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What I Watched Last Night: HBO “Girls”

Let’s see”¦ Marnie and Hannah broke up”¦ Shosh discovered online dating”¦ Marnie and Hannah had a huge fight”¦ Someone other than Hannah published a book which, of course, sucked”¦ Katherine had a gentle Come to Jesus meeting with Jessa”¦ everyone in New York is looking for a bathroom”¦ and did I mention Marnie and Hannah broke up?

Pay no attention to the day date. Think "Rhosh."

Okay, first – Shosh signed up for online dating, a subject which was then unceremoniously dropped, forgotten and never mentioned again. Which is as it should be because I. Must. Have. Ray and Shosh! Rhosh must happen, people!

What that little scene between Shoshanna and Jessa did accomplish was to set up Jessa spending the afternoon alone so that Katherine could drop by for a little former employer/fired employee heart-to-heart chat. It got a little heavy in the “Jessa must learn a life lesson” department but could anyone but Kathryn Hahn describe a dream in which she stabs you, eats you and then shits part of you out that leaves you laughing instead of screaming for the nearest police officer? I don’t think so.

Hannah and her former writing professor
Tell me again about dating the hoarder?

After attending a book party for a college classmate who was lucky enough to have a boyfriend commit suicide so she could have something to write about (don’t get me started on everything that’s NOT funny about that), Hannah pushes herself to try something different and attend a reading being held by her favorite professor. She’s all set to read an essay about dating a hoarder when Ray (who knows all the dick moves and obviously doesn’t mind using them) convinces her to write about something important and less trivial – like the giant panda or death. She decides to go with death and whips out an essay during the subway ride there. Something about death”¦ blah blah blah”¦ I’d rather have heard about the hoarder. And so would the rest of the audience, as her failed performance proves.

Unhappy, Hannah returns home prepared to hold forth on her favorite subject – Hannah! – and finds Marnie in no mood to listen. The edges of that friendship have been fraying, and the two of them rip a giant hole in it with a no-holds barred yelling screaming fight. Is there any argument so vicious as an argument between best friends who know each other’s deepest secrets? I don’t think so.

Hannah wants to blame everything on Marnie’s jealousy of Hannah having a boyfriend when she doesn’t and (IMO) that’s partly true. But there’s obviously more going on – like money, and that’s a biggie. Marnie has basically taken the place of Hannah’s parents, paying all the bills for the apartment while Hannah goes jobless. Money and friendships do not mix – I think I read that in a fortune cookie once. The snippy comments over the last couple of weeks have been building and two slamming doors later, they’ve reached their zenith.

So… is this the end of a beautiful friendship or just setting up the season finale?

Yelling at each other is more effective over this much distance.

What was Marnie’s last straw – Hannah’s selfishness, Marnie’s selfishness, Adam or the almighty dollar?

And what exactly did Adam do with that jar of mayonnaise he took into the bedroom with him? Never mind. That one, I don’t want to know.


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