Weekly Anime Review

The summer season starts in about a month, and unfortunately, the current line-up of new arrivals seems to be mostly composed of “girls in panties.”  There is at least Sword Art Online that I’m going to watch, it’s from the same author that wrote Accel World, it will take Accel World‘s slot, too, because they share split seasons. Also, Accel World was on hiatus this week.

Jormungand, Episode 9

Summer time! Half the episode is about showing fan service for both men and women, unfortunately, I’ve never found pixellated biceps and abs sexy, so it kind of misses the mark with me.

The other half of the story is about delivering weapons to Republic T, along with a group of doctors similar to Doctors Without Borders. There’s a criminal in the republic that really doesn’t want them there, though, and he shows up at the “delivery.”  Koko kind of gets pissed off at him and she orders for all his squad to be killed (nasty business). The episode ends on that cliffhanger.

Fate/Zero, Episode 22

Waver, I think your spell on the fake “grandparents” is wearing off. Good thing for you that they like you, because you’re nicer then their real grandson. They also seem to give good advice, like real grandparents do sometimes. Rider decided that tonight was the night to end things. So he called his mount to ride up to the last battlefield. Waver, in his case, spent his three commands seal to destitute himself as his master, following grand-dad’s advice. Unfortunately, Rider decided he was bringing his friend to the party.

Kiritsugu and Saber’s relationship isn’t that great. She actually doesn’t bother staying around him and keeps searching for Iri everywhere around the city, while he sulks in silence. In fact, Kiritsugu considers himself all alone again, despite Saber being his servant. Waver and Rider really have the best relationship among all of them.

Kirei is a real headcase, the guy should be in an asylum or, better, dead. He thinks he’s an empty man, but in reality, he’s just an evil jerk. I also smell jealousies in his little speech. In fact, he doesn’t want the Grail, he wants to destroy it in front of Kiristugu just to spite him.  Also, we get more flashbacks, sort of. “Dead Iri” is having flashbacks  of chibi-Ilya when she had nightmare of transforming into the Grail. Poor kid. Although, this time, it’s actually “dead Iri” who is now inside the Grail having monologues.

Eureka Seven AO, Episode 9

So it seems some people in the Japanese Military Intelligence Service aren’t too happy that they have no IFOs and failed to get their budget approved by the Ministry to experiment on Scub Corals to create “weapons.” They decided to “team up” with a group of hackers called Fire Crackers to get the budget approved “post-execution.” I find all the “real-politic” a bit strange in the show and confusing in some parts, but it’s still entertaining. The budget includes simulating a Scub Burst, but using damage Quartz. The simulation goes so well that a Secret shows up and Generation Blue intervenes to avoid repeating the events of 70 years ago: Tokyo going boom when a Scub Coral and a Secret “collided.” Ao gets pissed off too, when he’s told to pick up the Quartz and not save the people around. He doesn’t understand politics and has a big mecha, that is a recipe for disaster.

So the Scub Coral show up where Quartz crystals are, and it’s those little crystals that the Secrets are interested in. At least, according to Generation Blue. They also keep all the retrieved crystals somewhere in their HQ, or at least that is what Gazelle thinks. My anime senses tell me that there is an organization we haven’t met yet. Not sure what Truth has to do with all of this, but he’s as crazy as ever and plotted to MIS experiment and probably a part of the events in the first episode. He also said that the Nirvash was his (this might mean that it’s just a crazy Eureka with a memory wipe).

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