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So this week, there was amazing battles in Fate/Zero and Accel World. We also get more background information in Jormungand (about Valmet) and Eureka Seven AO (Ivica and Rebecka). Overall, an entertaining week.
Jormungand, Episode 11

I’m starting to wonder if this is the Valmet’s show, because so far she’s the character with the most background story flashbacks.

Valmet got Chocolate to find information about what happened to her Unit in Africa. You know, when it was decimated by a guy with gunblades? Well, I was right! That guy is the leader of the Daxinghai company in Africa. We also get to see him and ex-Lieutenant Low for a bit. I expect both of them to die horribly before the end of the show.

Beside this, another group of assassins for hire are going after Koko and her group. This one wanted to open a restaurant with Gregoire in the Kitchen, Dominic being the boss and the crazy little girl being the serving girl. Yep, another totally insane little girl with guns. Unlike Orchestra, this bunch seems well-informed about Koko’s group and decide to pick one off after the other.

There first target is Ugo, the car driver. We unfortunately don’t know if he’s dead or not. Stupid cliffhanger.

Fate/Zero, Episode 24

Arthur vs. Lancelot is still ongoing, and Kiristugu vs. Kirei just started. Mister Cheater is still cheating of course, so I expect Gilgamesh to show up in that fight. Kirei is using his command seal as mana, you see. This makes the Kiristugu Origin bullet useless unless it goes right through Kirei’s body, well, I suspect the head.

Mexican standoff
Mexican standoff

Although, Kiristugu is kind of cheating, too, with Avalon healing him. Useful considering the only spell he seems to know is to speed up his body. Saber and Lancelot don’t get much view time, though I don’t really have to tell you who wins, do I?

The Grail also shows up and it end up doing funky things. It also says (yes, it talk) that it cannot do miracle using method that the wisher doesn’t know or comprehend. Talk about false advertising. Kiristugu end up refusing the Grail because the benefit didn’t measure up to the coast of using it: kill 6 billions of people to have his wife and kid back.

You know you are getting close to the ending when Gilgamesh is asking Saber to be his wife. Although, Gil torturing somebody to say yes isn’t exactly the best way to make them love you. And he dares call it a wedding ceremony. Really?

Anyhow, Saber will soon try to destroy the Grail under Kiristugu’s command, and this very pretty anime will end.

Eureka Seven AO, Episode 10

The show is back from a one-week hiatus and the sloth is still the best character in the show. Noah is just that awesome at being a background mascot.

Noah can read!
Noah can read!

So this week our little heroes are going to Phoenix, Arizona to stop a Secret. Apparently, it’s the first time a Secret shows up in America (the USA, because an earlier episode mentioned a Secret showing up in “˜67 in Quebec), but there have been a few Scub Bursts before.

OMG! I knew Rebecka was from the US, but I didn’t expect to learn that Generation Blue was owned by another company: the biggest PR company in the US. Looks like Rebecka isn’t exactly working for GB either, she’s working for the PR company. She also erased a country from the face of the Earth with the now Governor of Arizona. Nasty business, although she doesn’t seems to be a fan of what happened. Now though, I suspect she have never really been into “PR,” since she has military training. She’s the only none-security GB member who always walks around with a gun.

OMG! (number 2), there is actually a meaning being the team name: Pied Piper. Never realized it, but I’m starting to think there is a link with only kids being allowed to fly an IFO at Generation Blue.

OMG! (number 3), AO has a major breakdown! We can all thank Truth and the Secrets for that one. Expect more reckless AO in the future: Japanese logic dictates that a character who has a breakdown needs to do something totally reckless to get out of it.

OMG! (number 4), Ivica (Pied Piper chief) is from the country Rebecka removed from in the world and they actually work together. You know, it’s a bit of a random discovery, because until now we’ve had no information about all of this.

That is a strange costume everybody is wearing, although if the camera of death of the Secret only has shape identification, a small tent will hide you well enough. By the way, the cameras of death are called Options. Secret. Option. I wonder if we are going to get Arguments and Denial at some point.

Accel World, Episode 11

Despite looking like a clown, Yellow Radio is quite crafty. Using the None-Aggression Pack rules, he lures Scarlet Rain into a “fight” so he could reach level 10.  Unfortunately for him, Scarlet Rain is currently in a group with Black Lotus. So he tries to blackmail Lotus into not fighting by showing a rerun of Red Rider’s death. Man, that was low Lotus, really low.

That game is really a pain in the ass. You can’t leave the Unlimited Field unless you reach a logout point. It sounds like a save point, which is one of the crappiest features ever created by Japanese game developers. No surprise that almost no games are designed with it these days. There is also tombstone-timer in the UF area, because you can’t logout, even on death. Corpse camping got a totally knew meaning in this game. Oh and if you have no will to fight, you won’t be able to control your avatar (how does that work exactly?).

Niko is crazy with all her guns, but I wouldn’t call that a good strategy. Stationary fort crumbles under pressure from multiple opponents, but I guess the missiles are good to take down the opposite side’s red shirts. Of course the episode had to end on a cliffhanger where the Chrome Disaster saved the day, sort of. ;)

Finally, who can defeat Black Lotus, she’s totally OP! “Anyone fighting against me is going to lose a limb or two.” She has no arms, only blades. She can’t be hugged either.

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