couple days ago (best birthday present ever!), but I feel like I haven’t accomplished anything else. I also can’t seem to fall asleep before 2/3AM anymore, wake up groggy, usually by noon, then kick myself for not being productive/awake early. Or, as happened last night/this morning, I couldn’t fall asleep until 4ish. I had to get up 3.5h later for my internship 1.5h away, felt like hell and called in sick, which made me feel 2x as shitty as I already did.

 I have so many things I need to do in the next two weeks, then I’m working literally up until school starts. I need to find a gym for the rest of the summer/an apartment/dermatologist, see my gyno, get a bank account, figure out loans/future life plans, properly learn how to drive several years too late…it’s like a mountain of grown-up things I never quite figured out. Does anybody else have this problem/figured out how to deal with it? The sleeping and the growing up, that is.

I am still not all that great at the whole be a grown up thing*, but basically I like lists, because you can check things off and feel like you have gotten shit done. I also try and geographically group tasks. The bank is next to the gas station, so put gas in the car and do the banking get grouped. And I break up the big vague tasks into small finite tasks. Figure out loans fer instance is kinda hard to measure progress on in and of itself, but there are little tasks that it can be broken up into that you can mark as done/not done, like figure out how much I need to borrow, make a list of questions I need to ask the lenders, talk to the lenders, and so on. It can make what seems like a big awful task seem a lot more manageable.

*I have a crap ton of immature bad habits, like procrastinating about laundry until I have only one clean outfit left, or not going to sleep at a reasonable time because I have just gotten to the good part in my book…

Ugh, I am right there with you with the sleeping thing! Things I have tried to fix it: not eating for a few hours before bed, not drinking caffeine at all, taking melatonin, you name it. No luck with any of those things so far, even though those are my usual insomnia cures. I’m gonna blame it on being in a weird summer limbo place and my routines changing all at once (sounds like this might be the case for you too?). If you do find a cure that works for you, please share!

I was killing time waiting for BF at a shopping center a few days ago, which led to the discovery of must-have shoes and a pretty damn neat pair of sunglasses. I didn’t buy either yet for reasons of being broke, only the wait for the payments to finally land on my accounts got that much harder. Just a few more days… OTL

This is what my must-have shoes look like. Well, except even prettier in real life, the blue looks a bit dull in these shots. And they were so damn comfortable I could weep.

Slogging through proofreading. Why does no one like the Oxford Comma anymore?!? It’s so much clearer to read!

Also, can anyone link me to that fab graphic that came out of PMag a while ago – the one about how “girls” are children, “women” are grownups, and “bitches” get stuff done? thanks!

I used the Oxford Comma all the way through elementary and middle school, and then when I got to high school, my teacher went out of her way to mark it wrong every. single. time.  And I could not figure out why it was right for the first 9 years of school, but once I got to the tenth, it was TOTALLY WRONG.  I still Oxford.  Guys, IT LOOKS BETTER.

I dreamed I had sex with my flatmate. Which… odd? Also then I came home from work and he was in his underwear, and my subconscious was all NOT HELPING. Plus, if I’m going to have sex with anyone in my dreams, I’d prefer it to be my boyfriend or a total randomer, not someone I actually know. Weirdness.

Ever fall hard for a seemingly smart, funny, attractive, tall (my weakness, don’t judge) dude only to have him drop off the face of the planet after a few weeks of HIM intensely courting YOU (as well as his ex girlfriend cyberstalking you)? Ever have him tell a mutual friend that YOU were the one who felt things were more than what they were? Ever find out that the guy you thought was awesome is actual really unstable, has no true friends, and is quite possibly a sociopath? Ever have that same guy text you three months later out of the blue, saying simply “hi”?

That, my friends, happened to me tonight. Well, just the last sentence, everything else happened on nights other than tonight. I had since deleted his number, but realized it was him and played it cool by responding with “hey. sorry, but who is this?” And instead of responding like a normal person (aka “oh, this is so-and-sociopath”) he responded with “sorry dude, wrong number”. Not that I’m trying to be involved with him because of all the underlying mental health issues, but the exchange was really weird and anticlimatic. At least I know he saved my number in his phone while I deleted his months ago.That’s a win, right?

Hi everyone! If you’re up to it, I’d like to know your opinions on a money issue. Just this once, it’s not about making money or saving money, but about spending (an admittedly small amout of money) in the awesomest way possible.

Thing is: like many part-time lecturers in this economy, I have a side hustle (private English lessons). I’ve been squirrelling away the money, secretly planning to surprise my partner with an awesome gift, but unfortunately that plan fell through. Now I have about a month’s worth of rent and utilities, or three-four months’ worth of groceries, and it’s not like we have rent money and groceries money coming out of our ears, but at the same time I really, really want to use this money for something fun, like… Fund! An! Adventure! So I have three options: A) In August we are driving halfway across the country to attend a wedding, and we are planning to make a cheap holiday of it, stopping to visit a couple of places on the way there and back. I could use the money to fund this Small Adventure. B) I could keep on saving in secret and, in a few more months, when I have doubled this amount, go “Surprise, I have saved all this money, let’s go on a Medium-Sized Adventure!” And C) I could go “Look, I’ve saved all this money. Wanna keep adding a few bucks a month for the next couple of years, and then use it to fund The Adventure of a Lifetime?”

What do you think?


Either Small Adventure or saving together for Lifetime Adventure. Just because I’d feel awkward if my partner had saved up a pile for Medium Adventure for us, and I’d have nothing to contribute.

Also, even if you spend some of it doing something nice on that road trip that’s coming up anyway, starting to save together for the big one is still a great idea.

Oh man, you guise! Starting Saturday I have a phd class intensive week. This is the beginning of Big Scary Year (qualifying year before I can write my dissertation). Plus there’s a guy there who I think is cute and who likes me and so now I’m nervous about class AND this guy! If I don’t explode by Saturday at noon it will be from sheer willpower and probably some running around in small circles.

Wait.  Is packing the worst?  Or are you the worst at packing?  As an extreme packer, I suggest you lay out your outfits in “transitions.”  Can this shirt transition from this skirt to these jeans for the evening?  Can I just lipstick and jewelry up this outfit for optimal sexiness?  How many pairs of shoes do I really NEED?  (That’s a silly question.  You need ALL THE SHOES.)

I think I made new friends at my exam review class!  We hung out during the 10-minute break today.  It made me feel like a normal person.  (Does anybody else have the default of “Oh my God, everybody here thinks I’m really weird and hates me.  Also, everyone is prettier than me.”  I’m just crazypants.  Okay.)

In other news, my mom is out of town, so I apparently have to do all the cooking and cleaning, and am not supposed to challenge my father’s authority on this?  I refuse to iron anything.  Or vacuum.  (Unless I get to wear pearls and heels at the same time in fashionable mock protest.)

I’ve always wanted to wear a hoopskirt actually.  I have a weird waist that’s much smaller than my hips or bust.  (This surprised the hell out of the saleslady at the last clothing store I went to, no matter how many times I tried to explain it to her.  “But…’re a size 12…..”  No, I’m a size whatever-the-hell-fits.)  Point being, I could probably rock a hoopskirt.  Donna Reed night it is!

My mom is the same way! Tiny, tiny waist with a jumbo booty. I absolutely love it, but it gets really frustrating when we go clothes shopping. Also, please take share pictures if you have a Donna Reed night! Hoop skirts are fantastic and must be shared! :D

Oooh, vacation! Sounds marvelous. I think I’ll get a margarita tonight to celebrate.

Tonight I’m going out with my sister, an old mutual friend and her younger sister as well just to catch up! We never get to go on sister duo activities like this, I’m very excited. And I haven’t seen this particular friend in… 5 years? Gonna eat some fish and have a big mixed drink and hopefully laugh it up.

I also announced the purchase of plane tickets for the mister’s and my relocation to Alberta and one of my oldest friends commented, “I’m beginning to think this isn’t a prank.” Aww :(

Hi all. So this is my first visit since the redesign.  I checked out my sci/fi fantasy group and it looks like it’s no longer in existence.  The people on that board had given me the suggestion to watch Supernatural and I did and became totally obsessed. I’m even going to a convention next year. But now I’ve watched them all and their is a void in my life.  Suggestions on the next scifi/fantasy series to watch? To explain my tastes, I have watched and loved BTVS, Angel, Dr. Who, X-Files, and BSG. I’ve also watched Torchwood, only I was a little more mixed on that one. In the past I loved Star Trek TNG.

Fun article! As an American, I was introduced to Dr. Who by PBS as a child in the form of Tom Baker.  My fond memories of that were what motivated me to watch the rebooted seasons. However, I don’t think I’ve seen any other classic Doctors.  Thanks for the recommendations.

Oh, P-mag, I’ve been missing you. We have had such a lot going on here though, from end of term happenings (one more very busy week!) to things that are of a more Caregiving nature, and things that are just – to quote TFIOS – the universe wanting to be noticed, I think. And we’re so tired! Am planning to enjoy a good bit of time on P-mag at the weekend. Apart from a possible trip to go swimming, I otherwise want to be in my pyjamas from Friday night to Monday morning.

I did! It was actually really fun, and not as improbable as it looks. My main problem was recurring foot cramps from the bare feet and cold water.  I may do a We Try It post …

I cannot. wait. for tomorrow morning. If forced to put on any kind of ‘going out’ clothes tomorrow I may throw a tantrum.

Ahh, a vacation? Still doesn’t quite explain why it’s so quiet here lately in the comments… I can’t comment on Jez (I don’t want to create a dummy Twitter account for it), but I still read Groupthink and open threads and sometimes miss being able to participate in such a community. Despite all the trolls and the fights and the general overhanging sense of doom.

I’ve been thinking about starting a new blog, probably on Tumblr, a thematic one for a change. The theme would be along the lines of “Don’t Look Broke”, which is something of a passion of mine, as I’m constantly struggling to make ends meet. Shallow, arguably, but sharing what I’ve learned over the years might be worthwhile. Also, having to put on a serious face, so to speak, for my academic career is quite enough for me, plus so many other people out there discuss deeper issues far better than I ever could, anyway. I’m okay with sticking to discussing the importance of good shoes and the like.

That Tumblr idea sounds pretty darn cool. Thought I’d contribute a few words to the quietness, at least from a UK perspective (well, Scottish, in particular), we’re right at the end of the school year here. I keep wanting to spend a good whack of time on P-mag, but dear goodness, there’s been so much going on at Juniper Junior’s school and exhausted doesn’t quite cover it! Oh, if you do start up that Tumblr, don’t forget to share the link here!

Yep, I’ll share once I get it going! Should probably try test-writing a couple of entries while I pick a skin for it…

Here, it’s the eve of the biggest drinking, barbecue and bonfire weekend of the year (solstice celebrations!!!), so I’m not surprised all my work emails go ignored… it’s the rest of the world, presumably less hung up on being pagans than us lot, being quiet too that’s a bit strange to me.

I’m in Estonia – although Latvians and Finns and Swedes and Lithuanians will be celebrating too. And why shouldn’t they, it’s fantastic this time of year in the Baltic sea region in general for fun and outdoor activities (warm and hardly gets dark at all). Except possibly for the mosquitoes. And all the drunk driving and fires and drunk swimmers drowning that goes with this holiday. The news on the day after the solstice are all about that, always, and on the years nobody actually dies, that in itself is newsworthy enough to report as well.

Aaaah, vacation!  Have fun, all of you — you certainly deserve a break.

In totally unrelated news, I got Nutella samples in the mail today, which is orders of magnitude better than the usual junk mail.  In an ongoing effort to prove/refute (not sure which) my adultyness, I am eating said Nutella out of the little containers without utensils (or shame).  Delicious!

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