Zucchini and Tomato Pasta

I read so many food blogs that spin these lovely tales of exploration and discovery. In them, the kitchens are always large and sunny, the food is always fresh and available, and the cook/writer is always cheerful and full of boundless optimism. That does not necessarily reflect the reality of my life. There you will find a tiny kitchen with far too little counter space, foods that should never expire and yet sometimes lost in the cabinets they do, and well, alright I do have boundless optimism. I am optimistic you follow me to the recipe.

My kitchen is small. It is so small that it makes a kitten look like a lion. It is so small that Polly Pocket wouldn’t even move in. It is so small that it is impossible to measure it’s momentum and position at the same time. It is so small that when it sits around the house, it REALLY…wait, that got away from me a little bit. My point is, as many of you know from experience, when you have a small kitchen, you have to make certain adjustments to the cooking experience. Generally, this means that I adore recipes with few steps and ingredients. I like to sprawl, I just limit my sprawl to fit my space and that can only happen by limiting the number of things that need chopping, dicing, and mincing.

Fortunately, there are many wonderful recipes that focus on highlighting a few key ingredients and tastes, and honestly, even if I had a much larger kitchen, I would still appreciate the clean, smooth simplicity of those dishes. It just feels sunnier, somehow, when the food is streamlined and taken down to its most important components. I’m not a minimalist, but I like when every ingredient has a delicious purpose and not a decorative one. This recipe is like that.

What you need:

6-8 zucchinis cut into bite-size pieces. These zucchinis can be roasted in an oven with olive oil and salt, or they can be fried with olive oil and salt. One of those is better than boiled, trust me.

6-8 roma tomatoes, cut into quarters. These can also be roasted with the zucchinis, or they can be tossed into that frying pan. It is entirely your call. I like it either way.

4 cloves garlic, minced (but side bar – if you are roasting those veggies, maybe roast some garlic and then add salt and butter/margarine and spread that concoction over bread and, oh man, so tasty)

Olive oil (for roasting/frying)

Nutritional yeast or Parmesan cheese (totally optional)

Salt and pepper to taste

Basically, cook some pasta, I suggest a nice linguine, and then throw the above on top of that pasta and stir. It is basically perfect for summer time because it is light, breezy, low on the sauce but high on the flavor. I sometimes throw on some red pepper flakes to up the spice, and other vegetables, like steamed broccoli sometimes make it to the plate, depending on what my mood is that day. Enjoy!

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