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This Weekend OT is More Fun Than a Freshman Mixer

It’s hotter than the inside of a kiln in hell in the Midwest. Let’s sit in front of a fan, drink things with umbrellas in them and talk about things that are cool in the comments.

It’s a n00btacular weekend, with many new people in the crowd. Old timers, make the new people feel welcome; new people, jump in wherever you like, we’re pretty friendly. Ask questions if you’ve got ’em or talk amongst yourselves. We’ll all be around all weekend if you need us. As special incentive to get everyone in the pool, it’s 5x points for everything all weekend long. Use the points as they are intended, for shits and giggles.

Here are some pictures of cold things.

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[image title=”Ice Storm” alt=”A wooded scene after an ice storm. “][/image]
[image title=”A Glass of Ice Water” alt=”A glass of ice water sitting on a table. “][/image]
[image title=”Ice Cream” alt=”A bowl of vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce. “][/image]
[image title=”Raspberries” alt=”Raspberries”][/image]


And here is a cold song.

By [E] Selena MacIntosh*

Selena MacIntosh is the owner and editor of Persephone Magazine. She also fixes it when it breaks. She is fueled by Diet Coke, coffee with a lot of cream in it, and cat hair.

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Here’s the update from Raleigh, North Carolina: hot with a 98% chance of crazy hot for the rest of the week. We have a college kid do our yard (we’re renting now and not about to buy a mower til we buy a place) and I mentioned to him that it was going to be in the low 100s most all of next week. His response was that he was not going to wear a shirt for the rest of the summer o_0.

Might try and drag the boys to the farmer’s market today; they will protest but their tunes will change when they see the vendor with the gazillion varieties of candy corn and peanut brittle. Of course, then I’m not sure what to do with two teenaged boys jacked up on sugar…

We had a huge storm where I live yesterday, and Mr. Rose says that the winds were registered at 90-some mph. There are trees down everywhere. My phone beeped at me about a tornado warning when a huge branch broke off a tree in our “back yard”. I grabbed our cat (Sushi) and ran downstairs to the neighbors. I thought a tornado was happening and I was all alone, so I was thankful to have a neighbor to be afraid with. One of the few drawbacks of living in an upstairs apartment is the knowledge that if there were to ever be a tornado, all of our stuff is gone and the best we can do is hole up with someone at ground level. So, we have renter’s insurance and hope for the best. Supposedly there wasn’t a tornado yesterday, just a lot of destruction by crazy wind. Our apartment is basically unscathed- I even rescued the wind chimes before the storm really got going. I’m just very grateful that everyone I know is ok and so is all of my stuff that I don’t have time to replace. :)

I ran into a neighbor in the hallway and she asked about my school scrubs and offered me a job with her home healthcare company. I’m a nursing student, and thanked her, but let her know that that was it. I don’t have my CNA or anything. She said they would take me anyway and that they have people working with less experience than me, but that they could only pay me $8 or $9 an hour. I could use the money, little as it is and the experience, but that sounds shady as hell, right? And a preventable death or injury waiting to happen, no? I wouldn’t feel comfortable with a patient all my own without a preceptor nearby, how do people with no nursing experience live with the idea that someone could die under their watch due to their medical cluelessness? Yeah, just typing it out, I feel gross for even somewhat considering it. I could find a minimum wage job that doesn’t put someone else’s well-being and my future license at risk, thank you.

Now today, I have an entire apartment to clean. I had hoped to finish it yesterday, but I procrastinated on here for a few hours and then the storm displaced me for a few hours, and the phone kept ringing. Today I plan to get it done! It will happen. Environment will be thoroughly unfucked.


My friend’s addition is in pretty bad shape- but they got crazy lucky because the big tree that came down by their house fell perfectly between their and their neighbors houses. They just suffered a bit of gutter damage and lost power. I’m really glad no one was hurt.

Ha. Thanks. I try to be a decent person.

Checking in from the southern hemisphere, I can report cold weather does exist out there in the world! With my second cold/flu bout this month, I went to bed Thursday night hugging a heat pack under three layers of clothes and four blankets. Do I live in Antactica?? No, Sydney, Australia. It’s been in the 40s at night which I will admit is not actually very cold but I have been weakened by Australia’s balmy summers. (Homes here are also made of brick, have no insulation or indoor heating which means it’s generally colder inside than it is outside.) Right now I can say that I can’t wait for summer but I know that once December comes, I will be crying in a puddle of sweat begging for relief from the heat. Is there anywhere in the world where it is always spring? I want to live there.

Hello from Melbourne!  Yesterday was lovely but today was just full of rain and I’m going to turn into a heat hermit!  I moved here from Canada so people keep saying “Well, you shouldn’t find this cold!”.  Yes, but in Canada we have indoor heating!!

I was talking to a friend whose parents just moved back to Rwanda and she was saying that it is 25-30 degrees year round.  So, Rwanda?

I’m so excited to see nephews tomorrow.  I’ve gotten plenty of one-on-one time with Babby Nephew, particularly during the baptism.  He loves rubber balls.  I rolled them back and forth with him and he laughed and laughed.  Not little laughs, but huge laughs in which the babby has to catch his or her breath because he or she is so excited.

I hope I get some time with 1st Nephew tomorrow, but that won’t happen as it’s a family gathering and everyone fusses over the babby nephews.  So I think I’ll need to get over there next week.

When I hang out with my nephew at family gatherings I’m lucky because as his only aunt/uncle on our side so he’s used to me and prefers to be in my arms than anyone but his parents! Plus my brother and SIL like time as adults so I can do a lot of the playing!

It’s been horribly hot of late but I’m hoping that the storm on the way will cool things down. I’m having moving estimates next week and going to a friends barbeque and helping out with a comics event in town along with working. Thus I’m considering this weekend off for me. I still have to work on Sunday night but its time for movies. I’m going to see Snow White and the Huntsman tomorrow as a good friend recommended it and then Brave with a friend on Sunday. Then July will be all about getting ready to move back east, so much to do.

I’ve also been reading a book that has that weird combo of I don’t want to put it down but the writing and wasted premise makes me so annoyed. I hate a wasted premise so much.

The weather is being tricksy. It’s still hellish hot (seriously, nearly 1am and 85*? Why, bear, why??) and we had a chance of a thunderstorm that didn’t happen. I disapprove, weather.

And I still have no idea how I’m gonna pay that rent that’s due next week. None. No way will I get paid in time for the job that starts Monday, and freelance jobs are NOT working in my favor these days. Maybe I should start packing and finding places to keep things in case I get booted…Even if I end up homeless, my yarn shouldn’t be. (Sarcasm keeps me from crying.)

But tomorrow I get to hang out with Fella all day, and we will spend the terrible part of the day at his house watching movies and/or Buffy. So, good day tomorrow.

Screw it.  Me and my screwdriver are moving over here.  Also, the husband is making me watch Top Gun because I’m apparently wrong for having never seen it before.  So far the first 30 sec of the movie are a bucket of awesome.  I’ve also been told (by the hubs) the “everything is important!  The cinemetography!  Everything!”  Soaking up this cultural experience…

Mm, that reminds me that we made chocolate ice cream a few weeks ago and forgot it’s in the freezer. Seeing as I still have to bake in this heat, I may dip into that.

Our town is having a big party this weekend, so partner and I went to check out the beer garden tonight. All canned beer. All not to my taste. And I would have drank a marginal quality beer if there had been people to talk to, even people we don’t know but could have started up a conversation with. There were only about 12 people there, all engrossed in conversation already. We came home and I made chow mein. I’m still getting used to cooking for just 2, so I made about 10 pounds of it. Chow mein for the whole town!

Is this site loading incredibly slowly for anyone else?  I’ve tried on and off a few times in the last while, but usually give up.

Also, has anyone watched the tv show “Episodes” with Matt LeBlanc?  I love it and am just downloading the second season now.  I love Beverly, she is well written.

Oooh, cold stuff! It has been 100+ degrees here for the past week at least. I usually try not to go outside during the day on such days, but school makes me. I’ve been keeping cool by making frequent trips to the charge-by-the-ounce frozen yogurt place by my house.

@frenchfry : my sleep schedule is kind of working again. I think if I read before sleeping instead of using the laptop it’s easier to fall asleep/harder to get distracted by the clickies. Also, dream water is pretty great. But I’m trying not to get addicted to tiny bottles of awesome, because that sounds too much like a drug habit I can’t afford to have.

@Opifex: lists are the best. I think I’ve been getting overstressed and working myself up and forgetting about the system that always works: ALL THE POST-ITS. I might need to graduate to a larger moleskine or something, as I’ve filled up the ‘notes’ side of the calendar for next week and last week. It’s not next week yet, guys.

Philly-area Persies: Apartment hunting is going to make me rip my hair out. Why do things seem more expensive than they should be? Am I looking way too late for a sep. 1st lease? Does anyone want a roommate? I’m generally cheery, I don’t shed very much, and I get mopey but keep all my mopey to myself. Suggestions on how to maintain my sanity/find a place in two weeks are welcome (I overscheduled myself, and it is about to come back to bite me in the ass.).

@batg1rl Hello, fellow Philly P-magger!

You can definitely still find a Sept 1st place with little to no problem. The sucky part is having to schedule all the viewings. What is your price range? What part of the city are you looking to move to? I’ve lived in West Philly, the Art Museum area, and now Center City so I’m (kinda?) well versed in finding places.

I wish I could have a roommate but with a studio apartment, fitting me and me four cats is often a challenge, let alone another human being. :(

I was looking in Center City, just discovered Art Museum exists, and I saw a place in West Philly/University City today that I didn’t hate, but didn’t love as much as I’d like to…I’ve been looking to cap at $800, but if it’s a building I super love I’d go to a tiny bit higher. I have no idea if it’s reasonable to expect, but I’m trying not to blow all my loans at once? [I’m going to UPenn] Did you craigslist?

I’m a little bummed though, everything I saw today was really sad-looking and/or tiny. Also, cats are great. I feel like they stage elaborate plays or war games or something when their owners are out.

Awesome, I’m glad you’re able to sleep in normal ways! I had to google Dream Water, but it certainly looks like it would get the job done. Also, if you do end up having to use your laptop at night, f.lux can be a lifesaver- it helped me conquer a lot of my regular old insomnia. It warms your computer’s display at night so your brain doesn’t interpret it as “daylight! awakeness!.”

I’d also look in Queen Village/Bella Vista! I just moved down here from Art Museum, and it’s similar but slightly cheaper! My place in Art Museum was a one bedroom for $900 a month… I loved it! But I needed to move to be able to afford health insurance. I am really enjoying this neighborhood. I am not enjoying the extra anxiety caused by having roommates that leave all the major cleaning to me, but…

Best cold picture I could find!

It’s shaping up to be a busy weekend around here. Lexie’s got her first day of soccer tomorrow, which should be fun/chaotic. Her bff and another friend of hers from gymnastics will be there too. I feel bad for the coach; they’re gonna run around and be totally wild. Then we’re going to the annual Independence Day fair in the next town over, which is always fun, and hopefully we can get the kiddo to nap in the afternoon so she can stay up for fireworks. And then I may very well sleep all day Sunday!

I really appreciate that the music in that video is all, “Magic sounds! This is magical!” because a coffee brewing faucet would be way better than a letter to Hogwarts or a magical invisibility ring that maybe turns you a little bit crazy. Or something like that.

String cheese needs to be something available for delivery, as I’m in New England with the mister and I don’t know where the grocery store is.

Aside from the lack of cheese, this weekend is shaping up to be lovely. We had Tibetan food for dinner and I found out that yak is delicious. Who knew?

Oh my goodness I ran out of string cheese the other day, and my budget is tight but I refuse to purchase it in anything but the giant bulk package of 48 string cheeses, so I won’t have it for a while.

So basically your post made me really sad.

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