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This OT is (Slowly) Getting Back Into the Swing of Things

Ah, vacation. I’m pretty sure there’s an equation that shows the inverse ratio of vacation enjoyment to time required for reality re-adjustment. Wow, that was a really nerdy way to say that going back to work after a few days off is rough. 

I think tomorrow is an early day for me, so I plan on having a little solo-dance party while I catch up on laundry. This song seemed fitting to share with y’all.



I hope your weeks are going swimmingly so far. Please tell us about it in the comments!

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I wanted to say I was sorry, because it looks like I AM one of those people you were talking about. I really like this site, but I think the Jezebel issue made me realize it’s time for me to spend far less time on the internet in general. I’m definitely going to check this site regularly, but probably won’t comment much, and I felt bad because I responded to you in the opposite. I probably should have given it more time.

Also, I tried my best to send this to you as a private message, but I find the messaging system impossible to understand, or even find! I read the FAQ post and checked your profile and mine and after a lot of time and frustration I could never find the elusive private message button, or figure out even how to send a direct public message. I feel like a giant doofus. :(

Anyway thanks and see you/Susie around :)

Hi! Thanks for the gifs! I feel like such a creeper being all “oh! Donovanesque! I wonder how she’s doing!” being, you know, a complete stranger, but I tended to look sort of longingly at groupthink and wish I had the guts to actually join in. Hopefully we’ll have something wonderful here too!

Scalia is only a constitutionalist when it suits him. I applaud Roberts for looking at the law and not partisanship. While I am not thrilled with the provisions that states can opt out, I also don’t want to deprive kids of Medicaid just because their state leaders are assholes.

This seriously impacts my career, as it means that freelancing is a possibility for me now! I have a pre-existing condition, so employer-provided health insurance is my only hope until 2014.

P.S. for the new folks looking to master their P-Mag fu, you can upload a gif using the attach a file button at the botom of post box, then click insert into editor to add it to your post. Or if you want to link to something click over to the HTML tab and drop a <img src=” in front of the link and a “> at the end of it.

So, I’m looking at grad schools again, and I found a professor I like, who was recommended to me by my current professor. I’m just very nervous about emailing her. I feel like I haven’t done enough research, looking at all the possible places, yet. But at the same time, that’s almost impossible to do. Any suggestions from people who have done this before? I feel like my worry is stopping me from going forward.

The way I see it, emailing her isn’t a commitment to study at her institution – it’s just an expression of interest. And you don’t have to tell her that her place is your preferred one if you don’t know yet, just say why you’d be interested in studying with her, see what she says.


Ah, finally (almost) the end of the week! But I’m not really ready for June to end. I need to decide if we’re going to extend our lease another year or try and find a month-to-month place to move to by…today. I really don’t want to be stuck in a lease, but I’m not crazy about the idea of moving and then moving again whenever I find a place to buy. Right now I just want to stick everything in storage and sleep in the car, ugh.

I’m hoping that the tutorials I’m working on are going over well; I’m in limbo waiting for them to be reviewed, so maybe I’ll work on my Web sites today. And loiter on Pinterest looking at stuff I want for the house I can’t buy yet. Waiting to get a chunk o’moolah is not a bad position to be in by any means, but the WAITING…ugh again.

And, I ordered a bunch of stuff online (a dress, a TV mount/cable, some makeup, and a new Retina display MacBook Pro) last week and I’m still waiting for it. I’m kind of used to the ‘it comes the next day’ service I used to get living near DC near the UPS and USPS facilities. Can you tell I hate waiting? I HATE WAITING!


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