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What I Watched Last Night: HBO’s “Girls”

Quick – someone remind me that the Adam of Sunday night is also the Adam who lied about taking an STD test and otherwise has behaved up to this point like a self-absorbed dick. Seriously. Please? I’m in danger of gushing over him and that must stop.

Okay, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of Sunday’s “Weirdos Need Girlfriends, Too.”

The Bad – No Shoshanna, except in the opening scenes from last week and the previews for next week. Booooo!

The Ugly – Matching union suits. In case you speed read and missed that, I’ll type slower. Matching. Union. Suits. Worn by Hannah and Adam. And not just inside the house – Hannah wore hers outside. Where people live and could see. White union suits.

Chris O'Dowd, Marnie and Jessa
"I'm not really gay, I was just trying to be free"

The Good – All of it! Let’s start with Marnie popping potato chips and Facebook-stalking Charlie while listening to Hannah have what I think was her first real orgasm of the season. When Jessa appears later, she’s managed to move from her bedroom to the couch but she’s still wallowing in the injustice of Charlie being happy with someone else. Jess is actually there to do some wallowing of her own over the loss of her job (I wondered if she’d keep it after last week), but since Hannah is out with Adam, she and Marnie bond over some more Facebook stalking before Jessa fluffs up Marnie’s wounded ego by telling her how beautiful she is in her sad, depressed state. When Marnie complains about how exhausting it is inhabiting her mind all the time, Jessa has one sage piece of advice – get out of there. The two of them put on makeup and cute dresses and head out to a bar where they get picked up by a venture capitalist played hilariously by Chris O’Dowd. He invites the girls back to his apartment and Marnie – still trying to get out of her uptight head for a night – convinces Jessa to accept and go with her. When Marnie starts kissing Jessa, and Jessa enthusiastically responds and then takes over, O’Dowd obviously thinks it’s his birthday and Christmas all rolled up together. The girls have no intention of letting him join their party, however, and brush off his wandering hands and attempt to merge into their kiss. After Marnie knocks a wine glass over on his expensive rug, he goes off hysterically and ends up on his knees in front of them begging to be allowed to play with them. Alas, Jess and Marnie just grab their shoes and leave him alone with his stained rug and broken threesome fantasy. Even more unfair, we’re left not knowing if Jess and Marnie actually had sex that night. I’m metaphorically stomping my foot, dammit. Did they or didn’t they?

Hannah and Adam after jogging
I don't eat ice cream; it's sweet mucus

More good – Adam and Hannah. Their fledgling boyfriend/girlfriend relationship is in the beginning “let’s have sex all the time” stage and judging by all the empty condom wrappers on the floor, Adam has obviously conceded to Hannah’s request that he use them. I think this is the third version of Adam we’ve seen this season and, as I mentioned above, I’m in danger of gushing over Adam 3.0. He still has issues – after a rehearsal goes bad, he has a fit of temper when he and Hannah are almost hit while crossing the street – but this Adam also chides Hannah for mocking Marnie’s pain and shares the story of his own college breakup…and then he pees on her in the shower and wakes her up at midnight to plaster a wall with “I’m sorry” stickers. But, you know, baby steps.

So, what did you think of Adam 3.0? Did Marnie and Jessa have sex that night or was that just a bit of party-bi behavior on Marnie’s part? Did you miss Shosh, too? Inquiring minds want to know!


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Right now Hannah’s in that phase where she doesn’t know how to be mad at Adam yet.  He peed on her and wouldn’t stop and she’s still absorbing this stuff while she’s figuring out the real limits of her personality.  I also know all too well what it’s like to be with a “creative” guy and try to coax some nonexistent greatness out of him.  Hannah’s so excited to be his girlfriend that she doesn’t see how awful his play was.  And I mean, I can’t remember how many lousy bands I’ve gone to see in the interest of hooking up with some dumb guy.

I really can’t wait to watch Shosh do some online dating.

Me, either (Shosh online) but my poor Ray/Shosh shipper heart is depressed.  That one little scene between the two of them had me spinning them off together.

I thought Adam’s monologue was very good.  The subject was a bit icky but it felt real.  I’m still not sure if that was meant to be from his own life experiences or not. He performed it as if those were his memories.

I’m not sure how many episodes are left this season but it will be interesting to see if A/H survive. It has a “doomed to fail” feel to it, doesn’t it?


With the last guy I attempted to date, I was constantly encouraging him to finally start writing the screenplay that he was always talking about wanting to write.  It’s a weird dynamic to be in because you’re pushing someone to be more talented than he might really be just so you have something new to talk about.  If you’re the sort of person who is constantly bringing new things to the table, even if they’re small and silly (“This book I read!  The new episode of Fringe!  Let’s compare Dorian Gray to the new film adaptation!”), it’s really frustrating to be with these guys who say they’re creative but never actually deliver.  Adam’s play was underwhelming in the sense of…that’s it?  He’s spent 8 episodes talking about acting and that’s all he’s managed to do?  Of course Hannah too is guilty of being a writer who never actually does much writing.

I expect the relationship to blow up in a stupid fight in which Hannah accuses Adam of not giving her enough of himself and Adam admits that the relationship was an experiment or a mere concession.  I don’t see where he really enjoys her company.

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