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This week, Eureka Seven AO goes on hiatus; the culprit is soccer. A lot of bullets are wasted in Jormungand and Fate/Zero, and once again, Accel World serves us a lot of exposition.

Jormungand episode 10

Lots of bullets were wasted this episode. Also, we see a severe case of “good guy=good aim” and “bad guy/red shirts=really bad aim”…at six feet. Besides all this violence, the episode is mostly about escaping the Dragons, delivering the doctors and getting some money out of a bounty.

See, the Dragon’s bosses have a 5 million dollar bounty and lots of people are interested. Koko calls her CIA “friends” (Scarecrow and Chocolate) and give them the location of the package in exchange for the 5 million.

Although, I think the best part of the show was the sol-air battle, with Koko’s plane being “retrofitted” with a 122mm canon to use while at 10k feet. I want Mythbusters to try that one. Well, maybe not with the cluster bomb used in the episode (nasty ordnance).

We also learn that the whole thing was a bit of a setup. Koko’s dad wanted to increase his relationship with both the Outspoken Doctors and the CIA. Poor Koko, with a dad like that.

Fate/Zero episode 23

We are closing in on the ending!

Rider against Archer and Saber vs Berserker.

Rider doing a toast
Rider doing a toast

Rider has to do things differently, though; he doesn’t just start to beat the crap out of Gilgamesh. He actually serves some vine to Archer and proposes to become allies so they can conquer the stars. Rider, you never change. Diplomacy fails and Rider summons his army to conquer the King of Kings. Unfortunately for Rider, the King of Cheaters has a anti-Noble phantasm weapon and shuts it off.

Saber and Berserker’s encounter started right with an ambush and bullets (where did he get the gun?). Saber also discovers who is Berserker and she almost cries about it. Although, Lancelot doesn’t look very good here.

Kirei’s religious prayer at the end was really creepy. The guy isn’t that much different from Caster, now that I think of it. He’s crazy and evil.

Next episode will have the Arthur vs Lancelot finale and probably some Kiristugu vs Kirei, as well.

Eureka Seven AO episode 10

Episode 10 wasn’t broadcast this week.

Accel World episode 10

This episode had a bit of everything except fighting. Lots of jealous moments between Snow Black and Niko over Haru. Lots of Taku thinking of Chiyu. Lots of gameplay exposition. Really, you would think that Haru had read the game manual or a wiki between level 1 and 4, but looks like he didn’t.

We also learn that Snow Black hates her parents. I kind of like the psychological reference that online gaming has repercussions in real life. When you know somebody in both the virtual and real-life world, feelings get brought over from both and can cause problems. It also explains how online games that never end lose memberships. I think it does a good job at showing the ups and downs of online gaming and virtual worlds.

Yellow Radio is a clown
Not only does he look like a clown, but his name is Yellow Radio…

Besides that, we have a lot of talking about the mission to stop Chrome Disaster and the team getting trapped in the Unlimited Field by the Yellow Legion and his King. This a place where you can fight for an unlimited time. It also has something the players just call enemies, basically MMO Raid Bosses (I hate those). Hopefully the show keeps up with interesting fights and avoids the “10 guys beating on one gigantic monster for two hours” concept.

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